Doppleganger Delusions.

Honestly?  I get that Doppleganger week is kind of fun.  I get that it is cool to give and get compliments.  I don’t want to be the new media Grinch or anything, but somebody has to just call this week out for what it is:  A carnival of lies.

There’s a weird thing going on when every single person with a Facebook profile looks like one of the same world’s 100 sexiest people.  Imagine how happy we’d all be if everyone we knew actually looked like Carrie Underwood.  It was really odd.  I signed online and it all made sense.  Sixty percent of my graduating class from USC actually does look like Nicole Kidman.  It’s just crazy I never put it together.  It’s even crazier that the other forty percent looked like Ewen McGregor, which is probably why I always felt like I related to Moulin Rouge. you don't look like her.

Seriously people?  I have an ego like the next guy.  Of course I do.  I have a blog.  You know I love the sound of my own voice.   But I’ll tell you one thing, when someone asks me who I look like, I don’t spend the next ten minutes looking for which picture of Jude Law I wish I looked like.  Jude Law my ass.  I look more like Judi Dench.

Admittedly, there was a time people told me I reminded them of a young Mel Gibson, but I am pretty sure that just had to do with having a curly mullet and constantly quoting Braveheart at Bar Mitzvahs as a chubby 7th grader in the Conejo Valley.

Let’s get it straight.  You don’t look like Megan Fox.  If you did, you wouldn’t have Facebook.  You be too busy getting hit on by dudes in Ed Hardy gear that you’d never have had the time or motivation to learn how to sign into something as complex as Facebook.  Password?  Shoot, I never know the answer to these questions!

What about the celebrities?  You think Brad Pitt is on Facebook wondering if he looks like you?  If anything, he’s taking bong rips out of the honey bear True Romance style laughing his ass off that all you guys think you look like him.

So, who do I look like?  I am not sure.  Pick any one of these guys.

If that isn’t doing it for you, here are some more Zacklegangers for you.  Take your pick, but none of them are Jonathan Rhys Meyers.



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9 responses to “Doppleganger Delusions.

  1. I think you look more like this guy.

  2. Great post. For the record, I have a little more self-esteem to believe I look like a chimpanzee….right now…

    I’ve got to say, for once, I am jealous I went to that other big LA school with your talks about going to school with a bunch of Ewan McGregors and Nicole Kidmans…

  3. Emily

    someone had to say it! thank goodness it was you 🙂

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  5. rogergrrrl

    No but I really do look like Heidi Klum. Really. I hear it all the time. No, I’m serious. I LOOK LIKE A SUPERMODEL, GODDAMMIT!

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  7. Alex

    LOL! That’s so true. I don’t think nearly half of these people take a good look in the mirror. But on a personal note, I don’t think I have a doppleganger. Not a lot of us Asian folks in Hollywood, ya know 😉

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