No Black Helmets. Arrogant Winners Winning.

Maybe it was Kiffin just being arrogant the whole time.  Maybe there was never an alternate jersey.  It seems possible given that Scott Wolf can only prognosticate things like rain when he goes outside and it’s raining.  Seriously, that guy should not be allowed to buy a computer, smartphone or even pen and paper.   Maybe the rumors were started by an alternate black visor Kiffin created not unlike what happened to Spiderman in the classic film “Spiderman 3” (and by classic, I mean let’s all find out where Tobey Maguire hangs out and beat his ass for that ridiculous jazz dancing scene).

Yes, all that is MAYBE true.  What’s also true (for now) is that the Kiff has shot down the “rumors” of an alternate jersey.  The OC Register got some quotes about Nike bringing their annual jersey options to USC, but we apparently said no.

“I don’t feel any need to change our uniforms based on Oregon, what they do. That doesn’t register with me,” Kiffin said. “We always want to be cutting edge as far as materials … but not as far as the colors.”

That’s code for Kiffin thinks Oregon dresses like someone from Brooklyn that loves Ke$ha and interesting haircuts and thinks vinyl sounds better than MP3s. Whether this is how Kiff feels or not, at least he did the right thing “at this time” to quote him.

Personally, I think Arrogant Nation got to the players and he got an idea that we’d all flip our shit.  The best defensive unit on gameday would have been Arrogant Nation tackling our own team as they came out of the tunnel in d-bag black helmets.  We defend our fucking brand, Trojans.  No one wants us against them.  Kiffin, by now, surely must know he hath no greater friend than he hath in me.  I am watching Game of Thrones and I keep waiting for him to be what they are all afraid of coming from the North.  The dude is the original White Walker.  I don’t want to see him in anything but his ill white visor, ill white windbreaker and occasional one ill white glove helping him grip his genius plays.  So yeah, Kiff.  Good call keeping me in your corner.  I fight to the death.

So Arrogant Nation, I arrogantly claim victory whether or not I can prove we had anything to do with it.  Big arrogant high fives (like the kind from Aspen Extreme) to all the Arrogantes on Twitter rocking the #noUSCblackout hashtag and everyone who spread the link around the webz.  It works.  We’re for real.

Kiffin did mention he wants to make sure we have the most current materials.  Look, we’re all okay for a tight fitting Nike’d out jersey, it just better still look like our jersey.  Logos change all the time.  Check out Mr. Peanut:

See?  I mean, it’s changed, but it’s not like you’d confuse him for another arrogant peanut with a monocle, right?  That’s how you update a jersey.  Subtle.  You don’t add some hipster BS color in a matte finish and pretend you are going to a Silverlake costume party (not that I don’t enjoy Silverlake costume parties, just saying not at the Coliseum please).

So in the end, we came, we arroganted, we won.  FTFO.



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4 responses to “No Black Helmets. Arrogant Winners Winning.

  1. I went to the USC Orange County Coaches Tour Event tonight. When Lindsay Soto opened up the floor to questions, one Trojan fan asked Lane Kiffin about the rumor about the possible uniform changes in the upcoming season.

    Kiffin stated that Nike approached them, as usual, about uniform changes. He, then, immediately asked the audience of Trojan faithful what their perspective on the possibility of a uniform alteration. Maybe three out of the 100 in the room raised their hand in favor of a change.

    Seeing this, Kiffin instantly responded that there would be no uniform change for any game. He cited tradition as a central factor. And when Lindsay Soto brought up that players were typically in favor of a jersey change (a factor for perhaps recruiting; citing Oregon’s sweet sixteen antics), Kiffin simply stated, “players don’t buy tickets.”

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  3. Jared Coglietta

    adjusting the word arrogant to be a noun and verb, as well as an adjective is, in fact, arrogant

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