Arrogant Game Recap: UCLA Bruins

With the amount of caviar and vintage champagne I partake of in any given weekend, I found it hard to determine the proper way to celebrate the victory over UCLA on Saturday night.  I mean, after the Oregon win, I opened something special, brought it to and Oregon fan’s place and proceeded to pour it in their toilet then flush.  That was representative of their “national title” hopes.  So if pouring a bottle of fine bubbly from the early 90s down a toilet was the Oregon celebration, what on earth could I do after we beat UCLA 50-0?  I mean, how do you go big enough to encapsulate the public execution that went down at the Coliseum?

50 to 0.  I want to extrapolate the number as much as possible.  There are fifty states in America.  USC scored one point for every state in the Union and UCLA didn’t bother to post one for Puerto Rico.

I am struggling for comparisons.  I mean, since I got into USC in 2001, we’ve beaten down teams in a thousand different ways, but I don’t really recall us beating a team down exactly like this.  This was about as hard as a beating could get.  We’ve won 12 of 13 years now and none of those 12 was this thorough of an ass-kicking.  I swear this was so embarrassing I was mostly just laughing during the game and at a certain point I had that Braveheart moment where I just hoped we would cut their heads off and end the torture.

Rick Neuhiesel’s “gap” comment, about how he felt in his 4 years UCLA had competitively grown closer to USC, kept getting more and more cryptic.  I kept trying to figure out what gap he meant. I know he didn’t mean football because this was the worst UCLA bear slaughter since the second year of the “rivalry”, at which point movies were black and white, we hadn’t fought WWII, people were stoked alcohol was legal again and all the dead people in the baseball hall of fame were still playing.

So basically, no one you know or anyone they know ever saw UCLA get it’s ass handed to it as badly as it did the other night.  Frankly, we kept trying to hand them their ass and they kept giving it back to us and seemingly begging us to hand it back to them, like some sort of golden retriever with a learning disability.

So what was this gap?  Was it the gap between Coach Rick’s facial features and his hairline?  Rick, wearing your headset like an 80s headband doesn’t fool anyone.  Shave your head, be a man.  The only thing that fooled us less was your “pistol” offense, which I am pretty sure was the culmination of a 3rd grader’s homemade dinosaur drawing and something you scribbled on a bar napkin when you were drinking to the point you came up with that whole “close the gap” quote.

Maybe the gap Rick meant was between him and the unemployment line?  UCLA is so pathetic at this point their entire fan base is actually enjoying this part of the post because they want Rick gone more than anyone.  And they got their wish.  We beat down UCLA so damn hard that they fired their head coach before the Pac 12 Championship game.  Holy shit, UCLA.

I mean, we knew Rick was gone, but you clowns made it out like you’d evaluate it after the championship, allowing Rick to say even MORE ridiculous “move the needle” and “passion bucket” quotes before ultimately succumbing to pressure from Bruins everywhere to fire him.  Even better, we beat UCLA so hard they actually cared about football enough to outcry against their coach.

Damn.  That’s an ass kicking.

The reality is, and I know this is pretty damn arrogant, but UCLA is dead.  It’s over.  Anything new that comes from Westwood would essentially be a new team.  The rivalry is over.  Maybe it is just on hold, and frankly that’s what I want to believe, but I am almost starting to feel bad for them.

It’s not about a new head coach or AD.  It’s a general mindset thing.  We’re Darth Vader, they are Luke Skywalker (both characters created by a Trojan, btw).  This has always worked.  Darth Vader killed way more dudes, sold way more lunchboxes and Luke kept it interesting because he had a puncher’s chance to win here and there.  He also made out with his sister (total Bruin).

Except UCLA has given up.  Dan Guerrero let Neuheisel writhe on the stake for a couple days, letting him continue to explain how in his balding head UCLA is still on the right path before firing him before a title game.

Pathetic.  If you want to read the definition of everything you don’t want your team, your fanbase and student body to be, check out Bruins Nation and all the whining going on there.  I admire that after 50-0 they have figured out they are a garbage sandwich, just not sure they even understand how bad it is.

That said, the comments section of every article about the game is a dream come true for Trojans.  It’s a bunch of Bruin “fans” pretending we “cheated” (since they don’t actually know what our sanctions were for) and whining and calling for everyone at Morgan Hall’s head.  It’s amazing.  It’s the scene in a movie you never get to see.  In the movies, you see the hero leave the exploding building.  This is like getting to watch the clean up crew going through the dead bear meat and complaining about their 401Ks.  It’s watching the “I’ll see you next time” villain when he gets home, sits on the couch for a microwave meal in his sweatpants watching porn and crying.  That’s what these comment threads are like.

