Arrogant Election Drama at USC

Stumbled on some controversy in the upcoming USG elections at USC.  You can check the article out HERE in the Daily Trojan, but I think the short version is that one set of candidates is calling out another set of candidates for the possibility there was alcohol being consumed at a party where one of the candidates was wearing his own campaign shirt.

As far as I am concerned, I appreciate all of you wearing my campaign shirts at the best parties.  Frankly, I want to see more pictures of them in action.  I understand the school’s ruling, but let’s be fair here, I always think it’s better to kill the bear with brute force, not with a technicality.  In fairness, I know nothing about the candidates and I also can’t say I care who wins.  I support all Trojan regimes as Arrogant Nation is a more powerful force than any student organization (literally more powerful, we all lift weights and kill bears, so it’s not like a political thing, we’re all just missing a few screws).

I will say one thing about the accused Monish/Logan ticket, I do endorse their campaign video.  It is a cheeky take on “the most interesting man in the world”, although that campaign was based one me and I’ve never seen royalties.  The part I like is the line where Monish claims “Kiffin borrows his visor for football games”.

In my mind, that is a direct shout out to me, the original visor enthusiast, so kudos to them.  We’ll see what happens.  Maybe next year I will be politically efficate and support a campaign.  In reality, I only care about a fair fight, except when bears are involved.  Regardless, I respect a lot of Arrogant Nation is composed of current students, so I thought I’d see what the group thought.  Not about the visor part, which was awesome, because like I explained upon Kiff’s hire, visors are arrogant.



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19 responses to “Arrogant Election Drama at USC

  1. Bad timing

    Hey, I’m a current student at USC and a member of Arrogant Nation. I love this blog more than is probably healthy. However, I was extremely disappointed by this post–leave the campaigning to the candidates! Your blog has a lot of influence at USC and this might just have swung the election to one candidate over two other, extremely deserving candidates. You should have waited until after the election if you wanted to make a comment like this. Just one student’s thoughts.

    • Zack Jerome

      I think the Daily Trojan article made it fair game, but totally respect your opinion. Really, when I saw the visor comment, I figured I would just comment on my love of visors permeating a political battle. I am sure the other party is equally qualified.

      • Bad Timing

        I’m sure you had the best of intentions, but the Monish/Logan ticket has already put on Facebook that “LOST ANGELES Supports Monish and Logan” with a link to this article. I don’t know if you wanted that, but that’s how stuff works.

      • Zack Jerome

        lol. i would hope anyone who reads teh article sees it is not campaign support. maybe that was a bad idea for them, i dont know.. i wrote what i wrote i guess. i support whichever team guarantees the most wins.

  2. Stop Winning

    Whoever posted the first comment needs to stop winning… this is arrogant nation baby Zack can do whatever he wants whenever he wants.

  3. Stop Wining

    Whoever posted the first comment needs to stop winning… this is arrogant nation baby Zack can do whatever he wants whenever he wants.

  4. Stop Whining

    Whoever posted the first comment needs to stop winning… this is arrogant nation baby Zack can do whatever he wants whenever he wants!

  5. Love the visor

    I don’t even care about the election. I just love the visor.

  6. elections

    Monish and Logan are by far the best and most qualified candidates. Why do you think the other tickets are going after them?

    • Zack Jerome

      as usual, i find myself in the center of controversy. as i said, i support Monish’s acknowledgment that visors are amazing. He clearly reads my blog.

  7. lets be real

    I know monish well and he reads your blog religiously… and yes he wore that visor to every game this year and sat in arrogant nation! example of arrogance:

  8. Elections

    In response to “Bad Timing” — your post is incorrect. The Tyagi/Lachman ticket did not write on Facebook that Lost Angeles supports them… they wrote “Zack from Lost Angeles, AKA Arrogant Nation, had this to say about our campaign sanctions” with a link to the page. Nothing at all mentioned about support or endorsements. Get your facts straight before you post!


  9. Bad Timing

    Elections–I know what I saw. Just because Monish is aware of the “delete post” button on Facebook doesn’t mean I’m a liar. Sorry I didn’t take a screen-shot, but it happened.

  10. Abstainer

    I met you yesterday at the Order of Omega and this was the first post I’ve read. I went and read the bear articles and they are funny as hell. Congrats on the success man you earned it. And good luck with the doc’s, I’ve been through a couple of surgeries and they are never fun. Haha drama over politicians getting drunk, like the leaders of USG and our greek system never get drunk. It’s college.

  11. Yeprem Davoodian

    Curious to find out what really went on. ???

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