Musings While Chewing on the Heels of the Weekend.

First off, just press play on this song because it is awesome, you may not have heard it yet, but get ready.  I can not get the chorus out of my head.  Just ride this bad boy into the weekend before I rip off a few tangents.  All the other kids with the pumped up kicks you better run, out run my gun.  Faster than my bullet.  Illness.  What a great late summer track AND they are from Los Angeles.  Good work, city.

I am getting excited about college football, even if my college cannot go to a bowl game.  I don’t care.  We have 13 games to win.  It should be a lot of fun.  Coliseum Saturdays are the only place it is still cool to play beer pong at 27 years old (yes, you need to consider giving up Happy Endings guys).  A win is a win and after having to forfeit a bunch of games, we need to start putting some wins up.  Either way, it will be great to be outdoors and watch all the sorority girls I knew start looking more like mothers.  Sigh.

Is it too early to get excited for the home and home with Texas in 2017-2018?  Sure, I’ll probably have offspring, but a good time to indoctrinate them.

The Dodgers are sneakily creeping into the Wild Card hunt and they are probably trading Manny to Chicago.  I am going to slow roll this thing and not get excited until we are 2 back.

It’s summer!

We are one week closer to Entourage’s season ending which is awesome because that show hasn’t had anything going on in years.  I am stoked Vince is starting to do drugs and adult film actresses, but let’s be honest, the fact I had to watch like 200 episodes before this happened is proof of how ridiculous this show is.  I still can’t help watching it.  Damn it.  I am so false.  Sigh.

How to Be Tight is amazing.  Tyical Chazz…

Dude straight up nailed it.  I am always glad to see someone destroy a point.  I feel like I can sleep on it now.  He has MTV covered off.  Typical Chazz.

After Hours Beer Lab finished its first crispy brew.  The Bonsai Bourbon is a good first effort.  Excited to try more.

Anyway, here’s a picture of a puppy passed out on a laptop.


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