SUPER BOWL CONTEST: apliiq and Lost Angeles Blog join up

It’s Championship Sunday and I’m smoking a cigar on my patio in Beverly Hills and my first order of business (multitasking while watching the game) is to mention a giveaway contest for my readers.  First off, this is for a limited edition hoodie by apliiq, who make the sickest stuff west of the black death.  It’s been known to literally win wars.  They drop the clothes on the enemy and they explode.

Knowing that I know a thing or two about football fans (my loyal Arrogant Nation) and super hot clothing for football (WAIT UNTIL YOU SEE THE NEW DESIGNS COMING IN AUGUST), they offered me the chance to giveaway one of their NFL championship hoodies.  They are the illest and made in the colors of the four remaining teams.  Peep them here:

I already bought “the jettison” to celebrate my New Jersey heritage (which I sold to a bear and moved to a state that has a bear on the flag and have spent some 18 years trying to replace him on the flag with me).  With shipping these bad boys will cost you over $70, but I have a contest.

Email me or comment YOUR MOST ARROGANT reason for supporting one of the four teams above (whether they win today or not) and I will choose the winner, put you in touch with apliiq and they will hook you up.  One catch, the winner needs to be a Facebook fan of apliiq HERE.  Frankly, more arrogant tales around here makes us all winners.

Let the games begin.


After drinking scotch with the crew at apliiq, they’ve hooked my readers up with a 10% discount.  Enter “lostangeles” at checkout and get some slick gear for less, which in my mind, is more.   HERE is a direct link to the hoodies and keep the emails coming.



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24 responses to “SUPER BOWL CONTEST: apliiq and Lost Angeles Blog join up

  1. kg23

    i thought steelers meant steel?

  2. steevoh

    I’m rooting for the Jets. Not only is Mark Sanchez a fellow USC alum, but he’s also one good looking Mexican-American, a tribe of which I’m a proud member. Also, the Jets are the only tteam in a market that is not in a fly-over state. That is super arrogant.

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  4. Brandon Tyler

    I support the cheese heads because Chedder cheese rules the house!

  5. Ian

    I’m backing the Bears even though I went to USC. That’s arrogant.

  6. Smith

    win or lose, i support the jets cuz they’re the only wild card team that talked the biggest ish this year and still steam rolled a team with the best record in the NFL on their way to another AFC championship spot. plus, they got a trojan QB who dared defy “big balls pete” by leaving early for the pros. look whose sitting pretty in NFL now? if the jets ain’t the epitome of arrogance i dunno what is. we’ll get em next year. HOLLA.

  7. Kevin

    I’m rooting(ed) for the Jets because I moved to NY 3 years ago and in order to maintain the obnoxious facade of all things NY I’ve convinced my Atlanta friends I’m a diehard Jets fan. Mostly because they are the more obnoxious team in NY. I’m also a Yankees fan. I’m also a Knicks fan when they win. I’m also a fan of NY pizza, it’s better here because it was made and consumed here and that’s all there is to anything about NY.

  8. Seth

    In addition to being a lifelong Packer fan (which in itself is arrogant because I’m originally from Colorado), I’ve got the Packers winning it all because they are by far and away the most arrogant team in the NFL. You could go on and on about how arrogant it is to have won the first NFL championship, have the Super Bowl trophy named after your most storied coach, and have put a small “city” in northern WI on the map, but I’m just going to talk about this season…

    -We played the whole year basically without a running game, only to pull out a rookie running back out of BUFFALO (James Starks) to run all over everyone in the playoffs – arrogant.
    -USC alum CLAY MATTHEWS has been tearing people’s heads off all year for the Packers while rocking a hairstyle that is more fit for the cover a trashy romance novel – arrogant.
    -Aaron Rodgers for some reason got passed over for the pro-bowl, which has confused just about everyone up until now. It is now clear that he simply rigged the voting in order to rub it in every other pro-bowl QB’s face that he’ll be skipping the pro-bowl anyway to play for the SUPER BOWL – extremely arrogant.

  9. Robyn

    I support the Packers because I had history senior year of HS with Clay and he used to eat a roast beef sandwich every morning in class at 7:30 am. He was so arrogant back then that he didnt care that it stunk up the ENTIRE class and was often told to put it away by the teacher, yet still continued to eat it.

  10. Laura

    the jets. the undisputed most arrogant nfl team ever. they realize bowls (even super bowls) are for salad, and sometimes name their streets after their quarterbacks. besides, rex ryan.. enough said.

  11. How about being the #1 ranked FB going into the draft and potentially turn down the NFL to be a doctor?

  12. Daniel

    Cromartie has fathered at least 9 children off of 8 women in 6 states. The Jets had to advance him $500,000 to make child support payments this year.

  13. Annelise

    I like the Jets because Mark Sanchez is really hot. Also, he knows that he’s on national television, and yet he continues to do things like eat hot dogs and wipe his boogers on people during games, and that is super arrogant. Also, he’s really hot.

  14. the steelers are known by the following phrases;

    enough said.

    PS. BLACK & [insert expletive] YELLOW

  15. ElJefePeaks

    El jefe thinks this looks like tge next big thing.

  16. Matt

    Go for the steelers… Not because they have certified baby eater troy polamalu, but because of Travis Kirschke. He’s a ucla alum and it’d be super arrogant to root for him to finally win something. As you proved this season, USC alums win no matter what.
    Ucla only has the scoreboard to look at… And they probably have to turn it off 2 minutes after the game ends because those things are $-$-@ing expensive to run

  17. Ryan

    I know this really hot chick who is a packers fan and I feel like this might help me get to the trophy 😉

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