The Inner Chris Harrison.

Look, you know my theories on Chris Harrison.  He is my hero.  I have for years said that there is a whole separate subplot going on with him on the Bachelor bevy of programs.  He is always running covert operations into the heart of the jungle, killing insurgents, stealing narcotics and defending America by showing the world that even our game show hosts are half Rambo half Tony Montana.  So naturally, when he accepted my friend request, it made me excited to see if it would yield any tangible evidence into the inner beast inside him.

And the answer is yes.  CHECK THESE OUT!

just getting faded with some peeps, letting the room melt

mugging for the camera (he doesn't remember this)

this was the inspiration for Hangover Part 2 and completely validates my thesis.


Bloody hell.  Jackpot.  I love this guy.







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