The Good Old Days.

Driving to lunch today with a few of my coworkers, we got to thinking about the good old days.  You know, like Mad Men.  When work was about drinking and tomfoolery.  When you didn’t have an email address.  When you could actually tell your secretary (who you are sleeping with also) to tell someone you “aren’t in the office” and they would have to come to your office to prove you wrong.

It was a time where business lunches made more sense.  After all, you could either go to lunch and get wasted, invite them to your office and get wasted or just call them.  Why not do business at a swanky downtown brasserie with four Manhattans and a partridge in a pear tree?

As we were wishing for those good old days, I tried to make the point that the good old days always exist no matter when the present is taking place.  There were people, to be sure, that felt life got more complicated now that television had all those colors.  I can picture my grandfather saying “if I wanted to see all these damn colors I’d go outside”.  That kind of thing.  For instance, do you remember the charm of having to dial into the internet?  You’d have to get your mother off the phone line so you could dial into some service (AOL, Prodigy, CompuServe?) for the extreme privilege of pirating software and NSFW images in private chat rooms.  It was like the wild west.  It was “going on the internet”.  Like it was a destination.  “Honey, let’s pack up the car and go on the internet”.

interactive personal service? sounds a lot like masturbation.

So the point I was hoping to drive home was that we are in the Good Old Days now.  One day we will say “remember how awesome it was before our heads were cell phones?”  We will talk about how great it was to have email come to a computer instead of directly into your optical nerve.  Imagine instantaneously emailing people your thoughts.  If that was the case, imagine how depressing inside jokes would be.  “Come on guys, CC me on that brain fart”.

Imagine when your body knows to Tweet your actions.  Imagine if you forgot to turn off automated tweets.  “I just read the sports section on the toilet for forty minutes!”  or “Really regretting eating so much bean dip”.  This is the world we may have to look forward to.

By that token, enjoy the good old days before they pass you by.


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