I give it two arrogant thumbs up.

I guess I ask this question.  If UCLA was “sanctioned” like we were (although I doubt they’ve had a player in years that a shady agent would even attempt to pay), do you think they’d have been on the sidelines dancing like they didn’t give a shit kicking our ass?

No.  But we were and we did.  10 wins capped with the worst ass kicking of UCLA we may ever see. Oh, man.  UCLA…

They come prancing out in white uniforms and get absolutely dismantled on television.  USC scored whenever it wanted to, however it wanted to. Wearing white to that game was like wearing white to an Italian restaurant without silverware.  They were just easels for blood, grass stains and Cardinal that came off our helmets.

My pregame prediction was wildly arrogant, even by my standards, but it was the most accurate ever.  We scored as much as we wanted to and we let them score as much as we wanted to.

There was actually nothing positive to be said about UCLA’s performance other than that eventually it stopped and they got to go home.

Robert Woods went for 100+ and he has needed surgery for over two months.  Marqise Lee got more tired from scoring touchdowns than from evading defenders.  Matt Barkley threw six touchdowns.  Curtis McNeal ran wherever he wanted to.  Hell, Kyle Negrete (the best thing to happen to our punting game since Tom the Bomb Malone) even punted the ball like a monster.

Let’s just say it.  UCLA played like a high school team.   They are a high school team.  They spent the week talking about closing the gap, about feeling good and playing good in new uniforms and about the “chance to compete for a Pac 12 title”.  Then they come on the field, take a bottle of pills and let a sellout crowd watch them choke to death on their own vomit.

Could anything be more self-deprecating and pride-swallowing than applying for a 6-7 record bowl exemption prior to playing USC or Oregon?  Loser mentality.  Just brutally embarrassing.  Make it stop!

I was embarrassed to be a Trojan on Saturday for a few minutes because we are apparently “rivals” with UCLA.  I want to think about our rivalry like this:

Except it always seems to look like this:

Before I continue, I want to extend an olive branch to UCLA fans.  I am rooting for Dan Guerrero to fire himself.  I am rooting for the madness to end.  It’s not about you.  WE deserve better than this.

That said, you fucked with tradition and wore white, a shade Coach Lane Fucking Kiffin has claimed his own, and the football gods punished you.  Honestly, I think the Pac 12 Championship is must-see TV.  What on EARTH will that be like?

Let’s now get to that.

Are you happy, Larry Scott?  Ticket prices for your CHAMPIONSHIP are the lowest of any conference, averaging around 22 dollars, which costs less than the drink I just ordered.  You have two teams playing that never held a lead against USC this season.  But seriously, we’re dying to see who the champ is…

You could have stood up for your money maker and let USC play if they had won, but you didn’t.  And that’s fine, you are the asshole left standing with a conference championship that will be about as watched as a rerun of Next Iron Chef.   Honestly though, that is your problem.  You won’t put an asterisk on that game.  You won’t do anything because you aren’t good at your job.

The problem is that you and your cronies felt the need to put out a statement that USC could “claim in finished first, but not call itself Pac 12 South Champions”.  For a guy who apparently thought USC was treated unfairly by the NCAA, you sure learned how to act just like them.

The only bylaw in the Pac 12 rules that covers this (not that you couldn’t change it) is this:

“Eligibility for Conference Championships.

An institution prohibited from competing in post-season competition by the NCAA or the Conference shall not be eligible for the Conference Championship in the cited sport(s), but its games against Conference opponents shall count in the Conference standings. Such an institution also may not compete in a Conference event that determines the Conference’s automatic qualifier for the NCAA Championship in that sport. (12/81, 6/03)”

It doesn’t say anything about claiming the title of Champion, something I am pretty sure no one else in the south would try doing, and certainly not the 50-0 spanked, 6-6 Bruin cheerleading squad you prefer in the “title game”.

Honestly, Larry.  You did the impossible.  Pat Haden has been dignified and quiet through the sanctions that now seem like bullshit, through your flip-flopping from thinking they are unfair to treating us just as badly as the NCAA, to fining our coach and providing no answers to penalties even ESPN couldn’t figure out.  He’s been the picture of compliance.

But when you and your idiot staff issued the edict that USC could claim it finished “first” but not claim it was “champion”, Pat Haden went out and had t-shirts made:

Pat Haden told you to fuck off, Larry and now I am DYING to see your next move.  Guess what?  We did claim we were the South Champs.  You don’t need to worry about us hanging a banner (it’s not an achievement we’d brag about) because we’ve had to take down more Heisman banners than most schools in the Pac 12 have ever won, but you should realize that we just told you to eat a fat one.  What are you going to do?  You can’t be half pregnant, Larry.  We just called you out on your BS.  Actually, Pat Haden, a man so compliant he reported a player taking a golf cart ride across campus from another student called you out.

