UCLA Reaches New Low

Really, UCLA?

If you turn down your television, your console, your iPod and you turn off your AC, you can hear something peculiar in the distance.  It’s a tearing sound.  It’s a ripping sound.  It’s UCLA loyalists shredding their powder blue fan gear.

Actually, they aren’t doing this, but they should be.  UCLA is going for a new low.  Not a new low for them.  Not a new low for Pac 12 football.  A new low for football in general.

My post the other day encapsulating the 50-0 execution our Trojans gave the baby bears was considered by many readers to be the most punishing, scathing beat-down UCLA has received via the written word.  It marked the highest single day readership of this blog in it’s illustrious history from being recognized by LA Weekly to being CBS’ Most Valuable Sports Blogger this year.  I covered everything imaginable about how UCLA prepared wrong, they dressed wrong, they played wrong and they reacted wrong.

That game was like showing up to a test hungover, puking on your test, puking on your professor, trying to explain yourself then puking on your professor again, slipping on your puke and becoming paralyzed, recovering miraculously and learning to walk again, going outside and getting hit by a car the minute you leave the hospital and then everyone you know pukes and goes to the movies pretending it never happened.

All of that led me to predict that UCLA was dead.  I expected some Bruin kickback to that, someone to say “the pride is alive!” or something like that, but instead, crickets.  Instead, less than two days later we have proof.

Joe Bruin is dead and he will not be missed.

UCLA had written the necessary appeal to the NCAA to petition to get a bowl bid even if it lost the meaningless “Pac 12 Championship” and finished with an ineligible 6-7 record come bowling season.

When the NCAA received this request, they had to have that “are you shitting me?” moment where they know for damn sure they are about to sign someone’s death warrant.  “Can UCLA play in a bowl despite being 6-7” has to be up there with classic suggestions like “despite my fear there’s a serial killer in the garage, I am going to go ahead and check it out anyway” and “yeah this sushi has been sitting out since last night, but I’m sure it’s fine to eat”.

Dan Guerrero, the UCLA AD (I know, I was shocked they have one) dropped a quote about this that literally made me want to request USC move to another city so none of this pathetic attitude gets in the water and hurts a Trojan.

“As a program, we appreciate the NCAA approving our petition for a bowl waiver.  We will be able to give our 18 seniors one more chance to represent their university and end their collegiate careers on a high note, regardless of the outcome of this Friday’s Pac-12 Championship Game. We’d like to thank the NCAA for considering the unique situation in which we find ourselves this year and rewarding us with this opportunity.”

First off, you thanked the NCAA.  Kill yourself now.  Second, I know and you know Oregon is going to kill you on Friday, but could anything be more pathetic than basically admitting defeat in a public press statement?  Also, does Dan really think playing in a bowl at 6-7 will result in the players “ending their collegiate careers on a high note”?  The entire announcing crew of the Pabst Blue Ribbon Schlitz  Trucker Hat Bowl, who will be struggling with things to talk about as it is, will spend the entire game talking about how you begged to play this game.

How about just be honest and say you are poor and need the money to front that offer you are putting out to Chris “Chompers” Peteresen up in Idaho.  How about that.

This was the single most pathetic thing I have ever seen at the collegiate sports level.  I am embarrassed for UCLA fans on a really deep level, because this might be the only situation I ever would turn on USC for.  If USC was 6-7 and begged the NCAA for a bowl and released a statement like that, I’d slam Heritage Hall and burn my favorite thing I stole from a sorority (no I won’t say what, but yes I am still proud of it).

It gets worse.  The Offensive Coordinator who I will just call Johnson (you need to earn the right for me to recognize your name, Kiff taught me that) had an even worse quote.

“You take away the Pac-12 championship game and we’re 6-6, and you go to a bowl game because you’ve earned the right to go to a bowl game”

Newsflash, bro.  We DID have the Pac-12 Championship taken away and we are 10-2.  That’s a bowl team.  6-5, I’ll give it to you.  Go to a bowl.  But you are 6-6.  And I haven’t even hit the worst part…


Seriously, UCLA?  You are not our rival anymore.  I don’t want to be seen with you in public.  I’m deleting your number.  I’m pretending you aren’t there when you show up at parties.  You are dead to me.

And before you say that you don’t care, ask yourself the question…  If you weren’t USC’s rival, would ANYONE know if you were alive or dead right now?  Us kicking your ass historically the other day was Life Alert and you are the “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up” lady.

I need to end this before I catch this virus and start acting like there’s a storm cloud (that rains acid urine) over my head.

