Things On My Mind Right Now.

Spent a few days in a hospital.  Family member was getting surgery.  All is well there, counting my blessings.  That said, the oddest experience at Cedars Sinai the other day.  Sodexo, who from what I can tell is a Marriott-owned restaurant staffing service of some kind, runs the food court at Cedars.  I was in a hospital room on the 7th floor when I heard the loudest clamor of all time from the street.  Seven floors up, it was loud. I had to go down to street level to get a look.

It was a large amount of striking employees.  They were incredibly loud as they marched in between the North and South towers of the hospital, at certain points obstructing the Emergency Room entrance.  I was furious this was going on.

Let me clarify and say typically I typically support people who strike.  Usually, they have a reasonable complaint towards big business and usually they want very little in return.  Sure, that is generalization, but for the most part, I root for the little guy.  Look, I don’t want to cast any judgments on the cause of the strike, all I have is a bone to pick with HOW they were striking.

This hospital is filled with families coping with serious illnesses.  Some people were in their rooms watching their love ones die.  Some were watching their loved ones endure chemotherapy.  It is a hospital.  It is a place where people are doing battle.  There are rooms where people are battling anxiety disorders and trying to get sleep.  I felt that banging drums and screaming right in front of the patient rooms was a horrible way to strike.  It was horrible.  I would absolutely hate being there in a dire situation and having to hear people demanding money when all that was important to me was the health of a family member or friend.

These kinds of strikes are usually highly organized, like teachers’ strikes.  Certain businesses need their employees to work even when mad or lives get lost.  At schools these strikes need to be organized because if substitutes aren’t brought in, the school loses money and that hurts the cause of the strike.  Anyway, the point is, there had to be a better way.  A strike is supposed to make you feel bad for the strikers.  This just made me feel bad for the patients.

Next bone to pick is with Universal Studios, who we can lump in with NBC, who we already know are not smart with advertising based on their complete inability to stop the entire Facebook and Twitter universe (Twitterverse if you will) from making them look partially lobotomized during the whole Leno – Team Coco thing.  Real quick, Leno makes me want to eat nails and do backflips.

The bone today is with their ad they ran in the LA Times to promote the new King Kong experience which I am not going to spell or describe correctly because I don’t want you to go.  Anyway, this ad is of a destroyed Universal Studios and it is embedded to look like a story on the front of some section I do not read because I read my news on the computer.  I hate when people try to get cute.  I hate when they try to get cute with images of destruction in a year where Chile and Haiti both had horrible earthquakes and Californians are terrified of the Big One coming.  Read the fucking room, Universal.  Sometimes dead people are funny (like in the movie Beetlejuice).  Other times, they aren’t.  Like this time.  Do me a favor and fire everyone that works in the advertising department.  Or just let King Kong eat them.  This one flopped.

Also, this next point I was going to keep quiet, but since you already got me angry, I am letting the cat out of the bag.  I was contacted by a very nice person about doing a promotion for some movies you had this summer.  You were asking me if I would give out tickets to my readers this summer as grassroots marketing for MacGruber and Get Him to the Greek.  I was more than down for it.  I was even asked if I had ideas of how to give these out.  I had some awesome promotions lined up for my readers and I was going to give these tickets away.  I was going to give them away to sorority girl orphans who own PR companies.  You were getting hooked up.

Only after all that trouble, I never received the tickets or a return email.  I asked if you still wanted my help.  Nothing.  So look, NBC Universal, I had given you a pass until you just took a dump on the cover of some random section of the LA Times today.  Now, we’re not cool.  Like Jay Leno.


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  1. Not to mention that Universal Studios was partially destroyed in a fire a couple of years ago. I don’t believe anyone was hurt in that, but still, poor marketing.

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