And on top of that, you are bald!  Rough week, Larry.  We look forward to the overnight ratings on your Oregon/UCLA debut of the “championship”.  I’ll tune in before I go out and do something else.

The thing is, this isn’t just about us.  I mean that.  We’re all pretty stoked on our 10-2 season that no one thought we could do.  We’re all pretty stoked about the fact Barkley or not, we’re going to be good next season and for years to come.  We’re stoked that we’ve been redshirting players like crazy to counteract the 3 years of schollie reductions.    This isn’t just about us…

Larry, you failed the fans, you failed Oregon (who doesn’t get a redemption shot at a team that they never held a lead against) and you failed the most basic test a commissioner needs to pass 9 of 10 times.  You need to do what is right for the players, your student-athletes.  No one wants this game.  Not Oregon.  Not UCLA.  Not us.

You think the country would like to see Oregon and USC suit up again?

Just tell me, Larry.  What does UCLA learn from the beating they will take on Friday (great day to schedule a game, asshole)?  What will Oregon learn from playing a 6-6 team who after they lose won’t be bowl eligible.  It’s insane.

It’s all about your hope of getting 2 teams on the BCS payroll, and I get that, but why don’t you just say it instead of being a bald, coward and sweeping it under the rug.  The way you earn national respect isn’t by scheduling games at weird times, adding crappy teams to the conference, signing TV deals that prove nothing but your ability to hit a 6 inch putt or ignoring requests for explanations on calls the whole media universe knew deserved explanations.

You do it by letting the players compete.   You’ve become the NCAA.  No need to explain how being “first” is different than “champion” (look up the definition of champion, Larry).  No need to explain mistakes.  No need to do what’s best for the conference and the players.  Just a need to do whatever makes it seem like you are in control.

You aren’t.  I call for USC secession.  What is the point of being in a conference where your commissioner doesn’t have your back?  Why let us play at all if you are going to make us pretend we didn’t win our division?  The answer is that you don’t know and that’s why you can’t explain it.

The only things more pathetic than how the Pac 12 has handled USC are UCLA’s performance on Saturday and the Championship Game on Friday that will be so lopsided, so uninteresting and so inexplicable that it will only further the negative perceptions that the Pac 12 can’t compete nationally.  I am sure SEC fans will truly be impressed with Oregon defecating all over UCLA after losing to LSU without some of the Tigers key starters.

Building that brand, Larry!

You are disgracing USC, but perhaps in this situation more importantly, you are disgracing UCLA and Oregon, who are playing for a fake title and they know it.  It was not the NCAA who said we couldn’t play in this game.  It was you, Larry.  You made the rules for a title game last year when we decided to have a title.  You hoped it would work out differently, but it didn’t.

In the end, you reap what you sow.  Just hoping you teach your kids what you won’t teach your student athletes.  I’m hoping you teach them about competition and mercy and humility.  I feel sorry for UCLA being lead to the abattoir.  I feel sorry for Oregon not getting the chance to compete against USC.  I feel sorry for USC for having do deal with pedantic explanations from a conference that clearly is becoming the NCAA’s lap dog.

Mostly, I feel sorry for the fans who have to watch this game.

Enough of that.  I need a pick-me-up.  Hey, remember that time we beat UCLA 50 to 0?  That was crazy.  Remember how we went for two and then on fourth down we ran the same play for a TD?  That was hilarious.


A little love from the Bearfighter.  Thank you to everyone who tuned in this season.  I have one more post for sure, my note to Matt Barkley and my reasons he should stay.  That said, he knows I support him either way (I texted him that the other day).  He’s our guy whether it’s in the pros or winning it all next year (all I care about are Rose Bowls).

I met a lot more of you that I had the year before.  I will be back for another year.

At 10-2, winning the South and Matt in the Heisman conversation, we pretty much achieved most of what we set out to do.

USC is on the upswing.  We’re hot sauce again and we pretty much were the whole time.  We never lost the lead against both teams in the “championship” and for those of you worried about Matt leaving, remember this.

After Palmer left, we got Leinart.  The greatest gift Matt and Kiff and Woods and Lee and Bailey and Robey and McDonald and Co gave USC is that they made us a program again, not a probation.

It’s going to be sunny skies.  The bearfighter told you it would be from day one.

FTFO.  We’re almost done.


