My San Diego Plans Got Ruined.

So, we’re going to this wedding this weekend in La Jolla and I had this great secret plan.  I was going to dress up like a character from Star Wars and run around downtown and totally freak people out.  Turns out there’s this thing called “Comic Con” where everyone already does that.


Okay, I am kidding.  I wasn’t going to dress up like a character from Star Wars (it was Green Lantern, my shit is tight in tights).  I’m not going downtown either.  I am going to La Jolla.  I’m throwing on a tuxedo and watching a great couple get married after a week of beating computers to death at work.  All I sees is 1s and 0s right now.  In five hours, all I wanna see is bourbon, steak and ocean.  Then Saturday, the start of a successful marriage.

I am excited to see my wife’s friends from college.  While they are not Trojans (no one is perfect), they’d do great up there should they invest in the time machine start-up I am chairman of.  It’s not what you are thinking.  Time machine only works for one night.  So if you are a college kid, you can go out to dinner in 2048 when you have more money.  The only glitch is if you are dead in 2048 and then you kind of get trapped in an Inception scenario.  Sorry, no refunds.  Where was I going with this?


That was it.



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2 responses to “My San Diego Plans Got Ruined.

  1. Rods

    Are you speaking Greek? I think I got the gist…LOL. Funny buggers those Trojans. Always hiding something!

  2. Chris

    Lately this blog has been getting me through my derivatives class with a small part of my childhood intact. This post is yet another example of why I can read this blog in class without caring about what the asshole sitting behind me reading what’s on my computer and judging me thinks.

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