I’ll Be Out For A Few.

Hoping this isn’t my last will and testament.

Tomorrow I travel into the wilderness to get away from society for a little bit and remember what the sound of my brain is like.  Somewhere in between Arizona and New Mexico I am going to ride horses, shoot firearms, wade through rivers and swing an axe around.  I am going to howl at the southwestern moon and breathe fresh air.  I will probably attempt to turn off my phone and ignore my computer as much as I can.  I will drink scotch with bears and smoke cigars at the edge of a forest of pine trees.

I’m going to eat fish and write with ink on paper.  I’m going to let my beard grow long against freezing wind in a place that won’t accept the coming of spring and summer.  I’m going to pet some dogs and look at stars.  I’m going to try to work on some writing.  Some real writing.  The kind of writing I probably won’t share with anyone.  Know why?

Well, because I wouldn’t be me anymore if you knew who I was.  A few days off the grid just to remember.  I hope the weekend hours find you well and if you get a moment, remember I’m out in the woods howling with the mountain lions.



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2 responses to “I’ll Be Out For A Few.

  1. Pat Braverman

    hahaha Z – you always make me laugh!!! Have the best time on your adventure…love u

  2. Branden

    Take some clean underwear, and man up if a bear try’s to piss on you…..

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