I Think You Should Hotel Cafe.

Here is the thing.  Tomorrow night I am playing at the Hotel Cafe on the Cahuenga Corridor, a place I remember from my days of playing kickball and terrorizing Big Wangs.  Once I saw a fight escalate to the point someone just broke a glass door at that bar.  Worse, I was excited when it happened.  I was rubbernecking.

Tangent.  Sorry.

So how does Fight From Above end up at Hotel Cafe?  I have always thought of it as an acoustic venue.  I have seen some great shows there and have always respected what goes on at the venue, but what are we doing there?  We have never been described in the vicinity as acoustic.  Well we are going to support Matt Miller and his band Graydon, who we really like.  They are putting a record out and we will warm the crowd up.

I am saying to the nation of Lost Angeles, why not come out?  First off, this city needs some seriously good karma.  The Lakers are bailing on us.  The Dodgers are sputtering to a slow start.  The only thing that can save the city is music and I can be a part of it.  Whatever you are doing tomorrow, just get out and save this city.  If you can come to Hotel Cafe by 10pm to check me out, I will have some whiskey with you.

If you don’t show up, here is what I hope happens to you:


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