Recap is Tomorrow.

Hi Friends,

It is with great relief and pleasure that I can say my test results came back the way I hoped they would.  You will all have me around hopefully for many decades to come.  With a clean bill of health, I decided to spend the day drinking rum (felt more festive than scotch, which I will drink later) and buying things.  I am still in a good deal of pain, but I am happy.

I will make my post tomorrow.  While it is already done, I love to do it when you are all at work so hopefully it’s a nice break from working (or if you are in college, a nice break from drinking and having sex with almost total strangers and in doing so, preserving the American dream).

In the most humble arrogance I can oxymoronically conjure to you all, thank you.  I will show my thanks by dropping eight pounds of pigeon shit on the Bruins tomorrow.  For tonight, the return of sleep fit for a peaceful bear hunter.





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4 responses to “Recap is Tomorrow.

  1. steevoh

    Am happy for both you and your wife — and more than a little bit relieved. When you kept posting about “waiting for test results”, well, I knew you both were in the midst of an ordeal. And yet you continued to unleash your wicked wit on the irish and bRuins without skipping a beat (and under the influence of mild narcotics). Well done on all counts!

    • Zack

      Thank you so much. I will tell the story this week, but not before my bruin recap. Thanks for the kind words. They make a difference

  2. Arrogantly late. So fashionable.

  3. How about a little love for some of our other arrogantly good sports teams? Take the men’s water polo team who just killed the bears (Cal that is) to clench the national championship title – for the third year in a row. And are they satisfied? Nope.

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