USC Football Commercial Reps Arrogant Nation and Sex on the Roof.

First thing is first.  I want to comment on the USC sex on top of WPH situation which I am calling DrunkGate.  I am not going to get into a crazy amount of detail (although it’s really difficult not to), instead, I am asking the participants to let me interview them as I feel they may be getting misrepresented.  It is totally possible they were working on their respective theses, both entitled “You Can Do More Than Land Helicopters on Top of Buildings:  A Love Story”.

All things considered, while this has become a national phenomenon, it’s important to make sure everyone understands out there, whether you find the story appalling or hilarious, that while it is better than being an-Alexandra Wallace-UCLA-racist, it’s not a good thing to flaunt sexual activities on a rooftop because the internet is watching.  Just on principle, it’s probably better to just be sneaky about public sex, like the rest of us.  That way, you are being sneaky in a fun way, not a way that gets your school, your frat or sorority and your personal name in trouble.  Who wants to get in trouble for sex? Get in trouble for showing up to a dinner with UCLA students with bear blood on your chin and then slapping the waiter in the face and sending back your porterhouse for being overcooked, then leaving the bill for the UCLA kids to pick up.  Second thought, don’t eat with Bruins.

It was initially easy to view the events as arrogant as all hell, so I felt like I should support it.  Blatant disregard for common decency, not unlike some of Kiffin’s outfit choices.  Then, upon further review, after all the hell it’s put our greek system and university through, I changed my mind (not the part of my mind that finds the pictures hilarious, but the other parts).  I changed my mind because in some small way (not small according to the size of the black box censorship graphics), this was inviting more people to sanction us for something.  We don’t need a two-front war.  Ask the Germans in any war.  It doesn’t work.  We’re here to drop the NCAA.  That’s where it ends.

We all probably support kids having a good time in college, I know I do, just not at the expense of USC or the Greek system.

It’s a fine line between arrogance and asking for it.  I have to figure that out every time I get drunk in the proximity of a bear.  That said, a discerning eye for the crude is important.  It is not arrogant to objectify women or perpetuate the stereotype that frat guys act like this regularly.  We also kill bears and land big jobs and start families, things that all this negative press doesn’t help.

To sum it all up, our defiance of the NCAA is arrogant because everyone knows they are wrong (anyone see Real Sports this week on HBO?).  The problem with blatantly having sex on a roof is that it is not legal, so I wouldn’t suggest that anymore than drinking and driving or robbing a 7-11.

It’s more arrogant to be a behind-closed-doors person because behind-closed-doors, it could have been anything.  When it’s on a roof, we all pretty much know what’s up and then maybe someone gets arrested for something meant to be enjoyed.  My best wishes to the school and IFC dealing with the issue and promoting an environment of respect and behind-closed-doors arrogance, at least in this area.  It’s a big task, but given some of the quotes I’ve read, the school and IFC are doing a great job trying to limit the story, address the issue and let us get back to waiting for a judgement on Sanctions (which I expect to be the best comedy of the summer) and preparing to kill bears on the football field.

When it comes to beer pong during tailgating, sorry USC, that arrogance needs to be deregulated.  You’ll hear from me in August.

Onto an equally arousing subject (for me at least), many of you noticed USC’s new football commercial.  One big giant shout out to Arrogant Nation for perpetuating my feelings on Kiffin’s visors, which I promise you influenced this amazing commercial.  The way Kiffin says “It’s Game Day” makes me want to shower and party at the same time.  It’s complicated.  It’s so vintage Kiffinesque I don’t know what to do.  Make no mistake though Arrogant Nation, our voice is being heard.




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12 responses to “USC Football Commercial Reps Arrogant Nation and Sex on the Roof.

  1. Scott

    Now that we have finally gottin’ your take on this, in small way I’m am a little disappointed. When this fiasco first appeared on our t.vs. (what I mean is my 60 inch flat screen), I thought, of Zack, I really did! and what I thought was, wow?! Its your honeymoon, you conquered the cancer and you and your beautiful wife would do some lovin on top of a tall building, at THEE USC, and at the same time , just be up on a tall building, on the look out for those dreaded bears! Hey? no biggy?!

    • Zack Jerome

      A little roof sex is no big deal, but anything that shuts down a campus from partying freely bums me out. Isn’t the fun not getting caught.

  2. The only thing that surprises me about this story is that nobody else was on the roof of WPH when they got up there.

  3. Scott

    Damn Zack, feel like I just got spanked!

  4. Mike Oxbig

    Giving the good news, doggy-style, to a (reported) UCLA chick atop the highest rooftop at USC : Arrogant.

    Getting caught on camera: Funny.

    If you’re going to rag on reprehensible behavior that brings the Greek system and USC into disrepute then a better starting place would be the notorious, fuckwitted email that’s also doing the rounds.

    • Zack Jerome

      i didn’t want to bring that up hoping it goes away. that was just poorly written junk. i am not really ragging on anything tho. i;m fine with people having sex on rooftops. i may even endorse it. but that was intended to be seen, and given that email came from that house, they should know better. not being aware of ramifications is not arrogant. it’s being a state school student. arrogant would have been to not get caught and put the row on lock down (from what i hear).

      i’m just saying, being blatant like that ruins the fun for everyone. this was reggie bush, not arrogant. just not smart.

  5. Melissa

    Great commentary, this was exactly my thinking. It’s easy to laugh about and I still think it has been blown way out of proportion, but in the end they damaged the school and the Greek system, and that’s not cool.

    I wish there was more coverage on the fact that the girl was a Bruin though!

    • Zack Jerome

      that’s the ray of sunshine here. it takes arrogance not to think this is arrogant. keeping the party alive forever is arrogant.

    • Ashley

      I just googled it and I can’t find any coverage on the girl being a Bruin…has this been confirmed?? I’m sure it is…any self-respecting Trojan woman would have used the privacy of the Doheney bookstacks.

      Anyhow, how does everyone know she is a UCLA student??

  6. They could have accomplished the same feat by moonlight and even videotaped themselves if they wanted to brag about it. I definitely found this outrageous, but not in a good way. I think the couple must have just finished a viewing of the movie “Crank” and maybe the guy was trying to keep his heart going ala Frank (Jason Statham). Negative news for USC is never a good thing, it’s this kind of stuff that makes scared parents want to send their kids to a school in a “safer” neighborhood like FUCLA (I actually had to have this argument with a mother a couple of weeks ago, everyone at USC knows there are way more LAPD cars driving around checking out and “protecting” the hot Trojan women). I am surprised that Kappa Sig is actually suspending the member (they have a history of bad behavior), but maybe they are only trying to save face. How the hell did they even get up there? We used to go up there in 1998-99 (to enjoy the view of LA), but I thought they alarmed the door around 2000?!

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