Arrogant Game Recap: Oregon Ducks

I am going to go ahead and call my shot.  Like Babe Ruth, Jimmy Johnson and Nostradamus before me, I am going to call my shot and say that what you are about to read will be the most arrogant Arrogant Game Recap since this blog began.  We’re off to a good start.  I used “arrogant” right next to “Arrogant” in a sentence.  That’s right.  Double Arrogant and I haven’t even started.

Let me begin by reminding you, Arrogant Nation, what our goal was this year.  It was to win the Pac-12 South and make Larry Scott look like a fool for lumping the conference title game in with the NCAA instead of doing what the rest of the world does, protect it’s own, especially the only relevant football team you have.  Keep hanging that hat on Stanford and Oregon, Larry.  I hear they are huge in big games.  I also hear you know a lot about hats because you are bald.  So really, there’s no excuse for where you have been hanging your hat.  Unless you like being bald, which might be true as you don’t seem like the kind of guy who gives a shit.

Enter Oregon-Utah championship.

Back to the task at hand.

I spent this weekend in bear country.  New Jersey.  The place this young bearfighter spent his first 9 years of life in a dark, forest of a county where bears were a reality.  It was a reminder of my manifest destiny.  This destiny, to escape New Jersey, where I had learned to kill bears and head west to the state with a bear on its flag and two douchey schools with bears for mascots.

Being back in New Jersey was surreal.  I had to wear cold people clothes and didn’t even have anywhere to snowboard (I don’t get it?).  I was there for my brother’s surprise 40th birthday party, which deserved my attention as he taught me a lot about fighting bears.

What was amazing about this was it put me at a bar deep in New Jersey where the game was not on. The first bartender told me the channel couldn’t be changed, so I just tipped her an undisclosed amount of money and told her that would keep happening the more televisions were on the SC game and that all people from California do this as a way to help the economy.

Needless to say, by the end of the night, most of the televisions had the game, a Marine brought my father a chair and there were several hug-fests going on because I had the crowd freaking out.

Despite Dan Patrick teasing Kiffin for his white out beanie and snow gear combo, it was the truth.  People can knock it, but suddenly all we are hearing is Kiffin as Coach of the Year.  Colin Cowherd said he was a “great” coach.

Everything I have stood for from day one is coming true and it is because of this special group of athletes and Arrogant Nation acting as the wind in their sails.

The reason Kiffin wore a beanie was because his visor went Delta Force, camouflaged as Oregon gear (which is easy to do because there are 1,324,343 combinations of it) and sat on Fat E Chip Kelly’s head for four hours controlling his mind, which was evident from his awesome time management in the second half. You see, the thing is, Oregon isn’t built to manage the clock because they are built to defy the clock.  The visor perved Chip’s mind, able to penetrate the layers of duck fat and art lessons responsible for their goofy zone offense play calling sheets.

Are you kidding with this garbage?!  Kiffin’s

The visor and the beanie became our greatest one-two punch.

So let’s get into it.

Oregon is San Diego without the weather, attractive people or quality Mexican food (especially the California burrito where you get your french fries and your rice and beans, it’s like a North American peace treaty inside a tortilla). I say Oregon is San Diego because Oregon cannot, will not and frankly can’t imagine winning a big game.  Understand my meaning.  Oregon has beaten us.  Oregon has won a lot of games against big teams.  But when it comes to winning the big game, I mean the BIG one, they are hopeless.

They can’t win a Rose Bowl.  They can’t win a neutral field with LSU.  They can’t win a National Title.  It’s just scientific fact.  Period.  Some teams are destined for greatness even when they are not great.  Some teams are destined to fail even when they are great.  USC is the former, the Ducks are the latter. Oregon, until you win one of these games, you are what I said you are, a fashion show with a football habit that doesn’t prepare players for the NFL and has a losing bowl record, no national titles, Heismans or Rose Bowls.   (Ironically, since most football players come to school for a chance to make the NFL, having them run a BS scheme is actually giving them a bad education).

To add insult to injury, after this game, we moved up 8 spots to JUST BEHIND Oregon.  Many think this is a bad thing.  I think it’s arrogant.  The only thing worse than being ranked below someone is flat out knowing you deserve to be lower than them.  Kiss the ring, Puddles.

Phil Knight trots out LeBron, Carmelo and Kobe and crew out to this game to try and sway recruits for Oregon.  Only Kobe wears SC gear and USC takes a dump on Oregon on the road.  That’s because Kobe has won the big game five times now.  Kobe, even when on trial for rape (he was innocent for those living under a rock), was destined for greatness.  I’ll let you guess what team LeBron was rooting for:

Shocker.  LeBron knows a thing about winning the big game.  He knows he hasn’t done it.  Also, LeBron.  If you can wear NY Yankee hats to Cleveland Indians games, you can read the NY Times and know that hand signal you are making is sign language for “vagina”.

Robert Woods said later that when he scored a touchdown and threw baby powder in the air, it was a tribute to LeBron, or like, LeBron was in on it.  Whatever.  Phil Knight trotted his stallions out to shed light on the fact that LaMichael James is good for under 75 yards rushing against a team of freshmen and sophomores and Robert Woods knows more about throwing baby powder in big games than LBJ does.

Also, the NBA is gone.

Look, USC came out of the gate and kicked the Ducks in the face so many times, PETA showed up.  We ran on them, we passed all over them, our defense made their tackles.  A team of freshmen and sophomores flew around the field so much and set such a definitive tone for the next few years that every restaurant in Eugene was on Epicurious searching for duck a l’orange recipes because there was so much dead mallard on the field it’d be a shame to let it go to waste.  Frankly, they should take the silver bedazzled wings off those jerseys (all 200 versions of it) because homies got clipped.

ESPN took a minute to figure out what was happening.  Most of the articles were about Oregon almost coming back or USC surviving.  Correct me if I am wrong or was just not getting it through the bourbon and New Jerseyness of the situation I was in, but OREGON NEVER HAD A LEAD.

I get that they choked on a field goal to TIE the game.  But if you want to play that game, how many times do you get a RB miss a hand off because he was heading too far out to the right side of the field?  I mean, you were about to get the definitive throat stomp.  Frankly, I ENJOYED the missed field goal because it was like taking a prisoner out of jail, into a Bentley, driving him to the edge of Mexico… and then turning the car around.

Oregon, you knew this was going to happen.  Between LSU, Ohio State (ew, who loses to Big Ten teams?) and Auburn (ew, who loses to Auburn?), you had to know that when it rained, it would pour.  And it did.  So much so that it rained in LA also and the next day, they are saying Matt Barkley deserves an invite to the Heisman presentation.

So enough talking about Oregon, who will end up in the Rose Bowl losing to a Big Ten team knowing, like ESPN now knows via their power rankings, that they are not the best team in the Pac 12.  Let’s talk about what this does to the Pac 12.

I am going to assume we can handle UCLA and will cover why I believe so on Weds (no writing on Turkey Day).  When we win out and go 10-2 and win the Pac 12 South only to not get to play in the title game (most likely so we don’t devalue the team going to the Rose Bowl, who will be Oregon, who we just spent Saturday devaluing all over their face for most of the night), the Pac 12 will miss out on a rematch of USC Oregon and instead, get Oregon and probably Utah.

Speaking as someone in advertising, well-versed in ratings and media spends, this difference is going to cost the networks tens of millions of dollars.  That’s a fact.  And guess what, it’s on Larry Scott.  There is no reason USC should not be able to play in that game, it is not the postseason, it is not a bowl.  It’s just bullshit.

