Let Me Help You Out.

I want to make an attempt at a more interactive experience with this blog.  That is why today I have decreed that I will start taking anonymous emails, comments and facebook messages calling for advice.  I will pick the best requests and I will go into incredible detail in providing you a solution to your problem.

Now, in advance I think it only fair to warn you I am not a licensed psychotherapist, but I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express last night.  I believe getting it off your chest is usually fifty percent of the problem.  The other fifty percent is usually solvable through binge eating and drinking, telling strangers your problems on the internet and lowering your standards with the opposite sex.  See.  That is the kind of cogent, direct advice you need at a time like this.

Say you are having trouble getting over your ex.  No, seriously say it out loud.  At your office, literally say it as loud as you can.  By now, the attractive person nearby you has heard this and is probably going to start being more obvious.  Basically, you just put the vibe out.  See, solved the problem.  Be a hot mess with this bruiser and put some burning wreckage between you and that last burning wreckage you call your ex.  It’s hard to see the smoke through the smoke and chances are, this new wreckage you don’t care about and will be easy to put out when the time is right.  Then go send me a bottle of whiskey.

But seriously folks, I want to help.  I want to at least make you laugh at the situation.  All names will be changed, privatized, thrown away or ignored.  That said, feel free to send pictures to help me paint the picture mentally.  I will make it all rain for you.

lostangelesblog [at] gmail dot com to email me.


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