You Still Can’t Sanction the Endzone

Now we know, Arrogant Nation.  The NCAA has officially been denied in their appeal case to have the ludicrously harsh sanctions placed on them lightened.  USC sought the ability to play in a bowl game this year and to have their ten scholarships a year for three years reduced.  The NCAA, in typical overweight midwestern fashion, said, “go fuck yourself, USC”.  And you know what?  We’ll take it, gladly.  I’ll pour some scotch on it, light it on fire and dance around it.  You want to know why?

Because you still can’t sanction the endzone.

The thing is, we went strong the whole time and made our case.  We’ve taken the sanctions like Trojans and had a blast last year.  Petros Papadakis may get on the radio and do his “I’m not a homer” thing and doom and gloom last season, but the fact is, we finished third in the Pac-10 with no motivation of a bowl game.  We put more people in the NFL than Oregon (and we dressed way less like douchebags).  Hell, we were a field goal kicker away from an easy to argue 10-3.  If I drink enough, I can even argue we were close to 11-2.  Stanford celebrated on their home field after barely beating us in a game they were favored in.  We were still the Trojans.  The fans were born into Arrogant Nation (thank you and you’re welcome, same time).

Side note, Petros said he liked UCLA on paper more than USC this year.  I know our O-Line is supposedly depleted, but that made me laugh so hard I didn’t have to do sit ups at the gym.  2011 Heisman Trophy Winner Matt Barkley is our QB and we have Robert Woods.  Who is quarterbacking this good on paper UCLA team, P?  I love you man, even though you ignore Arrogant Nation and refuse to bring me on the show (now I must refuse your eventual offer, at least the first attempt, then we will be bros again.  Opa.)  I am just saying I am in the Colin Cowherd school of quarterback means everything, especially out west (or as they say in Madrid, el oeste).

I don’t remember anyone really caring that much all season, at least within our rapidly expanding and ridiculously good looking movement.  Sure the stadium was a little more empty, but honestly I don’t care about the fair weather fans.  Sure, we’d enjoy a bowl game.  In the end though, I think we see this as the opportunity it is.

This is an opportunity to defend our undefeated in arrogance season and basically patronize the NCAA to new levels.  We’re moving out, let’s trash the place.  We just had our exit interview, let’s get drunk in the CEO’s office.  Let’s fart at the dinner table and ask for opinions from the nearest sommelier.

Ironically, while most of the college football world was blinded with bloodlust when we were sanctioned, they did not at the time realize the precedent being set. They didn’t see it like a rational person does.  When your kid comes home smelling like cigarettes, it wasn’t because his friend was smoking.  It was because both of them were.

Sanctions are the new steroids and reducing USC’s penalties were a last chance for the NCAA to save face, instead, they went with hubris and are condemned now to look ridiculous.  They will tell us Ohio State “reported” their infractions and they will get something less harsh.  They will bend the rules to ignore the Cam Newton scenario.  But it won’t matter.  Eventually, they are going to have to destroy a school.  Eventually they’ll need to top the USC penalty.  They’ve ruined the game and now, somehow, against all odds, the loose consensus is that USC got a stiff sentence.

Pat Haden went pretty soft.  He cleaned house.  He won’t sue.  He’s committed to not arguing, I know students are pissed.  Boosters are pissed.  I say, buy a fucking t-shirt and start complaining.  Not against Pat, but let’s celebrate the NCAA’s stupidity and go forth towards are goal which I set forth to you now:  TO WIN THE PAC-12 SOUTH AND MAKE THE LEAGUE LOSE MONEY HAVING A LESS TV WORTHY TEAM REPLACE US IN THE INAUGURAL PAC-12 CHAMPIONSHIP.

I don’t think you understand what a momentous F-U this is to our league and the notion college football isn’t a business.  It’s about “student-athletes”.  See what happens when Oregon v USC in Eugene turns into Oregon vs Arizona fucking State.  Watch what happens when the second largest television market is mandatorily dropped for the PHX area.  Have fun Whack-12.

As more and more sanctions cases are uncovered and more and more impossible to explain rulings are dealt, let’s just be ridiculous.  When they fire Tressel to save face (I think it’s too late, but the NCAA won’t I am sure), I say we hire him to be our special teams coach.  Let’s hire Cam Newton’s father to be our special recruiting assistant.  When we’re winning big, let’s punt when it’s first and goal.  When we’re losing big, let’s punt when it’s first and goal.  Let’s watch the most recent South Park episode (you need to see it) and remind the NCAA they are a fucking joke.

You remember the Real Sports discussionon the NCAA being a corrupt body of imbeciles.I am probably the happiest person that sanctions aren’t lifted.  Hell, we’re going to get a lot more Sanctions and Bowls shirts out there in the community.  Our movement is real.  It’s everywhere even if people don’t realize we started it.  We get another year to make our case.  When we make the 2012 Rose Bowl, Arrogant Nation will stand at the Coliseum throwing roses back on the field just to be dicks (that said, the Rose Bowl is the only national championship I recognize until a playoff.  It’s a national holiday to beat the shit out of the Big 10 like we have since World War I).

5 clothing designs go on sale late July.  Our movement will be strong.  Everyone who is pissed, use it to have some fun.  Remember why we started Arrogant Nation.  This is going to be hilarious.  Frankly, I am calling everyone out.  This year, the gloves come off because we’re not waiting on shit.

7-Nation-Army and Arrogant Nation are winning the Heisman and we are winning the Pac-12 South, then we are walking away and costing our league millions in advertising revenue while we still get paid out.



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7 responses to “You Still Can’t Sanction the Endzone

  1. PY

    He’s definitely tough to catch…

  2. F Petros. The guy is such a tool. Why on earth would I give credence to anything the captain of the worst season of Trojan history has to say? (and even in the worst season, USC won for arrogance) Bring on the sanctions. I will wear my Arrogant Nation shirt in pride. Because you know what else besides the endzone you can’t sanction? The fans!

  3. Amy

    I’m a life long Trojan fan currently living in Eugene, and I will proudly wear the Arrogant Nation shirt every Saturday until I move away from here. FIGHT ON.

  4. Bobby D

    Petros absolutely HATES himself. Always has. He hates himself more than Hans Gruber hates gravity. More than Skippy hates Nick. More than God hates the “God Hates Fags” people. So, since he’s a Trojan, it’s not a surprise that he hates USC.

    And why is he all over UCLA’s nuts like diphtheria on a Taco El Unico combo? Stockholm Syndrome. He loves his enemy ever since they let him call their football games. BTW, USC won’t let him call their games because they see him for the lispy eye sore that he is.

    • TMBtrumpet01

      Petros signed his legacy and inability to call Pac-10 (12) football on his VERY FIRST TV BROADCAST for FoxSports, when he chose Auburn over USC to open the 2002 season. A collective WTF happened, then SC went out and slammed Auburn at the coliseum. What a tool.

  5. KRM

    Zack, bet you would sell boat loads of t’s with a new sanctions logo:

    the # “75” somehow intertwined with the SC interlocking logo, a tommy trojan head, or a “V” victory sign.

    Not a graphics designer, but would love to buy such a shirt. I could foresee the # “75” becoming a rallying cry for the next 4 years. I heard Barkley mentioned that the football team should wear a “75” patch.

    You rock, bro.

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