A win this week and we’ve done what we set out to do:  Render the Pac 12, the NCAA and all who believe their gospel as total, unabashed bullshit.  That is how you fight a bear.  You reap what you sow, Larry.  Enjoy Utes v Oregon for a chance to lose to a Big Ten school that SC would have beaten.

A win this week and here’s what having nothing to play for equals.  It equals a Pac 12 South division title.  It equals the first Pac 12 Championship being played with damaged goods and zero credibility.  It equals 18 wins and 7 losses in the face of the harshest and most pointless sanctions in the history of the sport.  Dudes ate horse steroids in baseball and got off easier than USC got off for having a player take money in San Diego from someone unrelated to their program.  Meanwhile, Miami waits until they are 6-5 to “self-sanction” a bowl season.  Meanwhile, Cam Newton is in People Magazine and Auburn is off with no penalty.  Meanwhile, Ohio State decides to sanction themselves after what feels like a decade of getting caught for things leading back to Maurice Clarett.

Bottom line?  You punch like a girl, NCAA.

No offense to my Trojan Women, who punch like men and look like supermodels, but it basically had to be said.  NCAA, you are softer than brie cheese.  You are weaker than a drink at a night club with a one-word name.  You are more pointless than the talent contest at a beauty pageant.

Basically, you lost the war with us.  We made your punishment look good and we did it on national television.

Hey Emmert, if you are reading this, collect yourself for a moment.  I got a feeling this is the face you are making, Captain Clownshoes.

I know man.  That’s how we feel every time you or any of your cronies talk or try to make sense of what you are doing, which is taking a dump on something people really love.  College football, dude.  Colleges playing football against each other.  Remember?  That’s what this is about.

We won, Emmert.  We had a blast for two years and we just grew stars.  Our linebackers.  Lee and Woods.  McNeal.  Matt Barkley, who I called the minute that game ended and just said “thank you”.

Lane Fucking Kiffin, Bro.  The best coach in the Pac 12.  It’s unfathomable for you out there to hear it, but it’s true.  He’s arrogant.  He wears clothes so white they glow in the fucking day.  His wife seems as nice as she is hot.  His dad has crazy hair and for all the shit he took, he stopped Oregon and Chip Kelly’s score-before-I-have-a-heart-attack-from-eating offense.

This is OUR guy, Arrogant Nation.  This is our guy and I fucking can’t get enough of him from his nuclear winter clothing to his way of talking shit without talking shit to the way he smirks on the sidelines no matter what is going on.  This is Uncle Pete’s younger, cooler, evil brother and let’s just say it since I know ESPN won’t.

Lane cleaned up Pete’s mess and protected his memory for all of us.  If you ask me, that’s why he sat out on the field at Autzen after the game for so long taking it in.  He brought us back from a death sentence and no matter what happens, we didn’t fall off.  He proved to the sporting media that it doesn’t matter what you write if you keep winning games.

Now onto Barkley.  I made a promise to myself I wouldn’t say anything about why he should stay until after the season, and I really won’t.  It will be a compelling article and I’ll make sure he reads it.

What I want to say right now to him is just thank you.  One more win next week, and then thank you.  You could have left, dude.  We’d have probably even understood.  You didn’t though and you are just starting to reap the benefits.  Go kill another set of bears this week and I will explain to you the larger point and the finer points to help in your December ruminations.

For now, one more set of bears to kill.  That’s if you can finish picking duck feathers out of your cleats.

In other news, Puddles tried to drown himself in a fountain on campus, but forgot ducks are basically tasty pool floaties, so it didn’t work.  He was quoted later as being proud though in upholding the Duck tradition of failing at critical times.

I am glad we got to be the sword that skewered the Ducks this year.  Effectively, we just put the bellbottoms of college football into the thrift store bin.

And Stanford, we just inserted our guy into the Heisman mix.  If you were curious if the bullshit calls messed with the outcome, ask ESPN who the best team is in the Pac.  We’re better now than when I started writing this post.  Frankly, you won’t exist next year so I just wasted pixels on you.  Damnit.  PS, your signs at GameDay were so corny I was embarrassed my mom made me learn to read.

Ted Miller said it best, which is rare because it’s my job to say it best.  “…the team that can’t win the conference now sits atop it”.


I hope the rest of the Pac 12 likes history.  This season feels so much like Pete Carroll’s second season, I honestly can’t tell the difference (except for the lighthouse-like glow of the visor).  We were sloppy early, but really, a few turnovers and bad calls from an undefeated season and getting better every week.

I want so badly to see next year happen with Barkley so my tag-team heroes Woods and Lee can eat and my new Twitter bud Kyle Negrete doesn’t have to punt at all (and can teach me to punt as he has promised).  That said, if Matt leaves (and I’ll try to talk him out of it for good reasons, not selfish ones), yes, if Matt leaves, a Leinart will step up.

We could do the unthinkable and lose to UCLA, it doesn’t matter.  USC is back.  We’re going to keep mocking out scholarship restrictions and rolling joyfully downhill.  It’s just a matter of time.

Take it from the Bearfighter who never lied to you.  Lane Fucking Kiffin, Bro.  Bowls are for Salad.  And most of all…  You can’t sanction the endzone.

Now, here’s Emeril Lagasse’s recipe for duck a l’orange because if you did what I did in New Jersey after this game, you have a lot of hand-murdered tasty birds in your garage.  Hopefully you did it locally.  It’s not really illegal to go through TSA at JFK with a duffel bag filled with dead animals, it just kind of makes the process take longer.   Especially when you have to take off your shoes.





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175 responses to “Arrogant Game Recap: Oregon Ducks

  1. KingCambie

    Duck: its whats for Dinner. FTFO

    • quack

      “I am glad we got to be the sword that skewered the Ducks this year. Effectively, we just put the bellbottoms of college football into the thrift store bin.”

      Ducks will be playing in the biggest game of the year in your city: The Rose Bowl. Pac 10/12 champs three years running. Wouldn’t say you skewered the ducks. They were going to the Rose either way

      • Zack Jerome

        hard to argue a loss. and the only reason you will be in the rose bowl is because we won’t get to play you again and beat you again. not sure where your argument. that said, with your university’s proud losing record in bowl games, you are welcome to visit our city and lose to a big ten team as is eugene tradition. i mean, what leg are you standing on in this argument?

      • Gnossos

        Here’s hoping for sake, they win a ‘big’ one for once!

      • Gnossos


      • Joe

        This was a stupid article that is so obviously straight out of So Cal that it isn’t even funny. Lane Kiffin is not a good coach, and you will see this before the end. Also, the Ducks are a better team than USC you will also see this by the end. Your team cheated, and now you are paying the consequences. Your arrogance is your greatest weakness, and it is going to take several more ass-kickings by the Ducks in the Coliseum to prove it. Oh, and by the way, Oregon would have won that game if Chip Kelly knew a single god damn thing about clock management in the last 2 minutes of a game. That drive was money, and every USC fan knows it. If we had managed the clock better and actually used timeouts then we would have punched it in for a game winning td, and you never would have written this trash article. You should be sanctioned for writing such rubbish. I don’t think USC fans realize how good the Ducks are going to be next year…have fun with no Matt Barkley

      • Zack Jerome

        i’d have written the article no matter what. this is a usc blog, so good work sherlock. cheated? lyles? read a paper. also, the woulda shoulda game is dumb when we fumbled in the red zone to set up the drive. in the end, you lost so i guess i’ll have to wait until next year (is that “the end”) to see if you get your ass kicked again.

        main point, you never had a lead. period.

