I Am Against Trojan Uniforms in Black.

Scott Wolf vomited on the internet, like he does almost daily, with a rumor that USC was planning to wear black jerseys against UCLA this year.  From the backlash I have heard amongst my Twitter army, most think this is a ridiculous and dry-heave inducing idea.  For it’s supporters, those who would say the modern recruit wants to wear jacked up jerseys that throw tradition to the wind, I am here to talk you out of being so short-sighted.

First of all, it is not going to happen.  Here’s Kiffin’s quote about when he got Tennessee to wear black jerseys, a school with a proud tradition, but in fairness, parking cone colored gear, about half USC’s national titles, 0 Heismans, about a .500 winning percentage in bowl games and fans that threaten to kill a coach they apparently never liked anyway for leaving.  Kiffin said: “I don’t see that ever happening here.  I went through a lot to get that done where I was at last year.  There were 100,000 people there, and I think 10,000 of them walked out when we came out of the tunnel.”

That’s pretty definitive.

Yes the Oregons, Oregon States and Arizona States are willing to change up their gear for whatever Nike wants to make them.  I get it.  It certainly is a recruiting tool because once you go to the NFL, you won’t get to dress like an asshole on the field.  This is a young players’ last chance to douche it up on national television because here’s guessing you will be wearing something more subdued on Sundays (unless you go play for Pete in Seattle which looks poised to dip their players in radioactive kiwi jam before games).  In the end these schools can change up their gear because tradition is not a selling point.  Know why?  Any female reader out there can count the cumulative total claimed national titles of these schools on their penis (apologies to any female readers with male genitalia).

USC doesn’t need a gimmick uniform to recruit.  We’ve had two uniforms all time in the modern era and both were totally awesome. Both have seen Heismans, Rose Bowls and National Championships over decades and decades.  Oregon has a 9-15 record in bowl games. Their answer is this:

Highlighter socks.  You can lose on national television and look dumb doing it.  Cheers.

Look, I appreciate that people will do whatever they need to recruit.  Hell, I appreciate that Chip Kelly eats a lot.  It’s awesome.  The thing is, ask yourself how many Oregon players have been drafted first round ever.  Or even drafted.  Then look at USC.  Look at how this year, in a year with sanctions and this giant supposed cloud over our program that resulted in a “disappointing” 3rd place finish that UCLA would have turned tricks to achieve, USC took the all time lead in players drafted to the NFL.

That’s how you recruit.  You say come here, play on national television, wear cardinal and gold and then go to the NFL.  Just like the Big 10 brand of football died a few years ago and the conference had to adapt, believe me, that’s what’s coming from the crazy spread hurry-up clusterfuck offenses Auburn and Oregon run.  And even if they continue to work in the college game, it doesn’t work for churning out NFL talent where you need to be able to play pro-style.  Cam Newton can get drafted 1st.  That’s great.  If you heard him talk to Gruden on ESPN about the offense he ran at Auburn, you’d know that playbook is going to be like reading a fucking legal journal in Portuguese to him.

Look at that shit right there.  I am sure we won that game (even if it didn’t “count”), but I know we won the tradition battle.  Oregon’s neon highlighter jersey is only famous for one thing:  being 0-1 in the National Championship.

I remember how when Notre Dame came out in green against USC for the Bush Push game (I was there to see it) their fans were going apeshit about how it gave them some crazy edge and how rare it was they wore it.  Then Touchdown Jesus proved he roots for USC.  That said, Notre Dame respects tradition and makes subtle changes to their jerseys.  I am all for modernizing.  I am not for wondering who is on what side of the field.

In the end of the day, if we don’t wear our colors, we aren’t us.  I know black is technically our alternate color and that’s fine for our basketball team which I AM SURE YOU ALL CARE ABOUT SO MUCH, but on the football field, no two colors make UCLA shit the bed more than the two we’ve always worn.  If we play dress up, they might forget who they are playing.  If they beat us, they must do so knowing full well they will never own the series.

Cardinal and Gold.  In the endzone.  Speak out against these black jerseys.  Let’s keep it real as fuck, USC.  It’s arrogant to leave the shiny object for those with unrefined palettes.  Me?  I like it old school.  Let USC know.  Tweet ’em, email ’em, talk about it on campus.  It’s all our legacies.


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26 responses to “I Am Against Trojan Uniforms in Black.

  1. I don’t buy it; we bleed cardinal & gold.

  2. Victor Orly

    USC doesn’t need black socks or black jerseys or black helmets to intimidate UCLA. All we need to do is show up.