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  1. Four more years! Four more years!
    Well, it didn’t happen.
    Neuheisal lost his job on Sunday and found out about it while filming a Fox interview prepping for the Pac-12 CG. As much as I don’t care for the man as a coach, I felt saddened by the fact that his AD, whom he worked with for 4 years, treated him with such disrespect… like a cast off from the high school Mean Girls team.

    Neuheisal’s interview on the Dan Patrick Show this morning was a good one, and yes, he spun his story around like N-usual. He had a 5th year left on the contract so now it’s time to find another door to open Rick. Let’s just hope it’s not in the Pac-12, as we already have too many football programs that are not up to par and don’t need another one.

    Can you do us a favor though? At leat make the game a close one?
    Oregon is favored by 30.5 and we’d like to see your team put up a good fight.
    Just have a couple of your defensive linemen take out LaToya James and trip up DAT a whole lot.

    Fight On brothers and sisters.
    Beat everybody!

  2. Jeremy Andres

    HEY! You used my demotivational poster in your post! I’m so honored. Thank you so much!

  3. Alan

    people with too much time on their hands…

    • alwaystara

      every single second devoted to celebrating ucLame scoring ZERO points and giving up HALF A HUNDRED(!!!) is time well spent.

  4. What’s so moderate about my comments? 🙂

  5. Spencer


    I like to think of those white uniforms they wore as surrender flags. It was a great foreshadowing of the Greatest Bear Massacre to ever take place. FTFO!

  6. Ian

    Dear my favorite Trojan,

    I would like nothing better than to see your response to this post: I’m happy to contribute material but you should be the one to put this all into perspective. I’m quite proud to be a Trojan reading this guy’s thoughts:

    • Zack Jerome

      Oh man, let the whiner whine.

    • GL

      If Bruin Nation was as arrogant as we are, they would allow comments to post the same day you create your account. But no, they make you wait 2 days…

      … And really all I wanted to say was my little anecdote about my freshman year orientation and how bRuins are bred to hate Trojans, where we Trojans don’t really give a shit.

      LFKB and FTFO!

    • Matt

      That guy should not have written that post, just look at his conclusion. Let me explain.

      He writes, ” A few weeks ago I went to lunch with a client.” Ok fine, I’ll accept that–he has a job. For those that don’t know (i.e., Bruins), when you’re in the service industry, the people YOU WORK FOR, are called your “clients.” He continues saying that the client is a Trojan Alum and the alum told him the following joke: “He [the client] laughed and asked, “What does a UCLA grad call an SC grad?” I shook my head. “Boss,” he said.”

      The alum was just telling him the truth, and he proved it! haha.

    • SCchick

      Oh my goodness, could this bRuin cry any harder?! It’s bad enough that a grown ass man would write such a whiney post. But all of his so-called examples of us being arrogant were clearly provoked by a bunch of unclassy bRuins. To top it off, his conclusion is really all you need to hear! UGH, sack up buddy. There’s a reason Trojan men are the best around 😉

    • JT

      Wow, bragging about throwing beer at an old lady’s car and being one of a bus load of Bruins picking a fight with one Trojan and trashing his watch. And this guy’s in his 30’s, Sad really.

    • ucla is second only to notre dame when it comes to living through the past glory days to ease the pain of what a joke your football program has become…

      I remember the 90’s too…the music sucked, and Hammer pants were in style.

      Know what I remember even more vividly?


    • Victor

      Cry me a river, Ian.

      Enjoy your public school degree.

    • That post is just ridiculous. One word: ‘Scoreboard’

      I don’t care if we won in the 90’s that’s the past. We win now. And the part about ‘boss’ was great!

  7. Rich West

    There it is. The definitive wrap-up of the worst/best game I have ever seen in person. 50-0. UCLA fires coach shortly after. USC beats BOTH teams in the “championship”. Pinch me, am I dreaming? Well done, as always, Zack.

  8. JZ (real initials too)

    Beautiful. I’d also like to mention how while the PAC-12 has Oregon North Champ shirts up, there’s nothing on UCLA. Even more contradiction. Would like to see a Larry Scott explanation on that especially since we have such arrogant shirts from Haden (which btw I REALLY want).

  9. This season will surely go down as one of the greatest in the storied history of USC Football. The Men of Troy played for nothing but pride, and to make a statement to the rest of the world: WE ARE!! S-C!! I continue to savor our victory against whOregon and the fact that we played Luck Farmers to almost a standoff. The epic beat down of the bRuins was simply icing on the cake, frosted in Cardinal and Gold and adorned with rubies.

