BCS Strips USC of Title and I Decide on What To Eat Tonight

Today, the BCS, while not required to, kissed a little NCAA ass by “stripping” USC of their 2004 BCS Championship.  This will not be a long post. This will be pretty to the point.  I don’t give a flying rat’s ass (that’d be wild to see) about what they took away or didn’t.  Neither should you and neither should anyone else.

First, to Oklahoma, who lost in the Orange Bowl that now doesn’t count.  Do you feel like you won that game now?  Does that ass kicking feel any better?  Are you going out tonight to celebrate?  Of course not.

Deep down, fans of all good teams know the game got a little dirty.  This is about to be steroids level pandemonium.  You telling my Adrian Peterson didn’t get money handshakes when Auburn kids did?  You telling me Michigan kids didn’t sell gear when Ohio State kids did?  Let’s face it, we need to find a way to compensate players so this shit ends before the game is ruined by an idiotic governing body who will poke holes in itself until it bleeds out like a steak you forgot to rest before slicing.

There’s a really good reason MLB didn’t take away records for steroids.  They had the foresight to see the game itself was dirty as all hell and if you started changing the game results based on an epidemic of cheating, the whole game would be ruined.  Instead, we just look at those inflated stats as an “era” of the game.  It took balls to overcome the Mitchell Report without making ridiculous moves like taking away records, things most of us called for at the time.  It took foresight.

What happens now when Vince Young craps out of the NFL, sells his book deal to make some money and pulls a Canseco?  Or when ANYONE pulls a Canseco?  I’d put my life savings that there is an infraction on every winner of the BCS title since its inception (not the movie about dreams).

Can you imagine in?  The NCAA and BCS set a precedent where a system that was set up to crown a definitive champion was unable to award even one championship because of sanctions.  Just wait.  We’re at the part of the story where Mark McGuire is saying he took a non-banned substance.  We’re about to go to the part where he retires and then HGH and the cream and the clear go wild.  We’re still waiting for our Barry Bonds in this story.  Cam Newton was going to be it (and still might be), but somehow we are expected to believe he told MSU he couldn’t go because the money was too good at Auburn and then took no money at Auburn…

Imagine if they just set a precedent that leads to the eventual stripping of every BCS title ever given out?  I mean, USC’s was for “lack of institution control” or “not knowing” something they should have.  Whatever you may think goes on or doesn’t, that is what is on paper as the reason for the sanctions, which were big time.  That said, take the other BCS champions…  Is it hard to believe that Tennessee, Florida State, Oklahoma, Miami, Ohio State, LSU, Florida, Alabama and Auburn won’t eventually be outed for SOMETHING?

Hell, Cam Newton went to two of those schools, one is Ohio State (cough cough), two are Florida State and fucking Miami…  Guys, whoever you pull for, surely you see my point.  SEC and Big 12 fans will tell you Pac-10 football is less passionate.  OK.  Let’s say for argument’s sake that’s true.  By that logic, do you think LESS boosters slip cash into players hands in the SEC, amid the fiercest recruiting battles with so little geographical advantage over each other?  There’s a huge difference between living in Los Angeles and Gainsville.  Is there a huge difference living at Alabama or Auburn?  Sure, a little.  Not Los Angeles to Columbus, Ohio different.  Believe me from experience.

This is not a knock on anyone, I am just saying this isn’t over by a long shot.

Look.  Reggie took benefits.  USC should have known.  That said, the NCAA and now BCS have gone out of their way to prove their point.  Now I am here to poke holes in their crepe thin story until the whole thing crumbles.  Meanwhile, I’ll organize Arrogant Nation behind the goal of a Heisman for Matty and the awesome historical move of qualifying for the Pac 12’s first title game and having to not go because Larry Scott said we couldn’t even though it’s not a bowl and he criticized the NCAA’s ruling.  What?  I know.  The fall is coming.

Besides, we’re keeping our AP titles because at least they know how to stick it to the NCAA.  They said right when USC got sanctioned the first time that their poll is to award the best team that was allowed to play.  If USC was allowed to play games (which they always will be so people get paid), they are allowed to be called the best.  That seems more American than whatever ass-backwards governing runs the NCAA.  As a USC alum, I am gleefully taking sanctions, telling everyone not to whine.  We get to play football on Saturdays and I know better.  I know a win is a win and a loss is a loss.

I’m looking forward to this season on and off the field.  It’s a good time to be a Trojan.  We may arrogantly and inadvertently help bring the whole damn thing down.  They set the bar with us and if we were nailed for the fact we “should have known” about something, just wait.  USC doesn’t have to recruit as hard as teams in the south in more competitive leagues in locations with 80% humidity and nothing to do.  We might have been caught with our hand in the cookie jar, but I’d bet my bearskin rug someone else gets caught with a different body part in there.

I said this was going to be short.  It wasn’t.  Arrogant.



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12 responses to “BCS Strips USC of Title and I Decide on What To Eat Tonight

  1. You’re absolutely right. Everyone (especially Sooners fans) still remembers the ass-kicking we handed them in the national championship game.

  2. No matter how hard the NCAA and their toad BCS try to ‘strip’ USC of its accomplishments and destroy its pride, they will never erase the tradition that USC has remained from its inception to this day: a national powerhouse of academics and athletics. No one will ever forget the moments from the past decade of domination that USC experienced, despite any game not counting in NCAA record books. They will live on through the memories of SC fans and the opponents who encountered the conquest of Trojan football.

    The NCAA and BCS can keep their garbage accolades. And when we win our next national title, we should tell the NCAA and BCS to shove that crystal ball back up their narcissistic asses. Hearing that they’d probably strip us from the records again, which I’d gleefully welcome.

    Even when Carroll and Garrett were at USC, the BCS was always an afterthought. We went out and controlled our destiny through winning games and reaching Rose Bowls.

    Fight on

  3. Gnossos

    Fight on Todd McNair, take down the corrupt ncfn2a.

  4. Scotty

    Does this mean I cant where my NCAA USC 2004 National Championship shirt anymore!? Hmmm?……….NOT!


    I was at that Orange Bowl. I didn’t see any houses, cars, or cash payments scoring touchdowns. I saw USC take a Sooners team that was touted as “potentially one of the best to ever play the game” and make them look like, as Charlie Sheen so eloquently put it, droopy-eyed armless children. You can’t sanction the endzone.

  6. great post Zack, couldn’t agree more, in fact I just posted a link from my blog to your post. you can take back the trophy but you can’t take back the win.

  7. I think the BSC ate USC for lunch, speaking of what you had for dinner. WOW.

  8. ldytrjn

    Wake me up when something important happens.

    While the haters and trolls dance around comment sections in the interweb, bigger more devastating events await them. Yes. Exactly like that bonfire scene in The Lost Boys with the NCAA as the vampires. I’m pretty sure Ohio State is the one that gets his head bitten into.

  9. Bobby D

    Imagine a starving kid has to steal food in order to survive. He goes on to write a best seller on how to steal food when you’re hungry and reaps all sorts of rewards for surviving his harrowing experience. Now, years later, he is charged with stealing by the company that sold his book.

    The Punishment? Find the parents of the kid and shoot them in the genitals to teach them a lesson about having a klepto kid and prevent them from having the same kids in the future.

    Now that’s justice.

  10. ldytrjn

    Matt Leinart repeatedly tells some ESPN dude that who won that title no matter what people say. I like how Nameless Suited Talking Head asks what Matty will tell his kids several times and Matt keeps saying “That we won.” Still arrogant after all these years…

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