  2. This is by far the most arrogant posting in history. I was watching the game at a bar and someone kept saying Lane looked “like a condom” with his beanie on. Condoms break, bro. Lane is flawless.

  3. SithTrojan

    Brother Bearfighter,

    Kiffin can make even beanies Arrogant. That was the most Arrogant beanie in the world.

    Drinks at Traddies after Conquest tonight.

    FTFO! and FEBU!

  4. Chris M.

    That right there son was one of the best articles I’ve read all year. Keep it up, bro. I just had to grab a Classic LFK Tee. Thanks for the laugh.

  5. frank c

    My opinion of the NCAA sanctions, Pac 10 no championship prohibition and Oregon in general is what said Lee Corso live at the end of his Saturday Game Day Show “fuck em”.

    As for NCAA sanction Reggie Bush’s parents got two year free rent. Shit that is 30% of the US who hasn’t made a house payment for two year. Should we sanction everyone delinquent homeowner and not them watch a bowl game.

    Everyone knows the Ducks can’t win a big game. Especially on the road without astroturf and their crowd. But they added a new mix referees. How about that call for intentional grounding. And then the delay of game on the kickoff. I would have paid Kiffin’s $10,000 fine to blast them again. Could you read Chipper’s lips cussing out the ref’s? Why does he get a pass?

    • Joe

      What about that no call when a USC player sat on LMJ and kicked him in the head? I hate USC and your stupid fight song that you play OVER and OVER again. I can’t wait to continue dominating the Pac-10/12 while USC fans revel in their one big win of the season. YOU LOST TO ARIZONA STATE how does that feel? GO DUCKS I cant wait to see Lane Kiffin’s face after we pound you guys in the Coliseum next year.

      • Zack Jerome

        how does it feel to lose to a team that lost to asu? also, it’s gross to say you are going to “pound” us in the coliseum and that you want to look at kiff’s face when you do it. you aren’t dominating the pac, you just lost at home and won’t play the winner of the south in the championship. thunder stole, bro.

      • Cindyt4usc

        Joe, what about the no call when Woods was mugged on a crossing pattern resulting in an interception? Or the ref’s sudden penchant for not actually measuring and awarding you a first down in the fourth quarter, and for scurrying around to reset the ball for your gimmicky offense? Doesn’t matter, you still lost.

      • Truthistough

        Joe you a monument to sore losers…..just like the pathetic also-ran dead Ducks. You have a losing tradition. You can’t whine your way out of it. So save your quacks.

  6. JP

    Now thats a recap.

    Sat 50 yd line, 20 rows up thanks to a besties dad who is a major U of O law school donor/alum. Theres a ton of shit I could say about the game…but we’re the complete package of arrogance so I’ll go a different angle. Sometime during the third quarter when they are mounting the b.s. comeback….I get a tap on my shoulder and some clown in green camo Duck gear tells me “I gotta say, your band is legit. Its one third the size and kicking our band’s ass.”

    Real arrogance is when your travel band can shut up “the loudest stadium in cfb.”

    We’re not back….we never left.

  7. Julie Birdt

    You just rocked my world. Thank you for that and FTFO.

  8. Nice work. I’m going to suggest that Lane Kiffin is a BETTER coach than Pete Carroll. Lane doesn’t blow the easy games.

    • quack

      you got blown out at ASU. Almost lost to the worst team in the Big 10. But yeah, Lane is definitely better than Carroll. With a name like Lane, how could you ever fail?

      • Zack Jerome

        we had a lead in the 3rd quarter at ASU, but the 4 turnovers were on us. we are a young team. kudos to asu. almost losing? you guys should be so lucky. work on getting a lead against USC first.

  9. G. Koop

    Most brilliant written piece i have ever seen 🙂
    Go Trojans!

    • Joe

      Yeah, you are all so brilliant. I CANT WAIT TO SHUT YOU UP NEXT YEAR. The only way USC can beat Oregon is if Oregon beats themselves, which they did in that game. The USC band sucks, and so does Oregon’s band. WHo the hell cares about the bands anyway??? Also, USC’s fan section was extremely weaksauce even weaker than ASU’s.

      • Zack Jerome

        you beat yourselves really bad. you never lead. damn, you are good. also, winning next year won’t shut me up. you have won 1 rose bowl, have a losing record, no heismans, no nat’l titles. oregon could win every national title for a decade and still be playing catch up.

        you are known for having colorful uniforms and a gimmick offense that sputters against teams with athletes (lsu, auburn, usc, ohio state)

      • Flying Scotsman

        This coming from the guy who needed stanford’s receivers to let balls bounce off them, their defense to stop tackling and their special teams to just check out mentally to get a win in Palo Alto. STANFORD SELF-DESTRUCTED. Oregon didn’t win the game. Stanford gave it away.

        Even if you find a way not to choke against either of those awful teams you get to play in the next two weeks, Wisconsin or Michigan State will ram the ball down your throat play after play as you, yet again, fail to show up in a big game. Enjoy your meaningless success, and know that the recruits are starting to realize that nobody from Oregon makes it in the NFL. Time is running out…

  10. California burrito: carne asada, french fries, cheese, guacamole. No rice and/or beans in sight.

    • Zack Jerome

      respectfully disagree in that i have absolutely had one with rice and beans in both OB and PB. That said, i like your stance and respect that is probably the convention. either way, SD is great.

  11. Rich West

    Most Arrogant my friend.

  12. Jim

    Great summary and analysis but you know the most arrogant thing I’m thinking post-Autzen whoop a$$?

    SC didn’t even play their best football.

    Consider this; Robert Woods is obviously beat up at this point in the season, then imagine him in his healthy early season form. Then just take away at least two of those foolish turnovers, and one of the Black Mamba’s KO returns and all of a sudden this game isn’t even as close as the score indicated.

    If SC had cleaned up half of their mistakes, what some considered an upset might have looked more like a beatdown. If the players who could leave for the NFL decide to stay, next years team has the potential to be as devastating as the Mongol Horde.

    Be afraid Pac-12, be very afraid.

  13. Tom

    Bearfighter, you’ve outdone yourself on this one. Yesterday, the LFK Bro tshirt ruled Portland all day before the flight home. Tonight, I hoist three Overholt Rye Old Fashioneds in your honor. FTFO!



  15. Fatima Szo

    I owe you a case of beer or some duck l’orange. Your well-crafted display of arrogance was seriously my favorite post-game and end of season commentary I have read in years. Absolutely & ridiculously arrogant and on point! You complete me! FTFO!

  16. SantaBarbaraTrojan

    Can’t stop laughing. YOU’RE A BEAST ! Keep up the good work. Looking forward to you keeping it real.

  17. That guy

    this article = the best thing to happen since the invention of the tube sock.

  18. Juan4SC

    Excellent assessment as always mighty bear hunter.
    Oregon = Project Runway in Cleats.

    “It ees better to rook good, than to feel good.”
    – Lorenzo Lamas

  19. heyleland

    I must arrogantly disagree — it sure as shit DOES matter if we lose to Fucla!

