A View From My Wedding.

As we’re getting ready to go on our honeymoon, I thought it might be a good time to share with my readers the recap video from my wedding.  Originally, we had decided to postpone our honeymoon because we wanted to spend some extra time in Arizona with all the family and friends who made the trip for us.  It turns out, it was also because I would need to take a month to fight the ultimate bear, cancer, in the meantime.  I am healed and now that we have the video, I think of what a special day it was, waking up in my bed and seeing Arrogant Nation holding up signs reading “You Can’t Sanction The Endzone”, “Bowls Are For Salads” and of course, “Congratulations Zack and Emily” as I put on my tuxedo, ready to do what any good Trojan should do, marry a beautiful, smart and strong blonde woman who totally digs my arrogant approach to the universe.

While it is strange to think during this video I had no idea I had cancer, it is beautiful to see how life’s best and worst feelings can coexist without detracting from each other.  I would not have changed a thing.  Soon, it will be the 2 year anniversary of this blog.  I have made thousands of new friends from it from alumni to students at rival schools, from Song Girls to starting football players.  This year Lost Angeles will reach it’s millionth view.  I have enjoyed every moment of it and I assure you I will keep going and have some amazing things planned for next season and my homeboy Matt Barkley.

So here is a rare glimpse into one of the best days I’ll ever have on this earth.  I am happy to share it with you, Arrogant Nation, my newest and most cherished friends.  Here’s to 2011 and all the happiness you will find, including but not limited to the 12 wins we plan to get come August.




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6 responses to “A View From My Wedding.

  1. TroJEN

    Beautiful! Congrats again on getting married and beating cancer! My husband and I got married the week before you did (on the BYE weekend). I guess we weren’t arrogant enough to get married on the day of a home game because none of our guests would show. However we were arrogant enough to go on a two week honeymoon to a tiny island that showed no other sports besides New Zealand rugby on TV. That sport is so lame we dove 40 feet underwater to wrestle a shark out of his cave, drag it onto land and smash it against the TV so we wouldn’t have to watch. Best we could do since there were no bears on the island. Anyhoo, congrats and enjoy your honeymoon. 🙂

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  3. josh

    Congrats Zack. Catalina Foothills for a Fall wedding…I’m jealous. If I could’ve convinced my wife to head back to my old stomping ground, I would’ve been married at Dirtbags. So we stayed in LA.

  4. Josh M

    Awesome man. Congrats. I actually had to show my co-worker this video because she just got engaged recently. Best of luck to you and Emily!

  5. Congrat’s Zach! You have provided video proof that arrogance and being a quality guy are not mutually exclusive. I knew we had something in common! Enjoy the Honeymoon! If you ever get there…

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