DeMar DeRozan Slams the Dunk Contest and I Love Him For It.

Let me first say that I am a Blake Griffin fan.  It is my sincere hope that he is one day liberated from the Clippers and gets to experience what it is like to be in the NBA.  He’ll be dunking over Kias and doing Subway ads until he plays for a team people car about (that includes their owner Donald Sterling).  If Melo can’t hang in Denver, nobody can hang in Clippertown.

That said, when former USC hooper DeMar DeRozan slammed the dunk contest, my heart filled with arrogant joy.  I felt like the dude in Jerry Maguire who was slow-clapping in the office and said “somebody finally said it!”

The dunk contest is totally clown shoes now.

I am tired of all the props as well.  Back in the day, it was hot to just dunk from REALLY far away.  Now, it’s a charade that is one part Halloween and one part teen movie where they have a dance sequence at the school prom.  I don’t car if it was Blake who wanted to jump over a car.  Do that on your own time.  How about let’s be old school and arrogant, and just see who can do the coolest shit naturally.

I don’t have a long rant on this, I want to open it up to you.  Should we follow our fellow Trojan and call for the era when men just dunked?

My vote is with the martini, the old fashioned, tuxedos, bearskin rugs and airplanes.  Let’s keep it old school.




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10 responses to “DeMar DeRozan Slams the Dunk Contest and I Love Him For It.

  1. I would love to see someone dunk over a bearskin rug while wearing a tuxedo and holding a martini in their off-hand. Dunking without spilling. Now that’s talent.

  2. Josh M

    Only bring back the old school dunk contest if they bring back the short shorts (2-inches below the grapes status). All I saw were the highlights anyway. The NBA is only important come playoff time.

  3. Daniel

    The dunk contest was rigged from the get go.

    The last straw for me was when that moron had that little kid run out, and had Trojan great Cheryl Miller in on it. What a joke when he missed it and we had to watch for 5 minutes while they got a ladder to put the toy back so he could try his lame dunk again.

    DeMar’s 1st dunk was severely underrated. He deserved way more than he got for that 1st one.

    Of course Griffen won on a dunk that every single NBA player in the arena could have done. Nothing was extraordinary about jumping over the hood of a car.

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  5. ldytrjn

    Dunking while wearing a tux made of bearskin (complete with tail as the tails) with a sword in the off hand, switching to two-handed hilt mode in midair and sticking the landing which is of course stabbing the ground on one knee in true TMB drum major/Perseus fashion.

  6. ldytrjn

    Also, DeMar is totally right. He got robbed. Blake Griffin is great but he’s an more of an in-game dunker.

  7. i

    lmao i agree… demar deserved to win and was robbed once again. as good as blake is hes over hyped and flashy, derozans has hardcore no bull shit talent

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