  20. Let’s get ready to bRUIN the UCLA season.

  21. Csetset

    You forgot the most arrogant thing of all about the game:

    So after we let Oregon get close enough to where they think they have a chance, they go for the field goal. On the play, we actually pull a False Start, bringing them another 5 yards closer to the goal line. Thing is, we knew they would miss all along, we just thought it would be funnier this way. Arrogant?

    Also, anyone who makes fun of Kiffin’s attire has no fashion-sense. And I don’t mean fashion as in what the Ducks think they have, I mean fashion as in timeless, classic wardrobe choices. Every time he steps on the field he looks like a Trojan Bookstore model.

    I also love how ESPN is now calling us the “most underrated team in college football.” Gee, whose fault is it that we are so underrated? ESPN is backtracking on all they’ve said about us, Larry is about to cry over millions lost, and even ND trolls mysteriously disappeared.

    All in all, an epic season.

  22. Old School Trojan Fan

    Mr. Bearfighter,

    I’ve never been much of a Lane Kiffin fan, but ND, then Stanford, and now Oregon has caused me to recant…maybe it was just the beanie….This was the most arrogantastic article you’ve written yet, it gets better every time I revisit it. Fight On! Beat the bRuins! LFK Bro!

  23. NICK

    lets be real. usc wouldn’t have stood a chance against auburn last year, no one could. and losing to lsu is nothing to be ashamed of either, there only the number 1 team in the nation. it was a good pac 12 game, and instead of ripping on the ducks, why not be happy that the pac 12 has and will have legitimate top 10 teams for the years to come in both oregon and USC.

    • Zack Jerome

      i’d admire this positive take if LSU had their starting QB, WR and CB, all future pros, in that game.

    • Cheese

      Why, because as Trojan fans, we are just that, Trojan fans. Not duck fans, not bruin fans, not a Pac 12 fan. If you want to take that cream puff attitude, ‘be happy for the ducks and the Pac 12’, go root for them and stay away from anything Trojan, because we have plenty of true Trojan fans that we don’t need you. We beat who need to beat and let the chips fall where they may. I am not a fan of Lane the person, but as long as he wins, he is a Trojan and will have my support. He’s a jerk, but he’s our jerk in so far as he wins.

    • alwaystara

      root for the conference? why?! we are NOT the sec. that’s some sh*t they do. USC DID THEIR JOB. we beat everyone we were supposed to beat. we own the pac 10/12—always have, always will. USC is not the school that needs to be rooting for the conference. in fact, ucla, oregon state and washington state (for starters), need to be cutting USC fat checks because we are the don of the conference and they seriously deserve to have cinder blocks tied to their feet and dropped in the pacific ocean. FTFO. we took sanctions and NO ONE in the conference supported us, though USC has been the rich sugardaddy supporting the dead weight. nope. no cheering for other schools.

  24. LB

    “Most of the articles were about Oregon almost coming back or USC surviving. Correct me if I am wrong or was just not getting it through the bourbon and New Jerseyness of the situation I was in, but OREGON NEVER HAD A LEAD.”

    Exactly! This is what I kept thinking while reading the recaps the past two days. No respect for the awesomeness. None.

  25. Loel Schrader

    Zack: Do I have the right name? I’d never heard of you until stumbled onto this piece, which is the funniest, most ass-biting, brilliant string of words I’ve ever read.
    Now, let me give you my background. Seventy years in the news-gathering business (I’ll be 87 in a couple of weeks), mostly with newspapers, but also magazines and internet. I am a member of SC’s Athletic Hall of Fame as a media member. During my newspaper days, some of the awards I’ve received were:
    –1968, National Newspaper Association, first place, best sports feature of year.
    –1968, ’69 and ’70 (years could be wrong) my stories were published in the Best Stories of the Year anthologies by A.G. Putnam, New York.
    –1988 (I think) California-Nevada-Arizona Managing Editors Association, best sports feature of the year.
    –L.A. Press Club, several awards, the ranks no recalled, nor do I give a crap.

    Now, please understand I didn’t list the above awards to give the impression I’m hot shit. I did it because I must confess — if you gave me a million years to practice, I couldn’t produce pieces that are as brilliant, humorous and destructive to your targets as what I have just read in your Oregon-SC comment. WHO ARE YOU AND WHY IN HELL HAVEN’T I HEARD OF YOU? I’d give my left nut to have produced what you did about the Oregon game. Please don’t tell me you are doing this for nothing?
    Loel Schrader, assisted living facility,l Irvine.

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  27. DMA FO!

    Just pure genius. FO!

  28. TBS 94

    You are my hero! Outstanding.

  29. Mary

    Don’t flatter yourself and think that a piss-ant game against USC compares to a bowl game. USC got lucky. Period. And your blog is bitter, and bitter, and bitter, and bitter….. See how boring repetition is?

    • Zack Jerome

      you sold me. a game determining if you were in the nat’l title game in which you never had a lead at home as 14 point favorites really screams a piss ant lucky win. by the way, thanks for reading my blog about a boring piss ant game you didn’t care about. lol.

    • DMA FO!

      Yeah, we’re the lucky ones. Because it wasn’t about to be 45-28 if Marc Tyler didn’t miss a handoff. That’s called a break for Oregon, not anything good that they did. And I thought he was the bitter one.

    • Cindyt4usc

      I guess your owner didn’t think it was like a bowl game, either. Why else trot out all his contracted NBAers?

      For the Trojans, it was like a bowl game, partly due to the sanctions, but mostly because they won.

      For you it must have been eerily like a bowl game, because you lost.

    • alwaystara

      mary–who sounds bitter? go change your outfit. there’s still time to mix the white pants with the green top. when you make the oregon O, please remember that you are telling us how many national championships you will win this year. fight on.

  30. Lauren & David Marty

    My husband and I are devout Trojan fans and have been following your blog posts since before the sanctions took effect. We both agree this without question your finest post. College football weekends aren’t complete for us until we read your game recaps. Best part about this post = the impact on the Pac 12. We all knew the addition of Utah and Colorado was bullshit, but you just crystalized it as the epic fail that it is…*and* you put dollar signs on it.

    Brilliant work Zack. FTFO and keep it coming!

    Lauren and David Marty

    • Zack Jerome

      well thank you so much. have a great holiday season, but i know you will because you are trojans and handsome and attractive people.

  31. Murray MacLeod

    Wow, Loel the Legend! That was great. I hope you hear from Zach. Fight On! And, Zach. The recap was a gem. What I want to say right now to you is just thank you. One more win next week, and then I’ll be thanking you, again : )

  32. lol amazing as usual..

    PSiLOVEyou: Loel Schrader is the MAN!

  33. MenifeeManiac

    Oregon Brought their “Dream Team” players, and SC brought their dream team players.

    Fight On!

  34. Scutang

    This arrogant rant becomes utterly nullified when you lose to UCLA in five days. Enjoy it while it lasts. Kiffin will fall…just ask Tennessee: Karma’s a bitch.

    • Zack Jerome

      Personally, I feel like having to go to Tennessee was Kiffin’s punishment for having to coach for Al Davis. This is his born-again experience. Also, happy to wager on UCLA game, no points, if you are confident.

  35. Zack: First time reader here. Enjoyed your arrogant piece that delivered direct hits on those who so richly deserve them. Would have liked to been in that New Jersey bar with you. It must have been a blast.