If bowls are for salads, then from now on I am calling UCLA the Caesars.  That’s because tomorrow they are going to get gutted on national television.

But hey, why not carry your coach off the field.

And this is something I made for you all:




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134 responses to “UCLA Reaches New Low

  1. The Kraft Bowl?
    Who are they gonna play?
    Portland State?

    • SoCalJD

      And now we know . . . Illinois.
      Gotta love it, the Fighting Illini in the Fight Hunger bowl . . .
      A new tradition is born pitting perenial bottom feeders of the Big10 (nee 12) and Pac11 (minus ONE) . . . thanks uncle Larry

  2. Fail1234

    Hahahaha damn. I wonder if UCLA will make it stop and just shut their doors.

  3. hahahah! check out their fan blog, they admit their defeat…

    “There is no way Bruins have a realistic shot on Friday night. Yet it is heartening to see the classy route Neuheisel has taken since the news came on Monday and how our guys have rallied around him.”

    “Friday night the entire Bruin Nation should be united rooting for the blue and gold. We get it. Bruins do not have prayer. None.”

    They rally and unite around losing. Silly Bruins.


  4. Jon

    thanks for entertaining me during class. Hilarious stuff

  5. thievin

    I stole a sorority’s composite, hung it in my off-campus apartment, and put skull-and-crossbones on the less desirable members. Can you beat that?

    • Ryan

      That’s just fucking gross

    • ldytrjn

      Ugh – I hope you don’t go to USC but if you do, transfer to another school right now.

    • Balston

      And the Trojans reach a new low.

      • Zack Jerome

        you are posting way too much, balston. “he doth protest too much”. if you aren’t concerned by UCLA’s falling budgets, academic standing and “status” among the collegiate sporting ranks, why don’t you click off my blog and hang out with the wife and kids you don’t have. you won’t change anyone over here’s mind about anything, certainly not with arguments like “they changed the way the vote”. Scoreboard, kid. 50-0.

      • Balston

        That’s rich, way to not address the merits of anything I just said. And quit pulling a Bill O’Reilly “I can say what I want and if you tell me I’m wrong then you are a complainer” BS. You should be ashamed someone had to come and correct you. Regardless of our failing budgets our academic and collegiate sports ranks (can you say 107?) still both put you to shame.

        I especially like your point that my “they changed the way they vote” won’t change anyone’s minds. It’s nice to know the Trojans are still a bunch of dumb fucks who won’t listen to what they don’t want to hear.

        I expected something better, or at least more witty, from you, but I guess I forgot for a second that you’re from that second rate school across town.

      • Balston

        Also feel free to shoot down my argument when you break the top 50 in any of those academics based polls posted above.

      • Zack Jerome

        you have an aim.com email address. again, if you’d like to explain what we were sanctioned for so I can have some fun, please do otherwise, write your own blog about UCLA supremacy and I’ll be sure to not know it exists.

        again, stop loving my blog so much.

      • Balston

        I’m not sure where you were in the 90’s you genius, by AIM used to be the shit. Like I would give you my real email address? The last thing I need is to be contacted in a meaningful way by a Trojan.

        And please, everyone is aware that Bush’s parents received cash. But everyone also knows the stories of the agents on campus and free golf cart rides to class. And let’s not forget the basketball and tennis sanctions? Just because they were self imposed doesn’t mean nothing was going on? Don’t pretend Mayo was clean. The simple fact is that the culture of cheating and players benefits over at USC was long lived and just because you finally got caught once doesn’t negate everything else. Carroll knew you guys were in trouble and jumped ship.

      • Zack Jerome

        I mean, Wooden’s teams were known for this “cheating” you speak of, but we’re not tripping out over here. That said, Bush’s parents received cash from an agent, not USC. USC was in trouble for “not knowing”. As for the agent and golf cart ride on campus, you just proved how ridiculous you are. Google Teague Egan and then please never post here again.

        I will never respond to you again as at this point, you’ve made me dumber.

      • Balston

        Post that to your “blog”.

  6. I am laughing so hard my side aches. This is even better than your last post, Damn, It’s going to be a long off season.

  7. SithTrojan

    Amen and FTFO Brother Bearfighter!

  8. the Caesars, outside of context, was one of Rome’s legacies. Troy is Rome’s mother. bRuins do not deserve to be associated with such illustrious pedigree. I’d rater call the bRuins “Tossed Salad” because they have been literally tossed around for years, and because it comes with a dirty connotation.

