Happy Day After St. Patrick’s Day.

If you are reading this, you survived St. Patrick’s Day.  I applaud your yeoman-like work ethic and also your strong commitment to a good work/life balance.  You may have drank some green beer.  You may have partied with co-workers.  If you did, you may have told them way too much about things they didn’t need/want to know.  Guess what, you are in the clear.  It was St. Paddy’s Day.  That is like being in international waters.  Like on a cruise.  You can do all kinds of things that are stricken from the record.  My biggest transgression was eating fried octopus or whatever the hell that sea creature was.  It was still alive.  The tequila killed it I hope.

Nothing could be more California than St. Patrick’s Day at a Mexican cantina.   I have always felt St. Paddy’s was sort of a silly holiday here in SoCal.  We have Cinco de Mayo, which is basically the same kind of party and a way, way bigger deal out here.  Look, I am always into finding an excuse to let loose, but let’s be real, we are a guacamole and margarita culture out here.  When you go back east and see a “California” sandwich or omelet on the menu, you know that just means there is avocado in it.

Chicago goes all out.  They dye the damn river green.  We don’t take it that far in California.  Even moreso, would anyone really know if we dye the LA River a color?  The LA River is as ridiculous a name as the Utah Jazz.  Think about it.

I look back on St. Patrick’s 2010 fondly.  There were lots of good high fives and handshakes going on.  You know the nights where the handshakes get taken up a level?  That was going on.  I was giving a high five and it just kept going to the point where I was like “damn, I look cool right now”.  And I did.  In my own mind, where it counts.

Several agencies were represented at the bar.  Top high fives of the night honors probably go to the Hooky crew, who definitely are pushing the boundaries of high fivage.

For those of you who had a less fortunate St. Patrick’s Day than I did, just remember the old Lost Angelenian Proverb:  “What happens on St. Patrick’s Day, you take shit for at the office forever”.


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