  36. Csetset


    After Matt Barkley totally quoted you at CONQUEST tonight, I turned around to some random people and said “ARROGANT NATION” and they smiled. 🙂

  37. zac

    So you think you know so much about football. if you knew anything A. the heismen trophy is rigged. it is to be for the most scholar athlete that is involved with the community as well as a great player. my mind it is Moore. 2. the rose bowl against Ohio come on, Chips first year as was coach and makes it to the rise bowl, where were you? not to mention that Blount was not able to play because of suspension, and what’s this about not getting players ready for the NFL? he broke a 7 tackle run Saturday and is claimed to be the run of the year. Last time SC beat anyone good was when 2005? 3. National championship was lucky for Auburn. We missed a touchdown on 4th and goal, they got the kick. Damn good game by my eye. 4. the game against LSU. we had more rushing yards against LSU than Bama did just the other week. more points scored, take all the facts and you have Oregon out doing Bama against LSU. 5. 3 years straight being PAC 12 champs, 3 years straight going to the top 5 Bowl Games, and it’s the first 3 years of a newly developed team. So for you SC fans, be upset, be happy, be whatever. When it comes to facts, we are the better team. Win or Lose, we are still above ya’ll. I mean come on, you beat #4 in the nation and you still can’t pass us, you can get close but not past. Since your season is pretty much done and have no where to go. we’ll see ya next year when we take our 4th division title in a row.
    Get some facts.

    Go Ducks …
    p.s. you can’t spell
    YO_ _UCK MY _OCK with out USC

    • LOL

      You also had 40 points scored on you in some way or another, which Bama did not do. We beat the same Ohio State team that beat you in the Rose Bowl with a true freshman playing at the Horseshoe. You just lost at home to us, I don’t understand how your logic works? You realize the entire world will put an asterisk next to your Pac 12 title this year because you lost yet another big game?

    • craig

      A. Um… Cam Newton. Scholar athlete? Three instances of academic cheating. Eligibility controversy. You’ll always have Joey Harrington.
      2. (Because 2 always follows A.) You lost.
      * Blount is really your strongest NFL argument?
      3. You Lost.
      4. You Lost.
      5. Does the better team always lose 35-38?

      You can’t spell…

      YO_ L_ST without UO

    • Brittain Bush

      We beat Ohio State AT Ohio State the same year Oregon lost to them in the Rose Bowl…We had a freshman QB in his 3rd game and were without our future Pro Bowl LBs who had left the year before.

  38. Gnossos

    One word……………….BRAVO!

  39. Bradley

    I was there and most arrogant was the way we took over their b.s. plastic field afterwards and hugged and danced and took pictures and celebrated with our players and our band played so long and so well that their fake-ass band finally gave up and left.

  40. MRMDZ

    Lane rockin’ the beanie was gangsta! Classic OG move. Oregon will always be a gimmick football program, they could suck d’s nuts. With or without sanctions, scholarships reductions, bowl bans, can’t and won’t be stopped, we’re f’n SC! Recap ARROGANT as always! Fight On!!!!!

  41. John-david W. Franklin

    Outstanding writing (no gratuitous comment intended) and I sincerely believe you’ve characterized all and I mean all of our frustrations and sentiments! Fight On!

  42. Ben P

    Love it. Barkley made a little Arrogant Nation shout out last night at Conquest: “You can’t sanction the endzone!”

  43. Teach

    Ever consider an editor? Easier to respect poor writing when, at a bare minimum, it contains correct grammar and spelling

    • Zack Jerome

      for my thousands of fans, they know i never proof my writing. sometimes i don’t even read it. it’s arrogant nation. if i wanted to be a journalist, i’d have gone to journalism school. i write a blog and work in social media which is about starting conversations, so thanks for participating.

      also, i want you respect like i want a yeast infection.

  44. Teach

    Haloti Ngata, LeGarrette Blount, Pat Chung, Jairus Byrd, T.J. Ward, Ed Dickson, Igor Olshansky.

    But you’re right! Sanchez, Leinart and Bush are straight ballin! Fight on! Whoooo!

  45. This brought me to tears, in a good way. So awesome, especially the Lebron reference. As accurate as it was arrogant! Fight on!

  46. bj

    You “big game winners” lost to Arizona State and Stanford. Oregon smoked em both. Oregon’s conference record is 7-1. Yours is 6-2. Scoreboard, bitches. Enjoy your holidays with your family, and no SC football games to watch. The ducks will enjoy their roses. So they lost a game to USC. Big deal. Oregon would’ve never made it to the National Championship with one loss thanks to the SEC bias, so I’m sorry to report your “big win” against oregon didn’t mean shit. Except that it feeds your arrogance and gives the rest of the country to hate you even more.

    PS – DeAnthony Thomas asked me to say hello.


    • FSSCA

      38-35. THAT is what the scoreboard says. But by all means, continue your whining, I’ve got the WAAAHHHHHmbulance on standby for you.

      DeAnthony Thomas sounds like a moron in his interview with Ted Miller.

      I will enjoy my holidays with my family, thank you very much. I hope you do as well.

      FEBU and FTFO.

    • Hayley

      “Scoreboard, bitches”


      USC 38, Oregon 35.

      FIGHT ON!

    • Cindyt4usc

      The fact that you are reading and responding on a rival blog site would seem to indicate that this was, in fact, a big game. Methinks you dost protest too much. Yes, scoreboard, indeed. Got class? Your Disney rip-off mascot with holes in the feet of its costume leads the team on the field on a motorcycle. Your owner trots out his contracted yet unemployed NBAers to wow everyone, to make up for the lack of tradition and excellence. I could go on and on, but, oh, wait, Marqise Lee just ran by on his way to 347 all-purose yards. He sends his regards.

    • LOL

      7-1 and 6-2 has nothing to do the with scoreboard. 38-35, now that’s taking a look at the scoreboard.

    • Brittain Bush

      I like that USC is hated by everyone. It shows that everyone is scared of us. I like that we are arrogant. It shows that we aren’t a bunch of passive pansies.

      Hello, DeAnthony. Would’ve loved to have you on our team, but we’ll be just fine adding to our 11 National Championships and 7 Heisman winners without you. Enjoy Oregon’s future penalties from the NCAA. You will undoubtedly fair better than we did. The NCAA is so scared that they gave us the worst penalties in almost 30 years and Miami did even worse things. And don’t get me started on Penn State. Much rather be an Alum of a school that was involved giving money to a player’s poor family than one that tries to cover up a coach that molests children.

      While I do like the all black uniforms, what is pathetic to me is that you have so many different types. Like women and their shoes. What’s next, sparkles? Scratch-N-Sniff Helmets that smell like Strawberry Douche? Grow up, Count Chocula.

      The difference between USC and Oregon is that on Saturday’s you are concerned about matching your sparkly green duck feathers to your bright yellow shoes. Our concern is winning. Careful with the celebrities on your sideline. We used to have that, but knew how to handle it being in Los Angeles. You had LeBron James and Chris Bosh on your sideline. We had a football team on ours.

      • Cindyt4usc

        Um, careful there. USC never gave $ to a poor player’s family. A convicted felon wannabe agent in San Diego not affiliated with the University did.

  47. ldytrjn

    The moment Chip Kelly went ballistic after the refs actually did their job right and awarded us the turnover on that crappy lateral, I knew we were going to win. No way a dude who goes ballistic like over the right call can keep focus enough to hang with Master Kiffin and the Jedi Trojan Army. That penalty was basically the world’s great pump fake and the kicker totally flinched. I just wished he hadn’t shanked it so Kalil could add another block to his stats….oh well, we’ll just block a couple on Saturday.