    • Jake K

      Caesar salad was named after a hispanic chef (named Caesar) who used what was basically a bunch of salad scraps from differenty types to make what actually turned out to be a good salad. It has nothing to do with Rome. Nor does Troy, which was located in present-day Turkey . . .

      • Zack Jerome

        play on words buddy. but thanks for enlightening my audience…

      • Steven Browning Sample

        The Troy-Rome relationship Vicente is alluding to refers to the epic Aeneid, in which the Trojan hero Aeneas escapes the Greek plundering of Troy to lead a party of Trojans to the Italian peninsula, where they became Rome’s progenitors.

        Therefore, anytime a UCLA grad whines “why would your school choose a mascot who are famous for being history’s losers,” they’re revealing their lack of knowledge as it pertains to the classics. Since, y’know, Rome went on to conquer Greece in 146 BC, making us history’s winners. In epic literature, at least.

      • Zack Jerome

        look, we got our name for how hard we fought in a losing battle. it is so much more about the character of the fight than they outcome. we went 10-2 with nothing to play for. trojan.

    • Richard Arrow

      Jesus Christ…who invited Buzz Killington

  9. Joe Trojan

    Sounds about right. It’s a shame too, UCLA football is akin to the boogey monster. Stories are told about its existence, but no one has ever seen it.

  10. From Dan Guerrero’s statement: “considering the unique situation in which we find ourselves this year…”

    I would say that “unique situation” is sucking ass, but that’s not unique for ucla. So I guess it’s sucking ass and yet still somehow winning six games.

  11. Chris M

    Wow bro. You did it again. One question. I am new to your blogs since right before the Oregon game. Dies this continue through the off season?

    • Zack Jerome

      in the offseason i post here and there about USC, but it’s usually all about getting it going in August. sometimes i cover reality television to amuse my attractive wife and her attractive friends. i’ll talk about where i drank whiskey. blog definitely still exists, but we live for the season around here.

  12. The Deaocn

    If I was a Bruin, I’d kill myself.

  13. Chaz

    NCAA approving mediocrity (at best, I’m trying to be nice) meanwhile we’re still hosed (figuratively)? Strong with a side of fail, NCAA.

    UCLA will likely be playing on Dec 17, and I’m glad that I’ll be on a plane and thus not able to watch this B-flick version of Friday Night Lights, with worse players and less attractive women.

  14. The real gift in all this is that if (WHEN) fucla loses the “Pac-11” “Championship” and if (WHEN) they lose whatever illustrious bowl they fail forward into, they can become the only team EVER to have played fourteen games in a season and lose eight of them.

    So … maybe the NCAA ain’t all bad … I mean, maybe they chuckled while they signed the waiver approval, knowing that they were letting the Ruins become the laughing-est laughingstock ever.

  15. Brian Nolan - Fight On!!

    Just heard UCLA is jumping from the PAC-12 to the CIF where they will immediately be ranked number 2.

  16. El Quixotian

    Emboldened by Pac3 (+9) tv bucks…isn’t there a better use for that money? Like building bleachers on the ‘so old sound’ band practice field facing Drack Stadium so their hundreds of remaining fans can have that on campus game day experience? (Ssave the embarrassment of losing moner

    Chompers? Will the (inevitable) new AD not want to have his own man?

  17. Gnossos

    “You are dead to me.”
    Call them the “Fredo’s”

  18. El Quixotian

    (Saving the embarrassment of losing money at home games, and ending the brand cheapening of our January home…at least they don’t chew up the grass by running hard or anything)

    Most of all, this money can be better spent.

    Defray tuition! Refund our tax money…or at least send it to San Fernando State so the Matadors can more quickly (then ugly) rebuild a program (from scratch) that can be more worthy of a cross-town rivalry.

  19. Aubrey

    There has to be a good tshirt idea in all of this mess

  20. El Quixotian

    I like the biblical image of rending their powder blue garments…whci would make the white jerseys (qb)sackcloth.

    As for renderer of that hystè…we, historic 8th loss, how about Miami’s Golden boys descends their opt out, so that at least there is some integrity in the Shame bowl undercard….

  21. Cant spell SUCK without USC

    Slanted SC bullshit. More embarassing than UCLA’s loss to SC this year is your school being sanctioned for being a bunch of cheaters.

    Win, lose or tie, BRUIN fan till I die. Bruin fans have heart. Most SC fans are a bunch of band wagoners who didnt watch any of their games this year except the last one. Er, when Bruins get their shit together and get a decent coach, watch how many Trojan fans jump off your band wagon

    • Zack Jerome

      bruin until you die? so you why you still talking? you’re dead already. lol.