    Having said that, your blog made these last two years of NCAA exile not only bearable, but oh, so enjoyable. I truly believe that you were the kindling that helped spark our return and prominence back into the national conversation (LFKB was the flint; Barks and Co. were the glorious fuel; Arrogant Nation provided the oxygen). You most certainly were in the forefront in pointing out that Emperor Larry Scott had no clothes (and showed him to be not unlike that mewling infant-thing in the train station scene at the end of the Harry Potter saga).

    Thank you for your magnificent blog. Thank you for lifting The Trojan Faithful out of sanction-induced complancency and transmogrifying into Arrogant Nation. Well done, sir.

  10. Jeff

    The TMB has its end of the year banquet on Friday…not even going to bother with the championship game.

  11. Fatima Szo


    Quick observation as I relived the moments of the public ass whooping by re-watching the execution on my DVR: Was it just me or did Rick N’s facial expression every time they did a close up of him appear as though he crapped himself at the onset of the game and had to sit & lurk around in the stank uncomfortable stench for the rest of the game? He just had that “I just ate a big fat shite sandwich” look. Just saying….

    Once again, you complete me. FTFO and Viva L’Arrogant Nation!

  12. Tunzelpang

    Even though the Oregon post marked the peak of arrogance, I think this one is the best of them all. My freshman year was 2003, our split NC with LSU, and it feels like deja vu. Except this time around, I don’t see us losing either Kiffin (both of them) or Coach O to another school. Both of them left, things didn’t work out, and now they’re back home. Can you imagine? Kiffin(s), Coach O and Baxter for YEARS to come. Not that we really went anywhere, but WE’RE BAAAAAAAAACK 😀

    P.S. Negrete is awesome, but Tom Malone’s kicks were freakishly good…

  13. Matt

    What a great post. I stumbled upon your blog last year, and am sure glad I did. I now know a bunch of people that read the posts and it’s definitely spread. Keep up the great work, you make me proud to be a Trojan.

    Fight on!

  14. USC TMB Silk

    Have you read this crap on the bRuin nation site? “Matt Barkley, Southern Cal – despite his shit-eating grin and his continued lack of sportsmanship, Cheatey’s boy-pal threw for 423 yards on a 35 of 42 performance with 6 TDs against our very own Vespa clowns.” “Flock you, Matt Barkley. You can have your stupid grin and your gap and your stupid t-shirt, but guess what: your school cheated and now you get to sit at home and watch the bowl games. Eat that. Projection: No Bowl.”
    Wtf? Fuck those guys. They’re just bitter they bRuined their lives.

  15. G. Koop

    Enjoyed reading your post as much as watching every second of that blood bath of a football game. Thanks and keep it up!!!

  16. Indira Persad

    Nice shout-out to Tom Malone! i miss that guy, what’s he doing these days? anyone know?

    P.S. Ditto EVERYTHING that Steve Ortiz said in his comment. Some serious props to you bro 🙂

  17. The comments in that “I hate USC” rant are priceless! All their complaints are along the lines of “They’re all luxury-coupe driving, arrogant rich boys.” Funny, because that’s all the stuff I LOVE about USC.

    The best thing about that game is the complete silence from trash-talking bruins afterwards. How do you answer 50-0?

  18. Ryan

    I love this blog. Arrogant Nation indeed. I started SC in 2001 after growing up as a Bruin fan. Sophmore year of highschool I realized I didn’t have the grades to go to UCLA, decided fuck that go, Trojans! Bruin fans are about to get smug about competitiveness that I didn’t have the grades to go to Westwood when if they shut up they could learn a thing or two.

    UC admissions at the time basically consisted of multiplying your GPA by your sat score and if it meets a minimum you are guaranteed admission somewhere in the UC system. I hated highschool, and was more interested in getting (not)laid and smoking weed then worrying about whether a certain AP score was good enough for some faceless bureaucrat. USC does not have a standard admission system the way the UC system does. I applied to the USC School of Planning and Development through their Sacramento Political Studies Center. I had an admissions interview where I was laughed at (literally the woman laughed) because I had a 2.9 GPA and my SAT score was high but not high enough to ignore that

    There are smart kids who worked harder then me all through highschool to maintain 3.7 GPA that were not worthy of being Trojans. So while you were studying honors English I was doing bong loads and I got in and you didn’t. To the Bruins this is criminally unfair. Whine, Whine, Whine.

    I feel like the Trojans already get it. Arrogant Nation is pulling out your USC admission letter and showing your English teacher as she tells you she is worried about your lack of concern about a D-.

    • Rick

      I don’t think you getting hired to clean the toilets in VKC counts as actually going to USC.

    • Kaleb

      Keep trolling buddy.

