Esoteric Wild Eyed Look at the Weekend

I realize I’ve been heavily entrenched in Bachelorette coverage and being angry at Frank McCourt.  I almost forgot it was summer.  It’s easy to blink and miss a month or two.  There’s been a lot going on.  I bought a house assuming it closes.  I have plans to be a pirate in the lake in my new town.  I’m going to have slow speed nautical chases and make the country club crowd fear the bearhunter.  I’ll make the suburbs cool again and make tactical strikes to the city to remind it I’m still within clawing distance.  I’ve switched jobs.  Tons of mirror scenes in my life, returning to my old stomping grounds, but doing completely different things in different ways with different people.  I worked out in a terrible gym in Marina Del Rey.  I think I got several diseases just from the treadmill.  Need to find a new gym it would seem.  I drank bourbon to kill any potential bacteria.  It worked.  I feel great.  Collected a dozen new stitches and did away with them.  I am unconscious when it comes to my body.  The more signs of battle, the better.  Lost two day straight in a video game.  Don’t regret it at all.  Don’t feel guilty that I am happy.  Don’t feel what I don’t want to feel.  Gave Maxim my thoughts on tailgating.  Gave my realtor my thoughts on school districts my fictional children will go to.  Somewhere out there is a Saturday at the Coliseum.  Fear not Arrogant Nation.  This is my annual summer hibernation.  I’m just resting.  I have all kinds of mischief planned.  I’m going to get out to Malibu and New Orleans and put a few more miles on the odometer.  I’m going to set up shop just outside the city where if you hike the closest mountain you can see the sea.  But fear not.  I’m just getting ready.  I got my eye on you.



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4 responses to “Esoteric Wild Eyed Look at the Weekend

  1. Lane Kiffin wants to know

    WHEN ARE TSHIRTS BACK ON SALE????????????????????

  2. Efrosini

    You’re so fucking awesome.

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