    • Zack Jerome

      also, for the sake of my readers entertainment, can you explain what usc’s sanctions were for or how we were cheaters? i’d love your take.

    • El Quixotian

      Neither actual bruins, nor fanboys such as yourself have the ‘heart’ to stand by their team when they need them.

      Not only last Saturday, when most blue stayed home, but second-most memorably, I was in the stands for the (unfortunately vacated) ’85 smackdown…when I went from the 2nd to last nosebleed row to mid tier by halftime…asking bruins walking by to grab a hotdog from concessions when they returned, but realized they weren’t coming back.

      Only a small fraction stayed to watch their ranked team finally get some points in garbage time…

      Heart? Hah!

    • Chris

      How exactly do you support your claim of “having heart?” That you still bleed bruin blue in spite of the football team being a garbage product that never delivers? By your statement, you’re making the inference that USC fans have no heart and that is not only patently false, it is a weaksauce attempt to put positive spin on your pathetic situation. You and the rest of the bruin fans are becoming exactly like the cal fans from up north: more obsessed with hating on USC than being concerned with the welfare of their own team. It only smacks of jealousy, to be honest.

    • Elvis Valentino

      So who slants it. And how is all of the USC nation cheaters, when it was the stepfather of one Reggie Bush and OJ Mayo that was the cause of these sanctions. You don’t see this at other schools. Penn State is raping children and is STILL Bowl eligible this year. Ohio State broke the rules and covered it up and STILL no sanctions. That’s great you support your school or team. And yes you’re going to get bandwaggoners on the winning side. But the fact is USC has for the most part been the winning side. The was a time in the late 80s early 90s that UCLA had an 8 game run and over those 2 decades, were the better team. But it was a battle. However, USC has the tradition that you can’t argue with. When will you get your shit together, could be a long time, for every recruit is seeing the benefits of going to USC and getting drafted in an OFF year, much less a stellar year. USC has always ruled SoCal and always will. So stop your hating, you have no game!!.

    • Fight On Forever

      Trojans are band wagoners and Bruin fans have heart? That would explain plummeting Rose Bowl ticket sales even when you are the “Pac 12 South Champs.” And by Pac 12 South Champs I mean a team that loses to USC 50-0 and has a losing record.

      I was at the USC vs. UCLA game and half of your “fans” didn’t even stay to watch the team claim their title! All while the “bandwagon” Trojans have been selling out nearly every home game with no post-season to play for. THAT is heart.

      FYI the article you posted didn’t even mention the most recent sanctions, which proves two things: A. You still can’t explain why USC was sanctioned and B. You can’t read.

    • Gnossos

      That explains why in 2008 I was able to purchase 2 tickets to the USC – uclol game at the Rose Bowl (our vacation home by the way) in the uclol alumni section for $17.50 EACH. Bandwagon my ass!:)

      • El Quixotian

        Well, ours were wife’s friends’ unused corporate tix…the offer to which not relayed to me until about an hour before kickoff. But with little traffic en route to the easy parking, we enjoyed the game in the shadow of the pressbox (watching replays on plasma in suites a few rows above)…amidst bitter old men and in blue grumbling like muppets until they headed out early.

    • There’s something more embarrassing, (I went to USC, so I can spell it correctly), than losing 50-0?

    • Trojan Lady

      What part of Arrogant Nation don’t you understand? He makes it very clear that he’s a usc fan, and an arrogant one at that. Of course his posts are going to be slanted. He never promised to be unbiased or “fair and balanced.” Though, in my opinion, he is quite fair in his observations.

    • Win4Ever

      The only time I am ever bandwagon is when I watch NFL. I like almost every NFL team. The reason being that almost every NFL team, if not all of them, have a Trojan on them. How many Bruins do you follow in the NFL? Just kidding, Bruins don’t get drafted.

    • Win4Ever

      Can’t Spell Suck without USC:

      Since speaking to you about football is like trying to explain the concept of freedom to a foreign Communist, let’s talk about basketball. You’re a UCLA fan, right? Which means, you probably try to change the subject to basketball in a conversation when talking to a Trojan fan, correct? Well, since you are such a do-gooder and all of us Trojans are ne’er-do-wells, then how is it that you like UCLA when your most famous basketball coach, John Wooden, was the HC at the time of Sam GIlbert. Sam Gilbert was a UCLA booster that gave tons of UCLA players improper benefits. A huge reason for many of the championships Wooden’s teams won.

