Get Your Weekend On.

I had my bachelor party last weekend which means I recovered about 11 minutes ago.  It was a challenging week at the office, albeit in a good way.  On the homefront, we packaged the entire first batch of Lane Fucking Kiffin, Bro t-shirts and shipped them out.  Don’t worry, batch two comes in next Thursday so the rest of you should get it before the next home game as long as you order in the next day or so.  We had a hardcore packing session that included some very arrogant Mulberry Street pizza and keeping my neighbors in Beverly Hills awake as we used packing tape and stomped around like some techno dance party slash sweatshop.

Now, I need some weekend to relax.  I’m going to Graduate it out this weekend except for the sleeping with my neighbor’s mother part.  I’m gonna float in the pool and maybe even drink some beers and stare at the sun.  Then I am going to watch USC kill Minnesota and I am going to also wait for a team in the SEC to lose, then provoke them to get angry and make jokes about California like “you sushi lovers” or something super clever like that.  That’s usually how it goes.

I’m gonna go on a few long runs around the lake and maybe even hand deliver a few Lane Kiffin shirts.  Mainly, time to take a step back for a few days and get it all in front of me.  I do have a few favors to ask of you all, especially my new readers…

Tweet to me during the game Saturday.  I will be watching from a bathtub I fill with champagne, because I am just that arrogant.  Also, email me pictures of yourself in your new t-shirts.  Some 200 of you should receive them in the next few days.  Make it count.  I’ll post the best on this blog and crown one of you, Mr. or Mrs. Arrogant for the Minnesota game.  I respond to alcohol, irony and bearfighting, in case you want to know what will help you rank high.

Another bit of housekeeping.   Those of you ladies who enjoyed my Bachelorette Recaps (thanks to my fiancee watching it), it will return in January when the show returns.  Conveniently, that’s the same time USC will celebrate the end of a really arrogant 13-0 year and I will make my football followers wait until August (or until Kiffin severs the head off the Bruin statue in Westwood).


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  1. Josh M

    Damn you Zack. Now you got me thinking all creatively on a Friday afternoon as to what I’m gonna do in my kick ass shirt…….I’m supposed to be done thinking for the week man!

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