Rooting for Continued Sanctions.

My new favorite young scribbler Joey Kaufman wrote THIS PIECE on how our sanctions hearing will not be fair and we shouldn’t expect it to be.  After reading it (as you should to support a very smart Trojan), it helped me clarify my thoughts on what I want to happen coming out of sanctions.

I want to be rejected.  I don’t want the bowl ban lifted.  I would be fine with reduced scholorships, but in the end it will only further the NCAA’s false sense of justice and control when in reality, this is a bunch of people who are not good at their job throwing shit against the wall to see what sticks.  Their judgment of putting Dee within 100 miles of a sanctioning committee is proof this is run like prohibition era politics.  If they let us off, we will be placated a little bit.  I want the fire.

Here’s what psychs me up.  Matt Barkely wins the Heisman next year.  We win the incredibly soft Pac 12 South and then have to forgo going to the game, sending a cut-rate Arizona State or Utah to the game, which will be surrounded by a cloud of “where is the real winner of the conference”?

The Pac 12 will be the opposite of the SEC in that the SEC stood in front of the NCAA tracks and forced the train to stop.  Auburn hasn’t gotten a finger pointed at them for the Newton scandal.  Shit, they let the kid talk about Martin Luther King, Jr. on ESPN in some tribute.  Somehow, I’m guessing MLK doesn’t support the concept of a father selling his son’s services for money.  Food for thought.  Also, good work ESPN.

Side note, congrats on signing Texas to a huge contract for a 24 hour network.  We all can’t wait to see Mack Brown bitch 24/7 now.  I really hated having to wait for the next Sportscenter for you to celebrate a team that didn’t make the Toilet Bowl this year.  Good work going for the money though.  That was arrogant.

When USC was in trouble for a father shopping his son’s services, the Pac 12 pulled its pants down and begged the NCAA to spank them.

So you know what I say in a year where bowl ratings where awful?  You know what I say in a year where it took the NCAA less time to reinstate Cam Newton than to rule on Dillon Baxter’s golf cart ride from Teague fucking Egan, a kid who a 2 minute Facebook search proves  is just a rich dude who has a golf cart and loves printing business cards, not some agent to worry about?

I say keep the fucking sanctions.  I say let’s win the Pac 12 South which was made easy for our benefit and then let’s ruin the championship game by making them watch Utah and Oregon.  Let’s make the announcers talk about the giant whale in the room, the USC Trojans who didn’t show up.

Then, when sanctions are over, 2011 Heisman Winner Matt Barkley returns for his senior year and we go win the Rose Bowl.  Not because it’s a BCS game and no I don’t care if it means a title.  We’re Trojans.  We own the Rose Bowl.  We win them all the time.  That’s what we do.  Matt is going to stay and lead us (along with the visor and me of course here with Arrogant Nation) back.  We’re going to take the worst and most unfair sanctions in history and ignore them and win a fucking Rose Bowl in 2012.

This is why I am going to do everything I can for Matt to win this Heisman.  He is going to be the guy who came in when the storm hit, rode it out, and returned us to where we belong.  I can say from personal experience, he is a great dude.  He is our guy.  Next season, the stadium will be full.  You all had my back when I got sick.  You all had my back when I started Arrogant Nation.  Now it belongs to you.  We’re going to wear our shirts proudly next year (even the new 2x more arrogant ones) and we are going to love every minute of it.

Remember.  Bowls are for Salads.  You Can’t Sanction the Endzone.  We are going to land a top five recruiting class UNDER SANCTIONS.  Do you understand that Arrogant Nation is working?  They simply cannot deny we are an NFL pipeline.  They won’t give us a fair shake.  I don’t care.  If Matt stays all four years, if we can go back to our Rose Bowl (don’t mention championships or BCS games) and win, Matt will be the face of all that is good about USC.  And it is going to happen.  Arrogant Nation hasn’t even begun making noise.  We have a chance to show the NCAA they are not in control.

Who is with me?

arrogant shot of song girls just to remind you how great being a trojan is



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21 responses to “Rooting for Continued Sanctions.

  1. Csetset

    Finally someone who’s got it right. Let’s face the facts. He Who Must Not Be Named’s scandal should have cost USC a total of 12 sanctions in the course of 3 years. We are getting 30, an amount comparable to the sanctions given to the ridiculously rampant violator Miami. It is laughable that a comparison can even be attempted to be made between Miami and USC, and Miami only got 1 postseason ban.

    It is without a doubt that the NCAA used erroneous discretion. USC shouldn’t even have to file an appeal. Paul Dee should have taken his blimpy ass home and in the middle of eating his 3rd portion, should have got the sense to call up Mike Garrett, personally apologize, and offer USC additional scholarships, to which Garrett and Carroll would refuse because they don’t need them.

    We have a top 5 recruiting class. NCAA, Paul Dee, Missy Conboy. You failed. This must be the example they were trying to set: the example that a villainous and corrupt organization cannot take a team full of heart and pride down. The only way to stop USC is to stop them from stepping on the field.

