Nike “Write The Future” Film is Sick.

Many of you know that I beefed with Nike for a while about the UCLA colored USC gear.  Many of you also know that Nike had a great sense of humor about it and now I tend to go to their events and check them out.  That said, this is not a sponsored post.  I just was alerted of something that you all will dig.

Beyond my obsessive love on Nike+, I have always enjoyed their commercials.  This new one they just put on YouTube is completely sick.  I am not a year round soccer fanatic, but I always enjoy it when I watch it.  The World Cup I typically remain glued to as it is just such a wonderful pageant of all that is good with sports.  It sort of has the Olympics beat in my opinion.  This video got me so pumped up for our first match with England that I literally just punched a total stranger at work.

The nuances in the film are spectacular.  I dig Kobe showing up in it (which pumped me up for the Celtics so much I helped that total stranger I punched up and then punched him again right then and there).  I like when Landon Donovan smirks at Rooney’s failure (because of our grouping together).  I watched it a few times, I keep finding new things about how one moment in a game can change a career.  It really captures why sports are amazing.  For anyone out there who doesn’t get it, this is the point.  The joy of a nation rides on a single citizen’s shoulders at points.  The World Cup is sort of the case study for this kind of thing.

Anyway, check it out and get excited.  And for Angelenos, be stoked that Kobe was included.  This is an international commercial about soccer and our star in purple and gold is right there in the middle.  Good time to win a title.  Enjoy and check out more at if you want to see the story continue (I’m told there will be more and if it looks like this I am down).



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2 responses to “Nike “Write The Future” Film is Sick.

  1. Storefront Jenius


  2. Jonathan K

    Holy crap! I had high expectations and that FAR exceeded them. Thanks for posting.

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