  48. JT

    Hey Zack, nice work, bro.

    I put in an order for a LKB t shirt but paypal is pending and I haven’t gotten it. Are you out or something?

    • Zack Jerome

      anyone who ordered will get it, we’re crazy behind. most orders done before this week will arrive this week. the rest will be in a couple weeks.

  49. Zack – thank you. Just thank you.

  50. BIG RED

    The ultimate vindication will be when the camera scans the crowd at the Rose Bowl which holds what ? 100,000 people ? The announcers are going to have to make excuses for the 40,000 people who do show up to see the game live.

    More people would’ve shown up for a monster truck pull.

    Pat Sommeral: “Well, this group is small but fired up here today” (control booth goes to a shot of 10 people surrounded by empty seats, some fat dude feeding his face a hot link wearing a Notre Dame hat because he didn’t go to Oregon or Utah but it’s football, and he’s Catholic, so . . .)

    Plus, taking a major market team out of a bowl game, what does that do to ad revenues ? The entire states of Oregon and Utah probably don’t have ad revenues equal to the city of Sacramento, much less Los Angeles, the number one market in the country. Not to mention impact to the local economy.

    ‘SC, a well healed alumni in a major population center, credit cards in wallets, sitting home not spending money. Oregon vs. Utah is good news for the hosting city if your local economy runs on revenues generated by Quality Inns and Denny’s franchises.

    Yeah NCAA, you really showed us. And just added another year on to the recession in the process !

    Never forget, we own the hill, you mow the lawn !

    Bitter + Arrogant = Bearrogant. Go ahead and use it, it’s my gift to you, Christmas came early this year.

  51. Kurt

    Is there anything less arrogant than stealing a nickname from one of the biggest sports stars on the planet???? I mean really…Can we please stop calling De’Anthony Thomas “Black Mamba?” What a joke.

  52. Brittain Bush

    Zack, I am embarrassed to admit that I have never heard of/read this blog before today. You basically took my favorite attribute of USC (arrogance) and glorified it. I love it. You are the Sultan of Syntax. Most of all, you are a Trojan.

    It is true though. Oregon couldn’t even beat Ohio State in the Rose Bowl after we beat them with our mediocre team in Ohio. Our record against Big Ten teams and SEC teams is pretty good. Defeated opponents include: Michigan, Penn State, Arkansas, Auburn, and Ohio State.

  53. Alex Petrie

    This is the most Awesome article I’ve ever read! The Herd and all of Rome’s clones should take notes! Awesome!!!

  54. Bobby Light

    Quick, last SEC team that the Trojan’s played/beat?

    …wait for it….

    Arkansas in ’06.

    U of O has played 3 SEC teams in the last two years. They’ve lost to the #1 team twice. Close in each loss.

    This isn’t ’04. Don’t pretend that this USC team is God’s Gift to football….or that they would easily beat the Ducks twice in one season.

    • Zack Jerome

      whatever we are we never were losing as 14 point dogs in your house. arkansas in 06 was given their worst home loss in school history and they had won their division in the sec the year before (in which we gave them their worst loss in program history).

      but if it’s more recent history you dig, how about when we beat ohio state on the road with a freshman qb and they thumped you in the rose bowl?

      the point is, when we are a good team, we win the big game. when you are a big team, you don’t. you have no argument, you have no nat’l titles, heismans to join your one rose bowl win. anyone can accept a year when you don’t win. you can’t win them all. oregon doesn’t ever win them.


      • Sean O'Brien

        How did SC do against Oregon that year you beat Ohio State gain? If you ask me UO just did what USC used to do: Lose a game they shouldn’t to a scrappy team of overachievers that keeps them out of the title game because they didn’t didn’t come rady to play against inferior competition(See $C losing to Stanford in 07, Oregon State in 08). Remind me how many BCS titles SC has won again? That’s right. Zero. Two Heisman trophies and no National Championships is what the Pete Carrol era bought you. That and a house for Reggie Bush.

      • Zack Jerome

        we have the same record as you and we beat you at home. this is not the same. we’re a top ten team. stop making excuses. if we beat you last year, i’d get it. we’re going to win the south like you won the north. you get a free ride because larry scott is a whiner.

        as for the titles, from the dawn of time people claim the AP title. alabama, nd, every great program with national titles (i respect you have no knowledge of this) has plenty of AP titles. The AP did not remove either title, we still have them up in the stadium and there’s no argument there.

        the heisman is valid, reggie took money from an agent and had to give back his heisman. we took the jersey down.

        also, for a team that can’t win a rose bowl, the pete carroll era brought four wins, two orange bowl wins and a national title loss that you know the feeling from.

      • Sean O'Brien

        Please, We would love to play USC again the title game and I would be willing to bet large sums of money that Oregon would stomp USC if they played hard from the start. We spotted you a 24 point lead and only lost because we don’t have a kicker… If you want to play the dropping the ball in the red zone game, Oregon did the same thing in the first half meaning that aspect is a wash in the overall picture. Oregon dropping passes/missing wide open throws was a much bigger factor in their early offensive struggles than USC’s “dominant” D. See USC’s complete inability to stop the Oregon O in the second half… Also last I checked 18 is not less than 10, so not sure where you get “we were a top 10 team”..

        As for the titles everyone knows that the since the BCS was formed that is the only title that matters. Well EVERY SCHOOL not named USC knows this. So go ahead and tell yourselves that you are the Champs those years but the rest of the world will continue to acknowledge LSU in 03 and nobody in 04…

      • Zack Jerome

        you have neither ap nor bcs titles, so your opinion doesn’t matter much. that said, pretty sure if you go to bama they still claim their APs. to make you look even dumber than your first paragraph did (when your excuse is your team didn’t play hard, your team isn’t good or has a glass jaw), go check the NCAA website and see what it says about title in 03 when we split with LSU.

        oh what? the NCAA, someone who clearly hates us recognizes our AP title in 2003 as a title post BCS. why wouldn’t we recognize our 2004 one that the AP openly did not take away? you are not smart and just because you lost doesn’t mean you should waste your time trying to convince a team that never was losing in our last meeting that you were better.


      • Sean O'Brien

        I’ll give you that you beat us. That does not make you the best team in conference. Even by the old rules we would still be in line to win the conference thanks to you guys throwing up on yourselves against ASU. By your own logic, Oregon State was the best team in the Pac-10 in 2008 and 2006 since they beat you without ever trailing both of those years. Argue with three consecutive pac 10/12 championships. When you win the conference again then you will have a leg to stand on while claiming you are the “best team in conference”.

      • Zack Jerome

        well, being that we are going to win the south (and assuming you don’t throw up vs osu), we’d get to play you again in the championship. and when oregon is in a big game, i’ve bet against them consistently and never lost. really, if you want to talk about having a leg to stand on, win a rose bowl, a major bow, a heisman, a title, or something. however you slice it, you lost to us this year, you have a LOSING BOWL RECORD IN ALL BOWLS and 3 conference championships before having a championship game doesn’t impress me. i wasn’t impressed with the 7 we did in a row. I was impressed with the 6-1 record in BCS games during that span. just focus on oregon state and your bowl game. you can come here talking about this, that and the other, but your bigger problem is that you need to win your next six bowls (six years of wins) to have a .500 bowl record. Being that you are not a historically significant program and can’t pull the ND defense, your amazing run of 3 conference titles doesn’t bear much fruit does it?