  3. Sean

    Please remember that we changed the logo on the helmet to the “academic” trojan for my first game at USC. Played Memphis. Lost the game. Back to original Trojan. Don’t mess with things.

  4. ldytrjn

    Our new uniforms resulted in a shorten sleeved and reorganized stripe. The classics work the best.

    And by classics I mean over 120 years worth of taking our opponents’ lunch – sometimes surrendered, often snatching the sandwich out their hand mid-bite.

  5. Jeff

    You certainly wouldn’t see the band wearing black uniforms.

    • Zack Jerome

      or following me on twitter apparently.!

      • Dan

        Well, I don’t know how many band members follow you on twitter, but there is a healthy number of band alumni that certainly read your blog, and wear your shirts to the games, and wave posters of your slogans at College Game Day, and post all of your articles on their facebook, etc…

        And be certain, we wouldn’t support any sort of black uniform on our football team.

        USC Drumline – 2006

      • Zack Jerome

        oh no, i just meant he official TMB twitter handle. i got mad band peeps in arrogant nation. i love them.

  6. Fred, SC 1970

    Never, never, never!

  7. Evan

    I was also there in South Bend in 05, and when the group of four 40 year olds behind me went nuts over green jerseys, I knew ND had fallen far. USC is better than that. The fact that we don’t wear jerseys that were also used as contestant t shirts in “Wild n Crazy Kids” is what separates us from the unwashed masses. Also, the 9-0 separates us from said masses.

  8. TrojanDynasty

    Our uniforms are so iconic, along with just an elite handful of schools, like Michigan, Ohio State, and dare I say it ND, the idea of wearing anything else is blasphemy. I’m offended enough when I someone wearing a replica jersey that is the wrong color or even one with a name on the back.
    UCLA on the other hand should work hard on getting a better combination of colors that does not scream “Baby boy’s nursery.”

  9. USC2000

    Preach it. Tradition is what we’re all about, period. Before I came to USC, red wasn’t my favorite color. Now? My closet looks like the red crayon attacked everything in it. Cardinal and gold is who we are.

    I’m having knee surgery next week, at Stanford, and I’m considering wearing all Trojan gear to/from, just to intimidate the hell out of my doctor and make him fear the wrath of Traveler and all Trojans if he f***s something up. Of course, my doc’s kids went to USC, so I think even he understands how brilliant we ate.

  10. Scott Wolf needs to re-name his blog “The Trojan Hater’s Daily.”

    I’d prefer to keep the uniforms as they are. That desire has to take a back seat behind my wish to see us humiliate our opponents for another 10 years. Make the uniforms as dumb as you want – just win! (As long as we don’t go back to the “baggy, with a bare midriff” style of the late ’80’s, early ’90’s.

  11. Barkley for Heisman

    One unrelated but arrogant thing to point out, ABC / ESPN released its TV schedule for the 2011 season today. The attached schedule shows that 20 PAC-12 games have been picked up by the networks for 2011, and that 7 of them (see the footnote at the bottom of the article for the seventh) are USC games. The next most games is Oregon with 4.

    This is proof that that nation would rather see a sanctioned USC team with an arrogant head coach that lost five games last year rather then a number 2 Oregon squad running around in highlighter socks. Oregon, on the other hand, will still be playing most of its games on FSN or Versus next year. I think this settles it…YOU CAN’T SANCTION THE ENDZONE


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  15. Adam

    Just came across your blog while reading some other college football info. As a lifelong Michigan fan and alum, I would go nuts if we did something like this. I’m with you guys – USC is cardinal and gold – and you already have some of the best looking unis in college football anyway.

    This is why I’m sometimes glad to see Michigan with Adidas so we don’t have to deal with the crazy Nike Pro Combat garbage OSU has worn in our recent games.

    Supposedly Michigan and Notre Dame are wearing throwbacks for the first-ever night game at Michigan Stadium this fall (Asshat Brian Kelly already spilled the news about Michigan). Will be interesting to see what they do, considering most throwbacks for both teams would look almost identical. I think you’ll see numbers on M helmets and a clover leaf on ND helmets. I’m intrigued but in no way do black USC helmets sound like a good idea.

    • Zack Jerome

      fair point well made. i wish adidas would return to maize and blue not neon banana and blue, but all things considered, it’s still traditional.

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  17. Josue

    Sounds like Scott Wolf has a hard on for all things black.

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