      Look him up. I’ll write his name out again in case my American words are too hard for a public school kid like yourself to understand. SAM GILBERT

      After you read about the horrible things Wooden was involved in and admittedly turn a blind eye to them, will you start calling UCLA cheaters? I hope you do. However, when I had heard about Sam Gilbert, I didn’t care. Bottom line is, student athletes SHOULD ABSOLUTELY BE PAID. The NCAA exploits them and makes a killing off of them. Think about how much money the NCAA made off of Reggie Bush. When was the last time we saw a player like Reggie? Some of these kids are poor and would love nothing more than to skip college and make millions.

      I see one of two choices that you can make. Read up on SAM GILBERT (got the spelling down?) and come to the realization that UCLA and John Wooden is a cheater, OR admit that USC didn’t cheat and that your opinion is merely Trojan-fueled hatred. Personally, I prefer the latter. I want weak people like yourself to hate the strong like USC. At the end of the day, Trojan Nation and Arrogant Nation alike aren’t trying to convert everyone into a Trojan. That’s ridiculous. Not everyone can be as awesome as we are. But what I can live with is knowing that we will always be on top and every breath a Bruin takes is one more that a Trojan allows.

  22. Cant spell SUCK without USC

    I know what you were doing. I’m one step ahead.

    • Zack Jerome

      you are crazy smart. i was trying to see if you can explain how usc were “cheaters” and what specifically the NCAA sanctioned usc for. but you can’t.

      • Maximilian of Troy

        I appreciate your attempt to deal with “Can’t Spell SUCK without USC” (which, by the way, if we do indeed suck — which we don’t — then what does that mean for UCLA? Oh right, they’re dead, sorry.)

        Zack, the guy is slightly emotionally unstable. Not surprising. I’d be loony if I was a Bruin fan (is that still a usable phrase?). I think the problem is his mental state literally will not allow him to understand and respond to your question. He’s like Metta World Peace, but bad at defense.

        Cheating is irrelevant. Three drives reaching within the ten yard line and no points at the end of the game? I would say he needs to look in a mirror, but my worry is he will finish the obvious process that has begun of deterioration in reaction to the image of his purely pathetic and desperate person.

        FTFO. And in regard to that school in Westwood: good riddance.

      • Zack Jerome

        it’s just good reading for my audience to let a fan of an opposing school look dumb here. i have tons of educated readers from our rivals that are actually a blast to chat with. they, of course, understand what is so fun about this blog and cfb.

  23. Jeremy

    As far as I am concerned, Notre Dame has now passed UCLA as SC’s biggest rival if they haven’t already. Notre Dame will be in the Coliseum for the season finale next year. Maybe we should reschedule Conquest for that week to send a message to Westwood about how much we are disappointed in them.

    • Elvis Valentino

      Notre Dame is NOT a rival. It is a relationship between 2 great institutions. What has happened to UCLA is that they don’t compete in football anymore. Pete Carroll is still influencing the Trojans and his legacy in Lane Kiffin and Ed Ogeron will carry that on. UCLA cannot make up for that. It’s a big gap that will not be overcome in the next 10 years. USC has too much of an edge and it’s tradition will keep that gap wide for the next 5-7 years. Why on earth would Peterson from Boise State want this program over his. The State of California is is the shits, how can they pay a top notch coach and give him the resources to close that gap. Not going to happen for a long time. Not with USC taking the creme of the crop and Oregon and ASU diluting the rest of the crop. UCLA is going to be like Wazzou and other conference creampuffs. And by the way nice uniforms last Saturday.

  24. Cant spell SUCK without USC

    Of course I can. But for what? For Zach Jerome who isnt even a blip on the radar screen in the world?
    But because you insist:

  25. MrUSC94

    AHAHAHA! I love that kind of Bruin response about bandwagon fans. Can any Bruin even remember how they used to sell out the Rose Bowl during Bob Toledo’s Heyday? Where are all those fans now? Oh, and even more embarrassing than getting caught having “an apparent lack of institutional controls,” is your football players using handicap parking placards.

  26. Cant spell SUCK without USC

    the radar screen certainly isnt ur lame blog. I found you because my friend posted ur rant on fb. We had a GREAT debate over it, actually. Otherwise, I would never be wasting my time reading such slanted b.s. Apparently, you didnt READ the article because it DOES talk about current sanctions. you should spend more time reading, insteading of talking. Its called CHEATING the system when you receive improper benefits.

  27. Cant spell SUCK without USC

    I guess everyone thought too, that USC was dead during the 90s.

