Canter’s Interested in Zack Sandwich.

***UPDATE 11.20.09***

I am fully in touch with Canter’s  this is happening if enough people order it.  It’s a perfect time to split a Zack Sandwich with your friends.  Go in and request on as soon as you can.  If it happens, I will throw the Kibbutz Room party.

Tonight, a breakthrough.  In my quest to get a sandwich named after me at Canter’s Deli, it looks like I have made the first crucial step.  First, read THIS.

I was working hard to get friends to rally, but tonight I finally got what I needed.  A ray of hope.  What kind of world are we living in when a D-list web celebrity like myself doesn’t have a sandwich named after him at the most famous deli on the west coast?

Then, this:

That’s right.  It’s time to make this happen.  Here’s my rally cry to you.  Please.  Go to Canter’s.  Order a Zack Sandwich (or Zackwich if you are into brevity, man).  If the waiter is not aware, explain it:

Two black and white cookies with chocolate and vanilla ice cream in the middle.

Take a picture.  Emphatically tell everyone about it.  Thank the waiter.  Take a pic and tag it.  Tweet it.  Repeat it.  Digg it.  Facebook it.  Hash tag it #zacksandwich

If you help me make a dream come true, I will do you a solid.  I’ll have a party at the Kibbutz Room (connected to Canter’s) and we will drink whiskey and eat Zack Sandwiches.  I’ll hook up @fightfromabove to play a set.  We’ll ask some other cool people to get it going.  We’ll try to get a good bar tab for anyone who has proof they’ve ordered a Zack Sandwich.

Let’s make it happen.  Dreams, man.  Whoa.



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3 responses to “Canter’s Interested in Zack Sandwich.

  1. I’ll try to eat one this weekend. And I know…”pics or it didn’t happen.”

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