Quest for Canter’s Continues.

New developments in my quest to get an item named for me and the Lost Angelinos on the menu at Canter’s.  The short synopsis for those of you first seeing this is simple:  I have devised an ice cream sandwich using black and white cookies stuffed with chocolate and vanilla ice cream.

Canter’s has now informed their waiting staff to note requests for the Zack Sandwich (codename:  “Zack and White”. What we need now is people to request it, attempt to order it, hell just call the fine people at the world famous Fairfax deli and let them know you want to try to Zack and White sandwich.

But first, a friend of mine sent me pictures from what might be the maiden voyage of the Zack Sandwich.  Jonathan from Pyle of List went in and ordered one.  Here are some excerpts from his journey (and pictures of him attacking the Z&W:

Sky and I had one at Canter’s tonight.  They were kind of weird about it because they said “well, we don’t have it yet, we just want to see if enough people request it.”  But after some more questioning, our waitress brought us two B&W cookies and the scoops of ice creams for us to assemble it ourselves.

We were faced with a dilemma because the cookies were concave, so it made more sense construction-wise to put the B&W part on the inside since it was flat.  So that’s what we did.

She asked us how it was, and we told her we really liked it.  She said if they add it to the menu they would probably use flatter cookies.

Jonathan went on to explain:

After re-reading your post, I wanted to confirm that it was indeed “awkwardly enormous,” and that was even without two full scoops in there.  (Though, to be fair, they were pretty big scoops.  And our waitress only charged us for one, which was cool.)  I definitely resorted to spoon and knife and scooped more ice cream on top like a garnish.

I’m pretty sure I contracted diabetes, but it was totally worth it.

So Canter’s is on board.  We just need them to see there is demand for it.  And there should be.  There will be.  Here’s what I am asking for from you all:

If you even remotely enjoy reading this blog, hook me up with a phone call, tweet or visit to Canter’s.  For all of us Lost Angelinos, some recognition is sandwich form at a place as iconic as Canter’s would be amazing.  So here’s how to help.

Call:  (323) 285-5659
Tweet to:  @cantersdeli
Visit:  419 N Fairfax Ave Los Angeles, CA 90048

And when you do, ask if they have put the Zack Sandwich (or Zack and White) on the menu yet.  Ask if they plan to.  Request it.  Be friendly and here’s how it will go:

When Canter’s puts in on the menu, we will have a party at the Kibbutz Room that will involve whiskey, deli food, ice cream and maybe even a few local bands worth your time.  And whiskey.  And cookies.

Comment or tweet to me and let me know how it worked out!

Love and Deli Food,




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3 responses to “Quest for Canter’s Continues.

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  3. Zack and White Sandwich ordered, enjoyed, completely demolished. A slight resistance received from waiter Chris, but eventually the goal was reached and though astounded, he delivered the dessert with the diligence of a dedicated Canterino.

    Good luck and looking forward to seeing it on the menu!

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