    • Bentley4SC

      USC was 62-49-4 in the 90s, which is 13 games over .500 (.559 win%). SC also won the conference twice including a Rose Bowl victory. The 90s was the worst decade of USC football and we won more Rose Bowls during it then UCLA has in the past 25 years! On top of that USC has never had a 5 year stint where the team was below .500 and only one 5 year period of .500 (1956-61). During the period you are saying SC was dead, SC only won twice, but only lost twice by more than a touchdown. Shows that UCLA had a hard time winning during SCs worst decade ever. The last 5 years UCLA is 27-39, which also includes 5 losses to SC by a combined score of 158-35!. Basically your saying that USC was dead in a period where it won two conference titles and one Rose Bowl. Right. Oh and I am also still waiting for you to point out where USC cheated? Waiting…

    • SCforlife

      Dude, you are seriously so uneducated (not surprising, considering your choice in post-secondary education), unintelligent and blind I’m almost insulted Zack lets you post here. Then again, this only further his point. Your article cites only previous punishments, NOT INCLUDING THE MOST RECENT ALLEGATIONS. I call them allegations because there is no proof whatsoever of the claims’ validity. If you did have a brain, however, you would have noticed the link on the left side of the link you posted referring to archived articles which does lay out the punishments of the “sanctions” (can they truly be called sanctions if we can’t stop winning?) yet still fail to explain the infractions taken to warrant said sanctions.

      Also, how has no one said anything about how stupid his name is? The word is SUCK not USCK. Usually when one refers to needed one word to be included in the spelling of another, the included word must be spelled correctly.

      Cant spell SUCK without USC, this is for you:

    • jz

      Even during the 90s we never lost 0-50

  28. Duc

    So if Bowl games are like salads, and the Trojans have been tossed from bowl games the past two seasons, does that make USC a bunch of salad tossers?

    • Zack Jerome

      hilarious. when’s your stand up special coming out on HBO? after the last week in ucla history, i’d be hiding under a rock. that said, i bet you’d trade your awesome bowl earned via petition to have won 50-0. we’ll stick with our cards.

    • Win4Ever

      Wow. I now know what Rick Neuheisal meant by the “gap” between USC and UCLA. It must be the gap between private and public school, because it is pretty evident that Duc did not go to private school.

  29. Indira Persad

    Yup, even Mother Nature is in outrage over this. Southern Californians, stay safe and watch out for this crazy wind storm!

  30. Can't spell SUCKS BALLS without UCLA

    Cant spell SUCK without USC – dude, it will all be over soon!!! BTW, nice uniforms this past weekend, if you were a high school team. Get back to us when you figure out how USC cheated. Reggie Bush’s step-father brokered the “agent” deal, what did USC have to do with that? Reggie was on the team at the time, no cheating to get him here. Must be sweet being a Bruin right about now!

  31. Cant spell SUCK without USC

    Sc fans WOULD hide under a rock because you have no heart. I aM a BRUIN, so by definition, I have heart. This Zach moron writes/ talks in meaningless circles, with very little actual non slanted facts.. U ppl arent worth my time. Get a real job Zach.
    Bruiin bashing just makes you guys look bad cause you cant even enjoy ur small successes cuz ur too busy bashing! Have a good one stroking each other’s egos. Im gonna get on a blog thats interested in talking about actual college football. Slanted nonsense.

  32. JJ

    This may be the single best article I’ve ever read!

  33. Dear You Can’t Spell SUCK,
    I really appreciate that you taking the time to add your input to the USC fan blog. Since you plan to get on a blog that is interested in discussing college football I’m sure that you won’t find any blogs in that category that talk about the UCLA Bruins since they currently don’t appear to be far removed from a high school team. I’m waiting to see your response which shows your continued devotion to a blog that is dedicated to a college team. Fight on!

  34. Here’s a great explanation as to why UCLA and others’ claim that the reason USC beat the living daylights out of the Bruins on Saturday was because they “cheated”….


  35. TrojanFan

    I myself am a diehard Trojan fan and I found your blog entertaining. However, your tone kind of allows the losers across town to call us out on being butthurt because of the sanctions. Just saying….

    Fight on!

    • Zack Jerome

      no it doesn’t. stop pretending to be a trojan. there is no single source of upbeat arrogance and sanctions celebrating than this blog. if you actually went to SC, you’d say that.

      also, only bruins say things like “IM A USC FAN AND I LOVE THIS BUT…” please.

  36. TMBTrojan

    One of my husband’s coworkers is a bRuin and has a four year old daughter. As they watched the game together on Saturday, towards the end of the 1st quarter, the daughter turned to him and asked, “Daddy, does your school’s team ever practice?” From the mouths of babes comes truth.