    • Irony

      So essentially you’re telling us that you probably displaced some far more qualified kid who could go on to do great things in life because he has the motivation and work ethic gained through hard-work in high school. Wow, you must feel accomplished now.

      • Ryan

        No its more like everyone misses the point. The smartest kid in class isn’t the one with the 4.0 GPA doing the same thing everyone else’s just working 10% harder. UCLA has a formula and they run you through a computer and you qualify or you don’t. I wouldn’t have. I have severe learning disabilities. I can’t do math. I can’t do math so bad that I had a 1390 SAT score 760 verbal can’t tell you the math score because I don’t remember it and am not about to stop typing to add two numbers. High School was bullshit and its about conformity and compliance not education and I hated it because I couldn’t have succeeded in it if I wanted to.

        Some bitchy USC representative in my admission interview for USC laughed in my God damn face at the idea that I thought I could go there. She Simon Cowled me when she was an adult and I was a kid. It sucked but it was a wake up call. USC has a Sacramento Campus. I looked into. I applied to California Boys State, which im not going to explain but its competitive, and it got me to Sacramento as part of a youth political simulation where I dominated my opponents in front folks from USC. I was also an Eagle Scout and a bunch of other shit.

        BRUIN arrogance thinks I clean toilets in VKC. I say wouldn’t be ashamed if I did. The guys cleaning the VKC toilets wear Cardinal and Gold on the weekends. Trojan Family Man. We are better then the Westwood mindset not the people that help our community function.

        I didn’t displace anybody. It was USC’s spot to decide and I impressed the fuck out of them in a lot of unconventional ways. To get into UCLA they have a whole complicated explanation of an impersonal format you get run through that tells you if you are good enough. To get into USC someone at USC just has to think you build the brand enough to want you. In trying to shame me about taking some poor hardworking kid who would have done magical things with his life, I do want to point out that you are admitting that USC is a magical place that if you are good enough to get into will let you change the world. If he would of done shit at USC he will do it elsewhere. Its Attitude, attitude, attitude. UCLA hates us because they feel like they are winners because they are good hardworking people that try hard and it feels great until they look at us and realize we are winners because we fucking won something.

        Arrogance is a gatekeeper, motivator, strategy for success, lots of fun, and also something successful people care a lot less about then most Bruins will ever understand.

        You say we are cheaters I say fuck you. You say were arrogant I say fuck you twice, we were humbly blessed with admission into the finest university known to man.

    • Trojan Lady

      this makes us look bad, sorry. That may have been then, but these days.. I don’t think you have any idea how hard it is to be accepted to SC & how hard students work in high school to be able to come.

  19. Awesome! You used the Siri Iphone pic I posted on the FB page, that thing is epic. Fight On!

  20. HONORED to have my Derp UCLA logo used as the opener to article!

    Just doing my duty as a Trojan. 😀

  21. Csetset

    “But when you and your idiot staff issued the edict that USC could claim it finished “first” but not claim it was “champion”, Pat Haden went out and had t-shirts made:”

    You know you’ve fucked up when even Pat Haden gives you the middle finger. Pat freaking Haden.

    Your analysis of Larry Scott is just about spot on. He is by far the worst commissioner I’ve ever seen in every aspect…for the conference, for the student athletes, for the team management, and for the fans.

    But the one thing about USC is that we have this ability to not just tell the world, but show them, who sucks. NCAA, Neuheisel, and Larry Scott is next.

  22. Jim

    Love the arrogance and the recap!!! 50-0 is not only the margin of the Ruins worst loss to USC in 81 years, it’s just a damn catchy number. I’ll name my next kid that. And yes, wandering over to is the bestest schadenfreude. I always laugh at the Ruin geeks using pseudonyms of the Greeks from the Iliad. It’s like meeting the guys from Lambda Lambda Lambda and finding out they’ve changed their names to Chuck Norris, Clint Eastwood, and Charles Bronson. Seriously. If you ever meet ‘Nestor’ in person, it’s like meeting the real life version of Urkel.

    However, I’ll confess, I’m a bit conflicted about the Ruins. Part of me really wants to the Ruins to pull of the miracle of miracles and beat the Floats in the P12 CCG. There’s something really appealling in sick way (like looking at a car accident while driving by) about the prospect of a Rose Bowl with the Big-10 champs(either Wiscy or Sparty) vs. the Ruins as the crappiest Rose Bowl team in history. Does wanting that scenario to play out so Larry Scott, the Pac-12, the Rose Bowl, Jim Delany, and the Big-10 can end up looking like even bigger a$$es make me a bad Trojan? Even Tom Hansen wouldn’t have screwed thing up that badly.

