Thursday Night, Pep Rally at Galen, 7PM, I’ll Be There.

Good afternoon, Arrogant Nation.  This is a big, big, big week for us.  The football season is upon us, the NCAA is as full of shit as ever (“suspension for Jacory Harris?).  It’s time to kick the tires on this season and get our first taste of bear meat.  So here’s what’s going on.

Thursday night at 7pm at Galen I will be obliging my legion of loyal bearhunters and hosting the Fall Sports Pep Rally.  It’s me, it’s our sports teams, it’s 2011 Heisman Winner Matt Barkley, it may even be the Visored One spending a power hour on the basketball court getting everyone super pumped up for a full season of Trojans gutting the competition and going back-to-back in undefeated in arrogance seasons.

Check out the flyer:

That’s what I am talking about.  I’m talking about the place to be.  A place where the bear flows like wine.  There are going to be my lovely friends The Song Girls.  The Spirit of Troy are going to be rocking out at a cryptic level.  Our championship caliber teams are going to be there.

If Kiffin shows up, it might be our first face-to-face which pretty much means you might see an arrogant explosion not seen since the end of Angels and Demons.  Or that fantasy NO FATE scene in Terminator 2.  I may just scream CLEAR EYES, FULL HEARTS and see if you all scream CAN’T LOSE.  I don’t know what I am going to do up there.

Shady Peeps will be there with their killer Trojan sunglasses.  They are giving away trips to the Weekender.  There’s all kinds of good stuff going on, plus you will all have the right to convince me to come to the 9-0, fraternity, quad, etc with you afterwards. To coerce me, I recommend hitting me up @lost_angeles on Twitter.

Basically, we’re kicking off large.

Thursday will also be the day we finally get our T-Shirt site up.  Yeah you will arrogantly not get your shirts for the first game or two, but if you follow me on Facebook you know what the delay was.  It’s all good now and we’re unleashing some new hotness for you to rage in.  Rage in space with space bears.

Also, Thursday is the first Arrogant Game Preview of the season.  HOLY BEAR SHIT that is a big deal.  Do you have any idea how arrogant I plan to be?  People from Minnesota are actually coming to California.  Are you kidding me?  I’m going to burn their eyeballs with lazer words.

I’m fired up.  Get at me, tell your friends, scream loudly and then buy me a bourbon (if you are of age to be doing so).


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3 responses to “Thursday Night, Pep Rally at Galen, 7PM, I’ll Be There.

  1. Steven Browning Sample


    Any chance you could do a post on this? The headline and first paragraph alone are pretty damn arrogant.

  2. You got better billing than the TMB!? Wow!

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