  37. Trojan87

    Just thought I’d put this here…http://bleacherreport.com/articles/905155-college-football-2011-ranking-the-25-rudest-fanbases-in-the-nation/page/17
    Sc fan here, just like how we were described as arrogant twice in a very short period. Fight On.

    • ldytrjn

      Sunglasses and Trojan helmets totally go together. I don’t know what this dude is talking about. Also, it’s not that we mock everyone because we’re rich and think every other fanbase is full of “pig-sniffing farmers,” we’re arrogant because we could truly give a fuck. We don’t care where you’re from or how much money you have, we want to play you and beat you. And we expect to. And we look good doing it.

    • ldytrjn

      Also, I’m not sure why we’re #10 when all he said was that we’re arrogant and our band awesomely wears sunglasses.

  38. Traveler

    Great job Zack. You need to write a post of about the NCAA and the Ohio State. Is OSU going to be punished, their coach lied and kept playing ineligible players knowing they were ineligible.

  39. Kevin

    Hey Zack,

    Love the You Tube clip, you had to mention something about Paul Dee. He unfairly punished USC while his former school had worse violations.

  40. Kaleb

    So, I was feeling frustrated about the sanctions and about all this UCLA ‘cheating’ bullshit, so I Googled the phrase “fuck you reggie bush” to see if anyone was feeling the same way. Coincidentally, I discovered this article (http://www.hoffstrizz.com/2010/09/leave-reggie-bush-aloneor-why-college-football-is-a-joke.html), which echoes a lot of the sentiments of your blog and actually made me feel a whole lot better about the whole Reggie thing. It really puts it into perspective, and my frustration at Reggie has subsided some.

    • Kaleb

      By “UCLA ‘cheating’ bullshit,” I mean the ridiculous concept of the bRuins accusing us of cheating. Any accusations about the bRuins themselves cheating are, I’m sure, quite accurate.

  41. Kasey

    I keep seeing articles by bRuin fans “insulting” Trojan alum and fans by saying that we are arrogant, win a lot, and drive nice cars. They are almost as bad at insults as they are at football cuz those sound like complements to me. FTFO

  42. Matt


    It seems that the bald pretend commissioner of the PAC-11 is still incapable of shouldering responsibility for his colossal fuck up. “Of course it’s disappointing when such a strong team as USC is not allowed to participate because of the NCAA ban,” Scott said. “It’s not something we control.” He can’t seem to comprehend that it is something that he alone controlled and made into the biggest clusterfuck that the conference of champions has seen. What part of having a 6-6 team that got humiliated by the team he banned back into the “title game” follows being a conference of champions? When you personally keep the real south division champions from playing in the title game you personally undermine everything the PAC-11 stands for.

  43. TrojanAlum2011

    There’s a lot of new comments since I last read but I wanted to point out two things.

    1) Only 34 students showed up for UCLA vs. Pepperdine this passed week.
    -I think “Can’t Spell” was commenting on how Trojan fans don’t have heart. I think that is an actual example of lack of heart.

    2) I heard from a friend that Neuheisel “pumped up” the bRuins this week by reading our sanctions. Can someone explain that logic to me?

  44. Tommy

    Calling the Bruins “the Caesars” is really an injustice to salad everywhere. If you must name them after a salad, I believe that “the Icebergs” is a much more appropriate name. That team in Westwood is sinking faster than the Titanic.

  45. Trojan Scion

    Im still wondering at what point did the TMB stop playing Tusk?

  46. SoCalJD

    Trojans didn’t play a (football) game this past week and jump 4 spots to #5 on the AP poll (only legitimate poll we recognize) – how *uber* arrogant . . . Fight On !!!

  47. Trojan scion

    Hitler searches for a new uclol foozball coach.
    The win is strong with this edition:

  48. Joe Trojan

    Someone some time ago said it best:

    Notre Dame is a college rivalry.
    UCLA is a high school rivalry.

    For years I supported the crosstown rivalry, but it’s clear that it’s efforts better suited for the cross-country rivalry instead.

