Super Dope Hate Mail.

Got this gem in my comments today.  Thought I’d repost.  Do you think this person even read my blog?  Or even the manifesto she mentioned?  Can you trust someone who admits to growing up in Venice?  Is this the most question marks ever used on a Friday?

Anyway, I am not insecure.  Let’s put it front and center on this sexy, sexy Friday.  Afterwards, keg stands, baseball and other fratty activities.  Did I mention my fiancee is a blonde girl that went to college in San Diego?  She’s also bilingual, but that’s beside the point.

I only found your blog because of a typo on Google, not because you’re famous.

I’m a Venice native, born and raised (westside), a current resident of Highland Park (eastside), and from a three-generation Trojan family. I went to school in New York and Berlin, but somehow returned here of all places… as an Angelena who DID get lost and found herself again in LA, let me say thanks a LOT for reinforcing every last boring, shallow cliche about my city. Your “manifesto” is just a list of examples of why the other world cities don’t consider us one, too. Is “bottle service” really the #1 thing you have to say about L.A.? Or even about having FUN in LA?

You have a GREAT blog name, so I will admit I had pretty high expectations…but way to use it in the service of promoting your vapid, snickering, self-satisfied frat-boy crap. I’m so tired of you people. THINK HARDER ABOUT YOUR TOWN, or get lost, for real this time. Catch the “free” subway to Boston, where you belong.

No sabes madre.

I like saying “a typo ON Google” like it was Plymouth Rock or something.  Did she make a typo entering information INTO Google?  I’m confused.  At least she understood the concept of vapid, snickering, self-satisfied frat-boy crap and I am very sorry she had no fun in the Greek system at where she went to school.  My two years in it were fun, the two years afterw ards were also good.  Either way, I am very self-satisfied and I’ll accept vapid.  Only because it rhymes with rapid, which is an awesome ass word.

What I will not excuse is the insinuation I like bottle service.  This blog is anti-bottle service.  Check me out.  I have often focused on the things about LA that are cliche because this blog is not some self-discovery outreach program.  It’s about me, whiskey, baseball and lately The Bachelorette.  It’s about how I live in a world with people that represent the worst this city has to offer and I am here to throw a wrench in those gears.  My goal is not to hide from it and throw rocks at it.

Always best to get your hands dirty.  And thanks for taking the time to read and comment.  It’s support from readers like you that keep my whiskey shelf stocked.  Kiiiissssseeeessss.



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4 responses to “Super Dope Hate Mail.

  1. Jane Lockhart

    Haha, you’re my Fav Mr. Jerome 🙂

  2. Bryan

    Hahahahaha, keep it rollin’, brother!

  3. Vick

    I gotta say, as another Angeleno, I understand what this chick was saying and agree with her on most of it. She wasn’t insinuating that you love bottle service, just that you choose as the most important part of your manifesto to share what the coolest way to drink booze is, which kinda reinforces an LA stereotype that partying is the #1 priority in this town.

    She also seemed bummed that you have a blog with a great name that SHOULD be about a great town, but, seflishly instead revolves around “me, whiskey, baseball and lately The Bachelorette.” Re-title this thing “Why I Matter” or something more centered around your self-vanity and shallow topics of choice.

    That’s the stereotype most have of Los Angeles, shallow, arrogant people who think they’re the shit (i guess that defines arrogant) and talking about stupid things like a dating show, and your favorite booze while pretending the blog is really about the city you live in only seems to further those stereotypes. Saying this blog is about “how I live in a world with people that represent the worst this city has to offer” is laughable when when used in the same blog as “Afterwards, keg stands, baseball and other fratty activities”.

    The fact that your prime attack on the commenter was her use of the word “into” instead of “on” seems to show that you’re really kind of at a loss for a solid comeback.

    Her spanish surely sucked, I’ll give ya that. But mentioning that your fiancee was a blonde chick who went to school in SD who speaks spanish sounds more like she’s a sorority sister who spent too many nights in Tijuana rather than the scholar I think you were intending her to sound like.

    Enjoy your Fraturday.

  4. Angela

    Way to lack the ability to sense the sarcasm in the “fratty activities” comment (and the majority of this blog), Vick! If you’re such a hater, why take the time to read this blog let alone comment on it? Run along.

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