Headbutting the Weekend and Where Are My Sanctions?

A lot of you are going to Coachella, so that’s very desert of you.  I’m not right yet from SXSW and there’s plenty of asphalt in this city left for me to chew on.  The season feels turned, doesn’t it?  Doesn’t the air seem that way?

A few comments on the newborn baseball season.  So many little details I like about the Dodgers are highlighting how many things I cannot stand about the ownership.  I will hold my tongue for a few.  I think the karma police will be coming before I can properly write the ten page novel about the bastardization of something I love.

On the converse, Trojan love is through the roof.  I have such appreciation for a team that can go through sanctions and hardship and still feel good to support.  I know Arrogant Nation was a big part of that, but as we reflect on that towards the end of spring ball, I think we can say mission accomplished.

I am curious to know if the NCAA remembers our sanctions.  They literally are experiencing that scene in a crime movie where one guy bugs out on too much tequila and kills a man and as they are deciding what to do with the body, he kills like six more people and now they are considering killing themselves.  I feel like they are regretting how hard they hit USC, not because they didn’t enjoy it while it lasted, just because short of granting USC the appeal and sanctioning Ohio State and Auburn back to the stone age, the public and the “media” and certainly this handsome, bear-killing blogger are going to absolutely tear apart whatever decision they make.  The real losers in this game are the fans, who now have to watch sanctions become steroids for the next three years.  Only you can’t test for bullshit.  Peeps gotta come together on a playoff and come together on rules and how to enforce them.  I’m for rules, but they should make sense and be enforceable.  Right now, it’s bedlam and the story is sanctions, not the season.

Either way, I’m making shirts.  What up to 2011 Heisman Trophy Winner Matt Barkley and to our new backup quarterback who is crazy arrogant, the Scrogginator (whose Scrogginosity is off the charts).  We’re potent.

Grab this weekend by the throat whether you are at Coachella or not.  Monday, see you on campus for my 30 minutes of discussing my theories on roof sex, social media and winning.  Next weekend, it’s Vegas for this bearkiller.  Hide your bourbon and casino chips.



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3 responses to “Headbutting the Weekend and Where Are My Sanctions?

  1. As you’ve said, “You Can’t Sanction the Endzone.” F the NCAA; we just need to concentrate on what we can control. That’s making “humiliating the bruins” a national event.

  2. Where and when are you speaking on campus?

  3. I am so excited for shirts. When are they coming? What will they say?
    (Correct answers: Soon and something awesome)

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