Hanging Out at Prius Records… With a Goat.

Deep in an undisclosed location (I know where I am, I’m just not going to disclose it), Toyota Prius Projects is executing their latest social playground and might I say, this is a great way to divert your attention during the workday.  Prius Records is one part Steve Zissou lighting strike team and one part Guinness Book of World Records.   On a hyper white soundstage with colorful blue accents, people in jumpsuits and white lab coats are breaking records.  All kinds of records and they are using the new Prii in each of them.

I am, in general, a fan of jumpsuits and world records.  I have set many records in arrogance myself and today, I am enjoying the fact that people are going full keel and breaking records in jumpsuits.

I have always enjoyed live internet events as when you are at work because you can watch people in jumpsuits filling cars with balloons and incorporating goats into contests and know that while you are at your cubicle, other people in the world are doing strange and wonderful things. Naturally, I am in a room with people in jumpsuits and goats.  But I am the bearfighter.

Anyway, tune in HERE and use the hashtag #priusrecords on Twitter to suggest records to be broken.  I suggest you make them arrogant.


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One response to “Hanging Out at Prius Records… With a Goat.

  1. Cool man – fun looking project.

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