It’s Clear I Am the Most Shameless Self Promoter.

I am not sure there was a 2010 LA Weekly Web Awards, which was arrogant as I could not defend my crown for best comment thread.  By all accounts, I was an underdog to win that.  This year, the award for LA’s Best Most Shameless Self Promoter is up for grabs and arrogantly, I plan to shamelessly self promote myself into a victory.

I could go the route of trying to use my cancer post to win post of the year, but that is not arrogant.  I could try to remind you of the glory of the birth of arrogant nation with this post, but instead, I decided it is not arrogant enough.

Naturally, things like Best Sports Blog or Best Personal Blog are apt choices as Lost Angeles is definitely a hybrid of both of those things.  But above all, it is obvious that any man who has posed for the following picture deserves only one award, and that is Best Most Shameless Self Promoter:

After all, it takes a special kind of arrogance to drink yourself into a sunglass and hoodie wearing (indoor) rage and then spend time photoshopping a picture someone took of you that most likely you encouraged them to take by threatening them that when the bear rapture comes (bearpocalypse), you will need protection.

My history of shameless self promotion dates back to my formative years where I often campaigned for things like Lindero Canyon Middle School’s “Most Outgoing” award in 8th grade.  I was twice self-promoted onto homecoming court at Agoura High School and once onto prom court.  In fact, I was president of my high school largely due to pure shameless self promotion.

My wife is far too attractive and smart to be with me, but she is.  Why?  Shameless self promotion.  I have risen to the top of a movement of arrogant USC fans not for being smart, attractive or even that knowledgeable about football.  Why?  Shameless self promotion.  And arrogance.  And t-shirts (available in August with 2 new designs), again, shameless self promotion.

I have taken up a side hobby of being a public speaker at things like USC’s Relay for Life and their Order of Omega Retreat.  I have helped two students get internships this summer.  I am such a shameless self promoter I will shamelessly promote someone OTHER than myself and in doing so, promote myself shamelessly.

Basically, I am a Trojan.  I am the bearhunter and the bearhunter has no problem letting the universe know where to read his blog, fly his arrogant flag or buy his arrogant t-shirts.

CLICK HERE and put in the column for LA’s BEST MOST SHAMELESS SELF PROMOTER.  If I win my second Golden Floppy Disk (their award), I will attempt to put it in Heritage Hall and post my email to the athletic department suggesting it go there on the blog for all to enjoy.  Arrogantly, this future post will win several key 2012 LA Web Awards right before Cusack saves us from the world ending.

Here’s a picture of me when I was a kid.



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8 responses to “It’s Clear I Am the Most Shameless Self Promoter.

  1. HeatherBrittany

    Obviously you’re a shoe in for LA’s Best Local Activism… bear killing is nothing shy of keeping LA’s locals safe.

  2. Lisa Stabler

    Promote, promote, promote! Keep ’em coming!

  3. J

    HA the shameless self promoting thing is so true! I’m glad you are willing to admit it, Zack. Fight on!

  4. Rob

    I think true shameless self promotion would be demonstrated by encouraging your readers to nominate your blog for all of the available awards. Remember – regardless of whether you win them all, you will be undefeated in arrogance.

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