Party All the Time.

It’s Thursday.  It’s probably been a rough week for all of you.  Just to remind you that Thursday is still the new Friday in some parts of the world, here are some amazing videos that connect Eddie Murphy’s “Party All The Time” with Jefferson Starship’s “We Built This City on Rock and Roll”.

Why am I going for a list of videos relating to these songs?  I think the results speak for themselves.  If that’s not enough for you, start your own blog and stop reading mine.

First, I gotta be honest.  Jason Cole likes to party all the time.  We built this city on Jason Cole.  These drunk assholes invented the mashup by combining Eddie Murphy, Jefferson Starship and a case of Milwaukee’s Best.

This next kid shows us how much he wants to party all the time by giving us his cover in his room.  He kind of sounds like Kip from Napoleon Dynamite.  That reminds me.  Him singing the high notes is my favorite thing since the Jason Cole video.

I am pretty sure I can’t outdo the description listed on YouTube for this video.  Whoever wrote it is better than I am.

Raymond, Ian, Jamie and Frosty as the next big boyband in Belfast. They look set to take the charts by storm with the Jefferson StarShip Classic. Shown at the annual Showcase 2008 Awards

Wait, wait, wait.  This was shown at an award show?  Also who was the first big boy band in Belfast?  Also, which one is Frosty?

Remember Kids Incorporated?  This out to remind you of what you remember of the 80s.  I particularly like the sound effects they use when they whack that girl’s ass with a hammer.

Not sure anything beats the video for Party All The Time.  Rick James has bangs.


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  1. Emily

    Best boy band from Belfast I’ve ever heard! Look at those hip bounces!

    Also, I need to watch some Kids Incorporated videos ASAP.

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