  49. Central Coast Arrogance

    Zack – first off awesome stuff….you nail it every time. But did you suggest below that just because I, or others, did not go to USC that we are not arrogant? I hope not.
    I’ve been a USC fan since ’74 when AD scored 6 TDs vs the Domers and I never looked back. I have many friends who went to fUCLA but that state school to the North sucks….. Plain and simple. I’ve perfected my arrogance, of all things USC for many years .. I did not go to USC, instead opting to serve my country for 26 yrs. But my love for USC never diminshed from CA to Croatia to the Gulf to Korea. So although I don’t have the institutional arrogance, know I have arrogance. USC has, is, and will always be better than Westwood High. I raised my kids to know that USC is arrogant and will always be better. 50-0 tells me all I need to know. My friends hate my arrogance but that’s the point …. I don’t care. They hate cuz they’re jealous… Anyway love the blog, stay arrogant and thanks for fighting the fight. USC didn’t cheat we just beat the hell outta everyone…… Sorry for the rambling

    • Zack Jerome

      i don’t know what comment you mean, but if you support USC, you support USC. FTFO.

      • Central Coast Arrogance

        Maybe confusion reigned with all that crap from SUC. A comment about going to USC. Anyway, thanks for this…..great stuff. Arrogantly awesome in every aspect and look forward to new posts

  50. Win4Ever


    Football is a men’s sport. UCLA has never been traditionally good at it (mostly because it is a men’s sport). Then, you go on to mention baseball. Are you kidding me? A bunch of children standing around all day, wearing caps, and if the weather jeopardizes them getting a runny nose, they all come inside. Please, never mention baseball on this blog again. You’re probably the type of guy that orders drinks that taste like Strawberry Douche. Finally, since you think USC “cheated” (even though NCAA never proved that USC was aware of Reggie Bush taking money, I am guessing since Reggie did it 120 miles from campus), then you cannot count for 85% of your UCLA basketball championships seen as Wooden, who won most of them, admitted to turning a blind eye to Sam Gilbert, a UCLA booster that gave TONS of improper benefits to UCLA basketball players for decades at UCLA.


    How many Trojan fans complain about Sam Gilbert and UCLA CHEATING to STEAL national championships in basketball? Not many. Know why? We don’t care. Basketball is only relevant in March for college. And mostly because people bet money with their co-workers (which are Bruins and your bosses are Trojans), friends (you don’t have any of these), etc with their NCAA March Madness Brackets. And really, college basketball is terrible today with all the good players leaving to the NBA after one year. Plus, College Football (capitalized) is far more popular than college basketball (lower case). The USC Stanford game and the USC Oregon game were two out of the six most watched TV programs in 2011. LSU-Alabama and the Super Bowl were also. Not basketball. Not baseball (last time ever mentioned on this blog). So again, you lose, Balston. Although, this time it was far worse than 50-0

    • What’s really funny is that he thinks a #1 Major League Soccer draft pick is something worth bragging about. I’m not a soccer fan, but I do know that “Major League Soccer” in the U.S. is “minor league soccer” to the rest of the world.

      • Win4Ever

        Yea. I intentionally didn’t mention the thing about soccer. Baseball deserves minimal recognition since it is America’s pasttime. Soccer deserves nothing while I do understand that it is huge internationally. The fact that he can bring up a bunch of sports means he is avoiding Bruin Football. He mentioned UCLA has a Heisman, which is true. However, Gary Beban, UCLA’s Heisman, was also rated as the worst Heisman ever.


        In his Heisman year, Beban threw for under 1,400 yards and had as many TDs as INT (8). PATHETIC. Basically, loser Prince is better than Beban.

        This whole blog talks about USC football. Naming all of our NFL Hall of Famers could take a while.

      • Zack Jerome

        we also have the lead in baseball championships, so not sure that’s the argument he wants. also, the 107 titles is impressive, but we’re not far behind. also, factor in men’s titles and i think you see who leads. not disparaging women’s sports, soccer, tennis and bball are great to watch, but I’m not really as stoked on UCLA’s womens field hockey title as they are. FWIW.

      • Win4Ever

        Gary Beban’s best statistical game was against USC, where he lost after OJ ran for the famous 64 yard TD. Then, USC did something Beban didn’t. We won a national championship.

      • Win4Ever


        Excellent point about the baseball titles. I kind of figured we did well in that category seen as Randy “The Unit” Johnson is a Trojan (also Mark Prior and Mark McGuire). Negrete’s mustache may be cool but, The Unit invented mustaches (and mullets.)

  51. thekatman

    Here’s the transcript of the conversation between Dan Guerrero and Chris Perterson…… http://www.bruinsnation.com/2011/12/5/2612413/how-the-dan-guerrero-chris-petersen-meeting-went?mid=54868

    Remember sports fans, 50-0 lasts an aweful long time……. so FTFO and Fight On brothers and sisters. BEAT EVERYBODY!

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