Recruits We Are Signing and Places I Am Speaking

First of all, I spoke with 2011 Heisman Trophy Winner Matt Barkley this weekend and he was watching our volleyball team beat the Bruins.  Let me translate.  While I was drinking margaritas, he was watching other people kill bears, which immediately let me know how jacked up he is about all the beats he plans to kill come August.  The even better news, The Shining White Visor or Truth is going to land his second straight top 5 recruiting class which means Barkley is going to have a whole new gun safe of weapons to use.  Is Arrogant Nation working?  Check out this quote from an ESPN piece:

‎”When I heard about the sanctions, I was thinking, ‘Should I choose another school?’ or ‘What should I do?’ ” said Antwaun Woods, a four-star defensive tackle prospect from Woodland Hills, Calif. “I sat there and thought about it, and I decided it’s a good chance to respond to the adversity and tell the world the sanctions aren’t going to stop SC from being SC.”

I know Thomas is supposedly waivering between us and Oregon now, but arrogantly he’ll sign.  He can lose big games at Oregon or be held out of them here.

If you read MY INTERVIEW with future rockstar sportswriter Stephanie Graves, you’d recall me saying the same thing.  As long as we are USC, as long as Arrogant Nation peacocks our shit down Trousdale on Saturdays (and all the other days), we’re going to be unstoppable.  Pete Carroll fell for us, not the other way around.  I love Uncle Pete, just remember he coached here, he didn’t graduate from here.  It was us that had the potential.  He is just a great leader who tapped into it.  That’s what I am trying to do for our fanbase.  You are all helping.  More than that, you are fighting us through sanctions and it is working.   This year we will put it together and give the NCAA the ultimate face slap:  continuing to be great and be proud of what we are.

So, onto new business.  A lot of you have asked if I ever plan to show my face and speak to Arrogant Nation in person.  I mean, I bet most of you have seen me at the Coliseum and not realized that lighting bolt covered in bear skin was me.  That said, I committed to step it up this year and grow Arrogant Nation, so I have accepted some great opportunities to speak.  I was still upset about having to pass up Conquest last year due to more stitches than ten baseballs.  This is a great start.

First, I will be the final keynote speak at this year’s Order of Omega retreat in (I think it’s a secret?) (which is a totally arrogant place to be a keynote speaker).  I plan to verbally explode some eardrums like some sort of blog-on-tape experience.  I may even wear a tux even though it is in no way required.  The Order of Omega annual leadership conference that brings together 150 Greeks and other student leaders to discuss how to make tackle issues that our community faces (and how to make themselves more arrogant if I have anything to do with it).  Some of the dudes will even get some break out sessions with me so I can share some of the best bearfighting techniques and some other stuff I’m keeping to myself for now.

The other event I am totally fired up to be a part of is USC’s Relay for Life.  They have given me the craziest honor ever to be the Opening Ceremonies speaker.  I have always dreamt of saying some Braveheart type shit and then have something epic start.  I am going to share some of my story and kick off this amazing 24 hour event which reminds people that cancer never sleeps.  This is a chance for any of you who wanted to see me speak to come and also do a great thing.  Obviously, I’ve had melanoma twice so this means so much to me to raise money for the cause.  If you want to donate to sponsor my running (my running is amazing because sometimes there is one extra bear you didn’t see and he jumps out and you need to sprint to re-establish the high ground), please CLICK HERE and donate anything, five dollars is fine.  Every dollar is a bullet in the heart of cancer and it’s all of our fight.

I’ve joined up with Team Conquest and I feel like you can join that team too if you want to kick it.  Either way, these are two great events I am excited to work with.

I also have started discussions with The Trojan Marching Band in hopes of figuring out something rad to do with them, but they are some of the fiercest Arrogant Nationals, so I need the idea to kill all ideas and I need full unified band support.  They are in touch and as they read this, I hope they drink bear blood and find the answer.  I am ready.

If you want me to speak…

I am into it.  Contact me.  I’ll teach a class on social media.  I’ll talk football.  I’ll talk cancer.   I am bringing the game to campus this year because it’s important.



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6 responses to “Recruits We Are Signing and Places I Am Speaking

  1. Jim

    It’s not the Marching Band, it’s the Trojan Marching Band. Getting that correct will take you a long way in getting the full band(and alumni)’s support. If you can’t remember that, just call us by our other name–the greatest marching band in the history of the universe.

    • Zack Jerome

      people call me zach all the time and i let it slide, but I’ll make the update just for posterity’s sake.

      • TMBtrumpet01

        Frankly, it doesn’t really matter to those of use TMB Alum that are post-Robinson, pre-Carroll era, those of us that would’ve not only killed bear but eaten it raw for an 8-5 season during years of the coach that shall not be named. We of this era think that Arrogant Nation is the best thing to happen since the hiring of Big Balls Pete and the understanding that USC was always there, dormant, waiting for the right moment, person and circumstance to pounce on the nation.

        Call ’em the TMB, Spirit of Troy, TGMBITHOTU, whatever… and get them to work with you, because those prissy-ass, milk-drinking pansies need to be educated on what it means to eat dirt and still wear cardinal & gold to the office the next morning. They need to know what it’s like and Arrogant Nation is the way. Yes, they are Trojans, and FIGHT ON to them and everyone lucky enough to be considered part of the Trojan Family. But this generation of ipods, smart phones and social networking don’t fully get Arrogant Nation. They just don’t. Because if they did, Jim’s post would have had one single line: “We’re the TROJAN MARCHING BAND, who the FUCK are YOU???”

  2. Have fun at the Order of Omega retreat.

    In 2009 lara ( and I were on the board. We had a barge of fireworks and a leadership yacht. Arrogant.

  3. ldytrjn

    What TMBtrumpet01 said…

    …except we totally ate raw bear meat in my section. What the hell were you doing all that time?!?


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