Nike Still Pumping Up Soccer.

I had my doubts if the United States would ever get behind soccer in the fullest extent.  I think it had been moving towards caring a little bit and then this last World Cup really showed what potential the sport has here (assuming we become the team to make flopping for pansies).  Nike did a brilliant job with their Write the Future campaign between their amazing Montalban viewing parties that are hard for me to remember between screaming my ass off and drinking beer and coconut water at a crazy rate and their ridiculously cool spot they aired throughout the tournament.

Seems like Nike decided they are going to continue to pump up the US market and get us ready for next World Cup.  Guess what?  This new spot they are airing during the upcoming friendly between the US and Brazil worked for me.  They understand Americans.  The little kid says he’s coming to Europe and sleeping with your GF.  America!  Also, nice job calling out our established stars.  Maybe soccer is en route…


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