      • Zack Jerome

        also, you have a game tomorrow. i wish you’d worry about that, not the game you lost next week. focus on winning because if you choke, it’s a big deal holiday bowler. of course, you’d have a better chance of winning the holiday bowl.

      • Mat

        No, you just lose at home to 41 point dogs. Stanford says hello.

      • Zack Jerome

        either live in the now or live in the passed. we’ll take either.

    • ldytrjn

      It’s not our fault the SEC is so scared of us they outright refuse to put USC on their schedule. So you should be flattered that the “big dogs” of The Evil-Four Letter’s favorite conference is so keen to play Oregon. Oh…wait…actually I think that means they’re 99% sure they can beat the Ducks and are acutely aware of your propensity to choke under the lights. So, you know….there’s that.

      • Zack Jerome

        have to co-sign on this. USC hasn’t lost to an SEC school in 10 years. And frankly, Auburn was preseason #1 when USC beat them on the road. Arkansas won the division the year SC destroyed them. We were playing top tier SEC teams and dispatching them. Schedules get made in advance. That’s why they aren’t on our schedule now. They don’t want it. If they perceive us “down”, let’s pray they do, then good, we’ll get an SEC game.

        Frankly, besides Oklahoma, we’ve had a harder time with the Big 12 (kansas state and texas)

    • Wait a second – you’re saying that we may have beaten an SEC team 5 years ago, but Oregon has lost to three of them. What point are you trying to make, exactly?

  55. Mike

    I went to USC but did it have to be so Arrogant? Haha. You overplay the Oregon losing big games. Kind of lame to hang your hat on that as much as you did. They lost to 2 No. 1 ranked teams and USC the last two years. Everyone that has played those No. 1 ranked teams lost those seasons. Had a huge win on the road against Stanford just the week before if you’re looking for a big win. I understand having selective memory but you gotta be more impartial. Anyways, huge win for the Trojans and FIGHT ON

    • Zack Jerome

      you so went to oregon. it’s very impartial to state oregon has never won a big game. tell me the big game or point me to their rich trophy case.

  56. Drew

    Cute, but kind of pathetic.

    You all know as well as I do that the full effect of your scholarship-reductions hasn’t even begun yet, and won’t for another year or two. Once they do, and especially once Barkley is gone, It’s going to take at least a decade for your program to fully recover, if it ever does.

    Enjoy your meaningless victories. We’ll continue to dominate the conference you used to be something other than mediocre in, using the recruits and talent we pluck right from your backyard. The ones smart enough to recognize a sinking ship.

    In the meantime, maybe you can find a way to beat Arizona State.

    -The Oregon Ducks

    • Zack Jerome

      you just lost to us and this read more like a wish than fact. did you honestly just suggest usc would never recover from losing ten scholies a year for 3 years? that invalidates the whole thing. we’ll work on finding a way to beat arizona state, who we lead our lifetime series with by a ridiculous amount. you work on beating us, which you didn’t do this last week. while you are at it, win a rose bowl, a national championship, a major bowl, or just anything really.

      also, it’s super oregon to sign a comment the oregon ducks. also also, did the team actually write this email? or is this chip?

    • ldytrjn

      All I have to say to you is: Win a bowl game and then pop off.

    • We will work on Arizona State. You guys should get to work on trying to beat us.

    • LOL

      Meaningless… I think your entire fan base disagrees there. When you win as many conference titles as we have National titles, then we’ll talk.

  57. I live for your articles here in the midwest. Really think Haden should notify the conference HJs that the Trojans are ready to move up to a good conference. Without SC, the PAC 12 is not a conference, it is a gaggle of critters with a tree thrown in.

  58. heyleland

    Not to take anything away from this week’s epic plucking, but I think you do have to give Zeros credit for winning at Stanford. That was a big game by anyone’s definition and they won decisively on the road. Just like we did the very next week. So they can win big games, but no more than one, and not in the post-season.

  59. Dar_Gar

    I’ve been reading since last season and this post was the best yet. It makes my day whenever there is an AGP or AGR! I recommend the blog to all Trojans and really just think it should be required reading on campus. FTFO!

  60. Alex

    Outstanding! May I recommend the soup of the day “czernia” along with the duck a l’orange. It’s a Polish dish using the blood of a duck.

  61. GoDucks

    Hey have fun watching us on ABC on New Years. I think it’s channel 7? Typical bitter USC fans have fun staying home for the holidays again!!!! ahahahahahah Scoooooo DUCKS. BTW if you guys were actually eligible you would have been embarrassed in the Pac 12 Championship.

    • Zack Jerome

      we enjoy watching you lose big games on national television. also, you never held a lead against us on your home field. what are the odds, even if you won, that you’d “embarrass” us. you don’t seem embarrassed to have never had the lead.

    • We’re not bitter, dude. We’re BETTER. (I refer you to the scoreboard. Again. And again. And again.)

    • Gnossos

      Enjoy our VACATION HOME, don’t make a mess of it and please clean up before you leave, also watch out for the Badgers they have very sharp teeth and love Duck.

  62. Hey Oregon team……
    USC’s 43 schollie players and reduced travel team roster beat your 85 schollie players and full team roster, despite the fact that your defense cannot press against USC’s offense, even when you can substitute every other play. And same with your high powered offense. Our reduced player depth still kicked Oregon Duck butt feathers. Your running backs and receivers are wery, wery fast….. but still a hand out and they fall to the ground”, wery, wery fast. LMJ is tough for one guy to tackle above the waist, but take out the legs and “they all fall down”!

  63. Iceman_pdx

    Oregon is lucky they aren’t playing USC again. Ducks may wanna play us but we Trojans don’t, were passed the Ducks, bring on LSU. We whooped Ducks in there house and to the idiot that said if we would of handled clock management better we would of won, blah blah blah, would of should of could of. If we wouldn’t of mis handled a hand off we would of put the game away and not let u back in, and on top of Woods being mugged, or a INT at end by USC, blah blah blah. We smashed u in the mouth all game and a few mis Qs at end let u back in it, and if we would of made FG blah blah blah that goes both ways and in every game, we can do this all day. Barkley lit u up all day in your house. USC won! We beT u, and Ducks aren’t even in USC’s league. Sorry your coaching staff is stupid. If USC didn’t score 38 points and stop u on D all night blah blah blah. USC beat Oregon and game wasn’t even close as score and USC beat UCLA so we know who the best team in PAC 12 is……. Period! Ducks kissed period! If this or if that blah blah blah, hat goes for both teams u moron’s at the end of day USC is playing the best team ball in the nation. Ducks aren’t even worthy of a re match just another ass kickin. Spin away Duck fans spin away

  64. chad klase

    First I will give your Trojans props for the win over the ducks, they came ready to play and jumped out to a big lead. That being said, I will have to agree with your dissapointment that sc can not play in the pac 12 championship because I have a feeling the outcome would have been different.
    as for the comment about the ducks style of play, I think it is a little bit ironic that you talk shit since they have beat sc the last couple of years with that offense. The offense also puts plenty of players in the nfl, blount starting running back for tampa bay. And as for the quarterback position, masoli also was drafted. Cam newton from auburn is playing the same offense for the carolina panthers and doing quite well with it there too.
    as for winning the big game, well over the last couple of years I would have to say you are right they have struggled a bit, we will see what the nex couple of years bring, rose bowl this year, they are still a very young team. We will see what next year brings. We have this awesome reciever/running back, im sure you have heard of him, de anthony thomas, he is just a freshman.