    I’d love for the NCAA to admit they were wrong. But screw it, I am now positive we will ride through this and emerge like it never even happened. Fight on Trojans. Matt Barkley for Heisman.

    • Jason

      I know you’re trying to make an apples to apples comparison, but here’s the difference: USC was already on probation when the multiple violations against football, men’s basketball, and women’s tennis transpired. That tends to compound the punishment. You seem to be furiously digging for some sort of conspiracy theory, but consistent flouting of the rules will eventually catch up to you. Accept your penance.

      • Zack

        the title of my post was that I want to keep the sanctions. which SEC school did you attend. also, talking to me won’t stop Cam from getting in trouble.

      • Jason

        I can’t seem to respond directly to your posting, but I never went to an SEC school, and this has very little to do with football. It’s about accountability–while your modus operandi is out of a misplaced libidinous desire to “backwardly” thumb your nose at the NCAA, there are about 80 football players, hundreds within the administration, and thousands of alumni who are pleading and praying for the opposite.

        Being contrarian is one thing, not responding to ones original argument and trying to derail attention is another.

        It’s spelled “Angeleno”, btw…try again.

      • Zack

        i actually never noticed that typo and give you, jason, full credit for me changing it.

        I am here for the students and players who had their season robbed as USC was made an example in the harshest penalties since SMU. I’m so far from alone on this I will simply commend you for your opinion and say the NCAA, in Arrogant Nation’s book, is a non factor. The system is a joke from its definition of amateurism to it’s disregard of players cheating on school work or committing crimes to it’s methodology of implementing justice. We get robbed every year. I’d rather be the school that shows they are a house of cards than beg for table scraps.

        Either way, thanks for your own contrarian argument. You are always welcome here.

      • Csetset

        “SC was already on probation when the multiple violations against football, men’s basketball, and women’s tennis transpired.”

        Wrong, which makes the rest of your post null and void. Nice try.

      • Csetset

        Also the basketball and tennis programs were already sanctioned by the time the football sanctions were announced, and the sanctions that are being discussed in the appeal are particular to the football program.

        The tennis program was sanctioned because one player made a phone call from an office phone to a home country. Seriously.

        Lastly, there is no digging and there is no conspiracy theory. The NCAA used an agenda to punish USC, and even if they didn’t, they violated precedents set forth by previous cases where a lack of institutional control was the punishment. The USC and their appeal process is doing nothing more but pointing that out. There is no lack of acceptance of punishment, just the request of a fair one. An apples to apples comparison can easily be made between USC and Miami, or USC and Alabama, if not USC and Auburn.

        Bye bye, now.

      • Jason

        I appreciate it, Zack (in full sincerity). I enjoy reading your blog, and have strong opinions, but I will always TRY to keep it civil (not always perfect).


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  3. RunTravelerRun

    Wow…now I’m fired up!

  4. Rich West

    I like the idea very much. But seeing the NCAA eat crow would feel just a good. Real arrogance would be to win the appeal and say “no thank you”.

  5. Sid

    epic, as usual. fight on, bruh!

  6. scott

    Now what the heck were we talkin’? got to the end of the blog and I got lost lookin’ at our arrogant song girls- jeez aren’t we trojans hot! Just -Please, FUNCAA don’t sanction our song girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Christina

    ” Somehow, I’m guessing MLK doesn’t support the concept of a father selling his son’s services for money. ”

    Bahahaha. Did anyone love that as much as I did? This is why I love this blog. And why I love Arrogant Nation.

    Its great to be a Trojan. Its great to be great. But its even more great to be arrogant about it.

  8. SCWoolz

    This blog is mad arrogant. It makes me wanna punch someone in the face. I’m with you! Thanks Zack.

  9. tgmbithotu

    “You can’t sanction the will to win” – Matt Barkley as heard on ESPN (!@#$suckers) . I and all of my TMB friends (I think I can speak for all of them. They’re arrogant) are with you.

  10. ldytjn

    The three simple facts here are:
    1) In comparison to every other program sanctioned in the last 20 years, USC’s penalties are far more severe in proportion to the infractions than any other school, even if allegedly still on probation.
    2) Cam Newton was being shopped around to play in college. The NCAA should be far more fire and brimstone over that than someone getting money to leave.
    3) Fuck them. If they don’t lessen the sanctions it’ll only make their obvious favoritism of Ohio State, Auburn, and whoever else gets got next season that more obvious. Trojans persevere. Trojans fight. We sidestep anger, spite, hatred, sabotage, jealousy, and blatant dickery and succeed because it’s in our dna. And if we falter sometimes we take a big fat chunk of our opponents down with us and hold our heads high.

    They say we’re cheaters and we should all go home. The enemies of victory and arrogance are knocking down our doors but we can all just go home. But Matt? He’s not going home. He’s going to get on that field, throw for at least 250yds per game with 38 tds/6ints on the year, and kick those sons of bitches in the ass so hard, the 2013 schedule is gonna feel it. Now….who wants to go home, and who wants to go with Matt?!?!?!

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