Things From My Mind on Tuesday.

The weekend is over and unceremoniously at that.  We are back at work and we are working back to the weekend.  It is going to be a long one, I can kind of just feel it.

The rain was shocking this weekend, especially yesterday when the jet sprays of water appeared to be coming sideways at some points.  I casually thought to spend the day with my parents in Westlake Village (my fiance was working).  I didn’t realize what a mission that was.  You remember how perfect the weather is in California when it goes to shit for a few days.  You know, the austerity of the patchwork umbrella holder a restaurant creates to fill a short-lived need and influx of wet parasols.

Our waitress was nervous because her daughter was driving to San Diego.  I remember driving home from a Fight From Above show in San Diego.  The freeway was fogged in until Orange County.  Visibility was ten feet for most of the first 75 miles.  I tried to hold onto what was left of my whiskey buzz as Miner piloted Ichiro (my car) north with an expert focus.  Thank god he stopped drinking sometime in the afternoon and now was only battling tiredness and inclement weather.

In any event, I hoped her daughter made it down okay.  Also, I appreciated that she sold us on a thin, wood-fired pizza inundated with speck and truffle oil.  I always feel like a total douche ordering something with truffle oil.  It is good, but it is the only thing food bloggers fawn over more than bacon.  Both are good, but sometimes people can make you hate something you like just because they are too enthusiastic about it.  Does that make sense?  Maybe I am just a shitty person.  Thanks for reading anyway.

Lakers took down the Magic in a rematch of last year’s NBA Finals.  I think Dwight Howard’s shoulders got bigger.  Is that even possible?  I know I have talked about this before, but I need to show you Dwight Howard in the past versus how he looks now just to make a point.

these are your shoulders.

these are your shoulders on all kinds of super roids.

I hate that baseball takes all the shit for steroids when it’s clearly going on it all sports.  Tell me those shoulders are less of an abomination than Bonds or McGwire puffing up into monsters?  It’s all the same.  Everyone wants to get that edge.

Started getting excited about the Fight From Above show at the Troubadour on February 6th.  Growing up in LA, I used to always dream of playing a big show there one day.  This is going to be my third time playing there, but it’s been about a year and I never take it for granted.  Saw this live performance from Passion Pit and it got me excited to get back up there under the stage lights.  Been hiding a little too much this winter from society.

Even if the Troubadour is no Bonnaroo, there is always something to being under the lights with everyone listening to some music together.  In the spirit of being inspired by music, here’s a really unique cover of Sleepyhead I found by the three-piece Run Toto Run.  Never really checked them out before, but they got guys with animal heads on, a mandolin and a fiddle.  Works for me.



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2 responses to “Things From My Mind on Tuesday.

  1. Steroid Queen

    how is this loser allowed to play ball in the NBA while he’s obviously on steroids.

    If he was white, the media would be on him like flies on sh**e. Sports is America is so FAKE.

    The Boxing Heavey Weight Champion of the world for the last TEN YEARS has been a European from the Ukraine (living in germany) But you wont hear a SINGLE word about him in America.

    And didnt the NBA’s ‘All Star’ team get owned by a bunch of Argentinians a few years back???

    Like i said.. Sports in America is like the WWF.. fake entertainment.

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