Updates Regarding Books.

So, while it remains true that I plan to finish The Whiskey Drinker’s Guidebook this year, it won’t be my only book project this year.  I have this desire to make the point that blogging is writing.  It may be bad writing, but it is still writing.

In film school they made such big points about how each style of writing, each discipline, was almost in and of itself.  Being able to write a screenplay is a different skill than being a novelist, which in turn is different than blogging or being a bonafide journalist.  While all of this is true, aren’t we all just writing things?  Aren’t we all just scribing?  I like to call it scribing.  Or scribbling.  If I am writing and someone pings me to ask what is up, I just say scribbles.  I’m scribbling.

The point is I see a project more closely related to this blog than the Whiskey Drinker’s Guide.   I want to do something that is specific to Lost Angeles and not just to me.

So here’s what I am thinking.  The Whiskey Drinker’s Guidebook is moving along nicely.  It’s set to be in manuscript form by the fall, maybe early winter.  From there, we’ll edit and I’ll talk with my private investor and business partner who is currently infiltrating several talent AND government agencies for our mutual benefit.  The WDG will be mean and cynical and in the least, should provide some new laughs.  Here are some of the current chapters, not to say I won’t cut all of them:

  • Tiki Gangsters of the 1960s
  • Red Bull and Vodka Should Not Be Mixed
  • Runyon Canyon Isn’t Hiking
  • The California Gangster Pool Party
  • How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Dive Bar
  • People Who Take Pictures of Food
  • How to Be a Self-Deprecating Asshole:  A Study in Romance

You get the point.  I am hoping for an easy read to be enjoyed at the park or on the toilet.  There is some minor dispute on the shape of the book.  My operative thinks we should have a fat coffee table type book, which is great, but we’d need a photographer and they’d need to fit three requirements:

  1. Work for royalties.
  2. Not be mad at tiny royalties.
  3. Be good at taking pictures of things that aren’t food at restaurants.  Like my sweet, muffin ass and the city itself.

So that being said, the other project I want to get going is an annual year book of the more existential entries from this blog.  I rarely read anything I write.  I mean, I’ll read it when I post it.  Sometimes I’ll even hit spellcheck (although you regulars know I don’t care that much).  Recently, I spent an hour or two looking back at posts from this, our rookie year here.  I got the idea of taking my less snarky posts and publishing them as a book that would help us all remember the year.

I know with the blogs and magazines I read, I can look back on posts and remember when I read them.  They help paint a picture of the year.  I thought maybe if I did a yearly, self-published collection of posts that we all forgot about, maybe it’d be a fun way of keeping a record of the places we went.

So, that’s that.  I am currently curating posts and cleaning them up a little, although admittedly not much.  I hope to have a VERY limited number available.  My monetary goal for this book is modest.  I’d like to pay off my hosting fees for the year and maybe get a little cash to start doing some cool giveaways.  We’ll see how it goes.  I am thinking maybe less than 200 copies.  I am terrible at math, but that would mean something like one out every couple thousand people that read the blog might want a cool book.

So, I’ll keep you posted.  Right now, I am thinking of calling it The Lost Year.  We’ll make it an annual habit.



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2 responses to “Updates Regarding Books.

  1. CHG

    I’ll buy that book..great idea!

  2. Geoff

    Pretty sure I wouldn’t want to read a coffee table book on the toilet, but I’ll read the book in whatever form it takes.

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