Arrogant Game Recap: Washington Huskies

It’s starting to hit me this season is almost over and I admit, I haven’t been this pumped up since early in the Pete Carroll days.  This team is young, fast and literally getting better every game.  If you haven’t been watching the games, you aren’t realizing that it is literally happening again.  ESPN does not show our highlights, the media downplays USC’s accomplishments and the only time they mention us is to try and pump Barkley up to leave by making grandiose statements about him (not to say he doesn’t deserve them).

The truth is, we have a chance for a 10 win season while sanctioned.  We have a chance to win the Pac 12 South.  Oregon is going to be a beast this week, but there’s a palpable sense that our “penance” has been paid  and the rest of the world is going to have to reap what they sowed.

Check out this quote from Peter Yoon in his hilarious celebration of mediocrity “The Bruin Report” on ESPN:

UCLA (5-5, 4-3 in conference) is tied with Arizona State (6-4, 4-3) but owns the head-to-head tiebreaker over the Sun Devils. Both teams trail USC (8-2, 5-2) by a game, but the Trojans are ineligible for postseason play because of NCAA sanctions. Neuheisel insists he will not talk about the race this week and focus only on not looking past Colorado (2-9, 1-6), but acknowledged that it sometimes falls on deaf ears.

Let the Bearfighter paraphrase.  UCLA is lucky the only good team in the South can’t play because Larry Scott is a coward (and possibly into goats)*.

Let’s talk about the “game” on Saturday.

I thought Sarah McLaughlin was going to show up at this game there was so much dog abuse going on.  There were Huskies getting slapped and beaten up and down the field.  I mean, frankly the most intriguing part of this game was figuring out if it was going to rain and how much sriracha I would be pouring on my rice bowl at halftime.  Honestly, the biggest playcall I experienced the whole day was when we brought some brats to my buddy’s breakfast tailgate and used pancakes as buns.  By the way, it was awesome.

Actually, the other play call worth noting was our fake punt.  Kyle Negrete ran downfield like a beat and laid a hit on the Washington defender like Lendale White pre-fatness.  I was so stoked I just started berating a Huskies fan to the point he actually tried to turn around and talk football with me.  My buddy and I kept explaining to him that this was the beginning of the end and he should get re-acclimated to losing badly to USC.  He tried to argue, he tried to take a breather at halftime, but the contest barrage of facts mixed with arrogant proclamations proved to be too much for him.

After letting him know that all that he’d experienced the past two years was so he could experience this special moment (I wanted him to drink it in) when he knew the ball was over and pretty much the decent into the toilet would be rapid and the best he could hope for was that someone had cleaned it prior to touchdown.  And by touchdown, I meant into the toilet.  Not an actual touchdown, which U-Dub was clearly not familiar with.

i know a lot of my friends' grandpa's that wear their pants lower than this.

You had to love Nick Holt saying he’d rather face us than Oregon and then giving up more points to us than they did to Oregon.  You had to love Sark’s postgame response when asked which team that kicked UDub’s ass was better.  It was something like “who cares I don’t have to worry about them anymore” (that was a paraphrase).  Hey Sark, the only way you won’t have to worry about us is if you get fired.

This was vintage old USC football.  All kinds of yards, you weren’t even sure how we were scoring, it was just getting lit up and I even left early, an arrogant staple from my undergrad years.

I’ve been thinking about my goodbye post at the end of the season a lot and I want you to know I am going to make my case for Matt staying, but not until the job is done.  We have a big weekend ahead of us.  If you aren’t sure why, here’s your 8-bit hint:

*Larry Scott goat speculation was just hypothetical, but the picture I posted doesn’t help.




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8 responses to “Arrogant Game Recap: Washington Huskies

  1. Hope Scott hasn’t read the article on google news today that sex with animals can lead to penis cancer–he may be running to the doc.

  2. Old USC

    You are so completely right. This is just how it started last time. And we will keep going. USC football just will not die, no matter how hard the NCAA tries, ha!

  3. Jeremy

    Honestly, you should have talked more about that fake punt. That was the most arrogant moment of the entire season. Not only was Kiffin arrogant and ballsy enough to go for it, but after he told Kyle Negrete to slide after getting the first down, Kyle arrogantly told him to shove it and kept running. And he’s a walk-on, which makes it double arrogant.

  4. USC TMB Silk

    Duck Hunt. Love it. Let’s make it happen, baby.

  5. ldytrjn

    1) Arrogance is scoring almost all of our touchdowns on the ground when Washington’s secondary is softer than the fanciest of 7-syllable-named foreign cheeses.

    2) On Kiff’s weekly show, he said Curtis McNeal was admiring how good he looked during his 80yd TD run on the jumbo-board…which helped him realize that huskie was trying to tackle him. Once McNeal shook him, he went back to admiring himself.

  6. K USC87

    Cant wait for the Oregon preview. Flew from DC to LA to watch the Washington game, reminded me of old times. Keep it arrogant.

  7. “In the aaaarrrmmm ooooooff an aaanngeeelll….” lol. I hate that so much.

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