  23. madmarkus

    As a new denizen in the Arrogant Nation (I just ordered my AN t-shirt last night, and will be sporting it proudly throughout the off-season), I eagerly awaited this AGR, wondering how the hell the Bearfighter, or anyone, could stay crazy arrogant after we basically played four quarters with no opposing team even on the field. Poor Traveler was tired. The answer, thrash Larry the Cable Guy as bad as the Trojans thrashed the baby bears. Friggin awesome.

    Nobody has called you out on this yet so I will. Your 8 TD to none prediction was off by 6 whole points, you hack. Although I guess if LFK had gone for two all 7 times you would have essentially nailed it, so a gold star and a tip of the tumbler to ya, bro. Think of the whining from whestwood if we had gone for two all night long. Keep that beautiful thought in your heart, and I’ll c ya next year.

    • Zack Jerome

      cheers and welcome. stick around while i dick around in the offseason. it’s not my favorite time of year, but i’ll make you laugh.

  24. frank c

    Something has to be done or said about Lane not being Coach of the Year in the Pac 12 or all of college football.
    That David Shaw was named coach of the year in PAC 12 and not even getting to the championship game. He took a sure thing Heisman candidate winner Luck and turned it into a qb who can throw a ball past 10 yards. Whereas Lane takes a depleted program and wins his division and creates a true Heisman quarterback. THIS IS A TRAVESTY!!!

    But we will prevail and we will return.

    Check this out


  25. Keeley

    Your posts just get better and better, Z.

  26. idisapprove

    I had the option of UCLA and USC (unlike most of the USC student body) but picked UCLA for academics. Rants like this (which I did not have time to read fully since UCLA has final exams) highlight what USC students value and make the whole school look bad, seeing as schools are great based on academics, not on throwing a ball after being offered illegal terms. We are at school to study.

    • Zack Jerome

      if you are at school to study, why are you commenting on this blog? also, your school fell below us academically in a poll you have held over our heads for years. so, basically your school is bad at both.

    • Trojan Nation

      I did a short stint at USC admissions last year (after I took the CA bar but before I took my current job as an attorney) and I was amazed at how many kids were appealing their USC rejections by showing us their berkeley and ucla acceptance letters. So maybe 15 or 20 years ago, ucla was seen as a competitive school to get into, but that all changed .. awhile ago.

      Also, not only do you not make sense, you don’t know what you’re talking about by stating something regarding “being offered illegal terms.” I’d expect a phrase like that out of a fifth grader.

      Finally, in terms of what USC students and alumni value, one thing we value is comradery, which is what this blog is about. We support each other through thick and thin – and that’s something a bruin will never understand.

      Fight On, Trojans!

  27. Victor

    High up in the hills of Westwood
    Sprawled offensive to the eye
    Lies a Cal extension campus
    Known as Westwood High (high high high)

    Home of all the Bruin bear cubs
    UGLY is its name
    The student body’s vile
    The football team’s a pile
    and the campus is a shame!

    U (clap clap clap) G (clap clap clap) L (clap clap clap) Y (clap clap clap)…. U G L Y Eat My Shorts!

    • TrojanAlum2011

      I was screaming this in the middle of the student section. I wish more people knew it so it really could have been thundering through the Coli. So much love for this blog, the failure that is UCLA, and the triumph of the Trojans. Sincerely missing my time as a student athlete, and reminiSCing about how Women’s T&F hasn’t lost to UCLA in four years. FTFO!!

  28. I have one message that I would like to offer my fellow Trojans, the players and coaching staff, our President Max Nikias, and our Board of Trustees.

    Arrogant Nation, more so I think than any single entity, has taken shock and disappointment and created a brand of Trojan pride, honor and yes Arrogance that this University hasn’t seen in a long time. Of course we’ve always had it, but now we have a unified front that through this blog, our support and our players outstanding efforts have said piss off to the NCAA for the past 2 years! He has created a brand of SC arrogance, pride and support that transcends not only our team but our entire Alma Mater.

    We now see the end of the tunnel. We are getting closer and closer to the “privilege and opportunity” to play a bowl game again. Yet despite the NCAA imposing the harshest sanctions in college history on allegations that were far from equally significant, we have built one of the strongest teams in the country, and we are at the top of our conference. Next year the possibilities endless.

    How incredible then would it be to walk onto the national stage next year, after all the initial bloom, after realizing two years to glory, to be offered a bowl game, any bowl game, even the title and hold a press conference telling the NCAA in clear respectful terms that they do not deserve the honor of our presence? That we have been too busy competing and winning to knell to their pathetic opportunity.