    • Zack Jerome

      i’ll go easy because i think you were trying to be fair and i dig that. a couple qualms about your take.

      1. it’s not ironic that we’ve lost a few before winning. gimmick offenses require time to figure out. at this point, speedy LBs, staying at home and not worrying about the deep ball and scoring early is the way to beat oregon. USC is a top 5 team this year and like LSU, they stayed at home and made tackles. oregon doesn’t beat you deep, they beat you with misdirection and great speed.

      2. your NFL examples are week. USC has put more players in the NFL than any school. Mentioning 3 players doesn’t mean much. USC has 3 starting QBs in the league this year, Clay Matthews, Brian Cushing and more O and D line players than you could count. I haven’t even gone to RBs and WRs. There’s no comparison. USC is the NFL factory. Even last year when Oregon played for the title, USC sent more first rounders. This part isn’t an argument.

      3. As for winning the big game, you don’t ever win it. You have a losing bowl record. Win 7 bowls in a row, have a winning bowl record, and we’ll talk. (and when you do I’ll be wildly fair and say Oregon has turned it around, but realistically, I’ll have kids by then and have bigger problems).

      • Zack Jerome

        again tho, appreciate your level head and good luck in the rose bowl. despite what you may think, i am pulling for you. it makes no difference to me if oregon has a winning or losing bowl record, i just want to beat oregon. we did this year, so i’m good. beat them badgers.

    • Gnossos

      Well, you can start in the right direction by winning the Rose Bowl(our vacation home by the way) another opportunity on the national stage to step up and win a ‘big’ game.
      We are well aware of the ‘Black Fumble’ he is a bit fragile but a great player, good luck Jan 2.

  65. Michael, from OREGON

    I am happy to read this article, to see that USC fans think they’re back. The trojans beating us this year, tho it ruined our chances at getting into a national championship thats participants had already been decided since the first meeting of the tigers and tide, has opened themselves up as the favorite to win the pac. Despite our worst half of football this year where there trojans threw us around, we showed who the better team was in the 4th quarter, and if we would have been playing in that fasion the whole game, lane kiffen would have continued to be a coward that left Tennessee, barkley would have left for the NFL, and we would have continued as the favorite to win the pac next season. But now the tables are turned. USC feels like they can win the natty next year, however there is one problem, you’ll have to go through us, and believe me when I say we’ll show you who the better team is when big balls chip has his nuts in kiffens mouth and our ducks completely and utterly annihilate your trojans. We’ll show yoh who can win the big one on Monday. GO DUCKS

    • Zack Jerome

      dude, you never had the lead and have a losing bowl record and a few days before another chance to win a game on national television, you are on a USC blog trying to explain how never having a lead to a team the dressed half the scholorship players you did was somehow a fluke. frankly, you were lucky the “road” to the rose bowl didn’t go thru us this year. YOU LOST THE GAME. worry about the badgers and your ridiculous new outfits.

      • Zack Jerome

        and moreso, you will not show me who can win the big one by beating 10th ranked wisco. you have a LOSING BOWL RECORD. that’s hard to do. you could go to the rose bowl for two straight decades and not be near the amount WE’VE WON. And it’s not ancient history. I believe we won five just this last 10 years. In the other five, we were busy winning 2 Orange Bowls and sadly, losing a great one to Texas in the Natty.

        You guys are fun to watch. You’ve had a great 3 years, but you’ve got nothing to show for it yet. Grab a win and you can talk about how amazing your new offense did going 1-4 in BCS games. Of course, this is assuming you win the Rose Bowl this year and double your schools total.

        But hey, best of luck.

    • Who’d have thought that an Oregon education would produce such bad writing?

      “we showed who the better team was in the 4th quarter.” Yeah – when you got the ball back with 2:54 left on the clock. You had a chance to win the game and put up ZERO. Only ucla fans were impressed by that.

      • Oh – also:

        “thats (sic) participants had already been decided since the first meeting of the tigers and tide,”

        I think the Tigers blowing out the Ducks on a neutral field, without many of their key starters (QB, etc.), had a little more to do with it.

    • Gnossos

      Michael, if you win on Monday, congratulations on your SECOND Rose Bowl victory! First since……………………wait for it……………………………….
      Nineteen Seventeen, that’s 1917…………….think about it. One & Four in the Rose Bowl & 9 & 15 overall in Bowl games……

    • ldytrjn

      Really? Swagger jacking from the one, the only, the original “Big Balls” Pete Carroll is not becoming. And if you really “showed who the better team was in the 4th quarter” you would’ve won the game. You even had the help of the refs and couldn’t get it done. So just swallow that down and accept it.

      But congrats on the win today. With the refs on your side and some piss poor clock management, you guys totally pulled it off. Also it makes us look even better so I look forward to USC being ranked even higher come the final AP poll.

  66. DuckFan20

    We won the big game, Rose Bowl Champs. Were’s USC oh chillin at home.

  67. Bob

    Arrogrunt Puddle: “They can’t win a Rose Bowl.”

    Credibility is so fleeting…

    Oregon: PAC-12 Champs! Rose Bowl Champs! Ranked higher than USuC!

    Get over it. Get used to it!

    • Zack Jerome

      You talk a lot of smack for doing something SC has done like four times in the last ten years (not counting orange bowls) in a year you lost to sc.

      Like I said, congrats on a tight win over 10 ranked wisconsin and your first rose bow in almost 100 years. See you at the coliseum.

  68. thekatman

    SC will beat Oregon in the Coliseum on 11/03/12, and again in the Coliseum on 11/30/12. Oregon has a gimmiky offense, a decent defense, and fat faced puke of a coach who runs FCS style gimmiky offenses. Everyone is all up on the speed factor now, as teams are conditioning up. Conisdering Oregon runs 6 plays with variations, becasue the players can’t remember more than that, the defenses are getting alot smarter about playing their gaps and being focused on their responsibilities. Remember, “oh-we’re-gone” doffense is based on spreading out wide, fast and speed. DAT is fast, for sure, but not as fast, nor as big as George Farmer. Farmer beat DAT in the track meets in high school.

    SC has your number, and they will dominte in 2012, 2013. Oregon could win out in 2014 due to the schollie limitations that USC will have to endure…. unless the lawyers make their case to the NCAA and the NCAA withdraws years 2 & 3 of the schollie limitations. That remains to be seen.

    So with that said, congrats on the Wisco win. Enjoy it while you can, and be nice about you wins. The only thing more irritating and disturbing than an “oh-we’re-gone” fan is a 15 year old girl haing menstrual cramps, and well, that’s a very close tie.

  69. Us, Duck fans are not fans because they are consistant winners and we jump on the bandwagon when it’s the hip thing to do. We are fans because we are devoted, we are Ducks, and we WinTheDay. Noboby cares how many championships SC has won…tell me this…would you all be running your mouths on here if your team hadn’t won more bowl games than Oregon??? No you wouldn’t!!! The fact is, we are Rose Bowl Champs and regardless of how many years there were between victories we are still the reigning CHAMPIONS. NOT the Trojans 🙂

    • Zack Jerome

      we beat you last year, dudette. be proud of your lone rose bowl win which you earned by virtue of not having to play us again.

    • Louis

      “Noboby” may not care but this USC fan who has been on the “bandwagon” since 1958 does. You “quackers’ finally WON another big game, as Zack said enjoy it while you can.

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    write otherwise it is complicated to write.

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