Current Slate of New Business.

Pretty quickly this 2010 thing has snuck up on us.  We’re flying right out of January like it never even happened.  Isn’t that the way it goes?  It may be cliche to say that every year just seems to get faster, but they only call them cliches because they are true.  Chew on that.

I am going to the Grammys on Sunday, which should be interesting.  I have never really cared a ton about award shows, but what I do support is being in the midst of a ton of drunken celebrities.  It’s like being at a zoo filled with hot people.  The Hot People Zoo.

Lots of rehearsals for the Fight From Above show at the Troubadour on February 6th.  We’re going to play some new songs off our mysterious second album.  We’re still early on in the writing process on the album, but we are sure getting a lot of songs together that we can choose from.  If you still haven’t gotten tickets or just are generally curious to meet me (and buy me whiskey), send me a tweet, email, whatever.

Somewhere in the back of my mind, thoughts of baseball are beginning to claw their way forward.  What a nice feeling that is.  Soon enough I’ll be wearing shorts again and traversing the extreme south side of the city for new quick routes east to Dodger Stadium.  Only in California is it normal to start getting excited for summer before Valentine’s Day.

Got a goodbye party for a coworker in about two hours, so that is a good start to the weekend, except for the fact that this coworker will be sorely missed.  Future endeavors, I guess.  Send him off with a scotch like a perfect handshake gentleman, as my friends like to say.

So, in a rare Lost Angeles shout out, let me send Morgan out with a nostalgic as all hell song from back in the day.  This is a guy who has an iPod filled with all the junk mine is.  This kid is the top export from Idaho since the blue turf at Boise State.   And potatoes.  Many more exploits to come, but to make sure you knew you made it count, here’s your jam, buddy.

Something to think about on your way to the next bus station in life.  Here’s hoping you accomplished everything you wanted to at this one.


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