    That would create the most confident and arrogant frenzy that a school coming out of BS sanctions could ever make. Some of you are thinking this would be the worst thing a team could do. I argue contrary.
    Firstly, our revenue and recruiting ability isn’t suffering. At All.
    Second, consider the economic impact we would have just caused the NCAA. Hmmmm, I’m getting hungry.
    Lastly, everyone likes a rebel. Our reputation would be sky high, what school has the balls to say NO to the NCAA?! We’d only have to do it once. It’s not like the following year we couldn’t be invited back. And what player wouldn’t want to play for a school who just made it rain Krugerrands like it was the bloody rain forest? True or False, publicity makes money, lots of money? People like to work with people that make it happen, that have that fire, and that win. Like I said everybody likes a rebel, especially when their cause is honorable. Point in fact, Apple: Steve Jobs, the ultimate rebel. RIP Sir.

    It would be the most arrogant coup de grâce that one could preform and I believe it would far from hurt our school. But such a stunt must have the support from the leadership of the school. We must be man enough to look a bully back into the eyes, no matter what the cost, and say screw you. Like Tom Cruise said in Risky Business, sometimes you just gotta say fuck it.

  29. RJW'90

    50-0!!! We’ll never hear about 13-9 again. The Uclol team played so badly, my better half and I wondered if their quarterback couldn’t recognize his receivers without names printed on those glistening white jerseys. We’re also waiting to see if bruins nations starts screaming “Those cheating Trojans spiked our Gatorade with muscle relaxants and Valium!” (U¢la certainly appeared sedated.)

    The sight of the little bruins having their little guts ripped out as our guys danced on the sidelines was funny; the “Arrogant Game Recap” was hilarious and intensified the joy. Thank you for making me laugh for the past year. Trojan Arrogance is actually pride in accomplishment,so take a bow,Mr. Jerome.


  30. Pingback: Video Anak Kecil « CITRO MADURA

  31. BT

    A friend of mine who lives in Southern California but doesn’t really follow sports came down to Los Angeles for a weekend and at dinner was asking me questions about the USC Football Program and the sanctions. Over old fashioneds and a steak dinner at one of the finest restaurants in LA I explained to her what happened with Reggie Bush, the ensuing sanctions, why Larry Scott is a total douchebag, etc. After this, she responded “that just seems ridiculous that they would do that on such little evidence. And how come the conference didn’t have your guys’s back?” So I explained to her what has been implied on this blog countless times but hasn’t been explicitly said until now (I think…I have to admit I have skimmed some of the posts over the course of the year).

    USC is BIGGER than the NCAA, the Pac-12, and Larry Scott’s shiny bald head. That’s what everyone knows but is too terrified to say out loud, and it’s why we were unfairly sanctioned by a Chairman who over a program with 100+ players getting yacht sex cocaine parties and abortions from a Bernie Madoff’s spinoff ponzi-schemer twin if Bernie were to have had sex with one of the munchkins from the Wizard of Oz. USC had gotten bigger than college football itself when Will Ferrell, Snoop, Nick Lachey, and every other A thru D list celebrity showed up at our games and Pete was Soulja Boy-ing on the sidelines with Leinart and Reggie. Leinart wasn’t a student but rather a celebrity that happened to play football for us. So yes, our arrogance made us into a mythical superteam that was bigger than everything else in college football and IT SCARED THE SHIT OUT OF THE NCAA. So they tried to sanction us back down to reality.

    Well nice try, but the Trojans are still bigger than the NCAA and the Pac-12 and Larry Scott all but admitted it when he fined Lane for pointing out bad officiating rather than answer his perfectly legitimate question. I’m all for the secession idea. Larry Scott knows if USC left the Pac-12 they’d become a glorified version of the WAC, but without Boise State. Have fun in a conference where your best team hasn’t won a Rose Bowl since before World War 1 and the next closest thing is losing their once-in-a-generation quarterback and will soon relegate back to their 4-win season ways of the past. I’d love to see USC threaten to recede and watch Larry Scott yank out the one remaining hair in his head in fear as he simultaneously shits his pants and prays that Sarkisian is as good as Kiffin (he’s not). FTFO!

  32. Trojan 4 Life

    How crazy majestic does LFK look in this pic? Glowing like an angel.

  33. Going for 2

    There was even more arrogance just a few minutes after the game ended! Arthur C. Bartner already had The Spirit of Troy (the most arrogant band in the nation) played Tusk once in the post-game concert, and when he saw that high school band trying to get out, he graciously played them off the field with an encore of the classic. There were plenty of Trojans in the stands to remind them that U-C-L-A SUCKS! I couldn’t let that exemplary act of arrogance go unnoticed.

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