You Can’t Sanction The Endzone.

Hey everyone.  It’s been a crazy week in Lane Fucking Kiffin land.  We have had a crazy amount of orders and are working out final details on what shirts we’re using (leaning towards American Apparel if Cranberry looks Cardinal enough).

That said, due to the overwhelming call for a profanity free option, we present to you the most arrogant t-shirt every conceived by man:

CLICK HERE to visit and order it while you can.  At some point, we may have to pause selling to ensure we can keep up with demand, so I’d jump on this first batch.  The Lane Fucking Kiffin Bro shirts are also still available, but get it going sooner than later.

That’s all for this post, I’ll be back in a few with some non-Trojan Lost Angeles material, then this weekend, a review of our win over Virginia.



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4 responses to “You Can’t Sanction The Endzone.

  1. Andrew

    Hey, not sure whether to order Large or XL, any idea if the shirts run a little small/large?

  2. Bought! Can hardly wait to wear it at a tailgate!

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