“You Can’t Sanction The Endzone” Anthology

After extensive polling, it’s clear that Arrogant Nation would like to commemorate the sanctions years with an anthology of all my USC postings over the last two years.  I wanted to give you some details on the project and also extend you some offers.

The book will be largely unedited as part of the joy of being the Bearfighter is not reading your own posts.  As I once said to a critic, “I write, not read”.  Arrogant.

Obviously a will not be printing pictures for the most part as I am not going to pay for the rights (or hunt down who took the pictures I bootleg to pay them), so there are a lot of parentheticals explaining what was there.  I think they are pretty funny.

The book will be paperback (so you can order many of them and I don’t LOSE money on the deal) and I intend to keep the cost relatively down, as I try to with the shirts.  I have a killer job that pays me well.  I lead Arrogant Nation because I love it and I love you and I love killing bears and getting invited to speak to sorority girls.  Simple wants for a simple bear killer.

I am going to work out a book signing tour in LA as apparently many of us still have yet to meet.  I’ll read some passages, we’ll sign some copies and if the venue is cool, we can have some drinks.

I need your help with some details so I can expedite this process.  I am already up to formatting the Stanford game LAST YEAR and the book is 92 pages already.  I’m trying to keep it easy on the eyes like a blog, so we’re potentially looking at a 300+ page masterwork, which is appropriate because I am the master and hell with a pen.

So, what can you do to help?

I’d like to do book signings at the USC Bookstore, Book Soup on Sunset and then one somewhere on the Westside.  I’ll also do one out of state if you fly the bear out there and guarantee a crowd (if you do, I’ll give you a cut of what we do that day of course).  Just email me.

Also, been getting AMAZING images from you guys wearing the gear or holding signs for us.  Keep sending them to me with a sentence to the effect of “I hereby grant Zack Jerome all rights to use this image with no royalties attached” to make sure you don’t try to sue the bearfighter.  That said, suing the bearfighter would be like evicting yourself from Los Angeles because, well, I am the bearfighter.

So please send in your pics.  I have already put like 10 in there and this anthology belongs to you too.  To be honest, I have been nostalgic reading it.  We’ve been a beacon of light for this school in a dark time and we’re almost out.  Hell, if MB decides to stay, I think it will feel like sanctions never happened.

Which brings me to my last ask.  I have received hundreds of comments, emails and texts saying what the blog has meant to you over the years.  I would love to include them in an appendix.  My hope is that the book encompasses what we felt, what happened.  I plan to write a foreword that might be my opus, my final thoughts on this time period as we go to a new place.

So please, send emails if you’d like about what the blog, Arrogant Nation means to you.  I will include them with your permission.

Finally, I’d love a Trojan football player (graduated of course) to write a foreword.  If you know one particular Trojan alum who loves this blog and would like to write a foreword, please connect me with it.  I have a feeling this book is a must have for Trojan fans and that’s a compliment to all of us who were here from day one.





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25 responses to ““You Can’t Sanction The Endzone” Anthology

  1. I’ve got quite a few pics in your gear to send to ya. 😀

  2. drew davidson

    Matt Kalil is rumored to be returning like his bro did. Maybe MB too then? Nick is probably gone. Hopefully not. Fingers not crossed but held up in Victory. FTFO!

    Oh yeah, maybe an OC stop on the tour?

  3. Would Matt Barkley writing the forward be some sort of NCAA violation? Because honestly – him or Kiff. 🙂

  4. What Arrogant Nation Means to Me:

    Arrogant Nation is the soft pillow slipped on the concrete floor that I nearly smashed my face in when the NCAA rufied my football party. It first softened the initial blow; then comforted me as I lie there vulnerable and unconscious. But more importantly provided me with a big sack to swing in the face of of all doubters when I rose again.

  5. krismitch

    I will edit your typos for FREE before you print the anthology of a lifetime! Let me contribute to your Arrogant Nation efforts by making it even more Arrogant and all spell-checked! 🙂

  6. Zack, I love the blog and will definitely buy the book. I’d like to suggest you come up to Pasadena and do a signing at Vroman’s. I would totally be there for that.

    • El Quixotian

      Another good idea…
      (posting while wife is embedded in Vroman’s)
      Particularly since there ‘s not much going on in Pasadena on 1/1/12 – though probably not enough lead time ….
      Not much going on for the 2nd, either!

  7. sol

    Will you have shirts for sale at these book signings? Might want to pick another one up along with the book =)

  8. Oh yea.. if you want to do an out of state event, NYC is the biggest club outside of CA. I’ll check with their people and see what they think… although I’m assuming many of them are reading this right now 🙂

  9. Brian B

    Zack, I’ve got tons and tons of shots from the Stanford and the UCLA game from field level that you can use royalty free just to show everyone how much better SC is than them.

  10. Glenn Young

    would be way more arrogant to do a book signing at the UCLA bookstore.

  11. Fan

    What is your email? I have some great pictures.

  12. KStal

    Love your blog. I have a drinking game that I made last year for the first year of the sanctions, largely surrounding the sanctions. I think it pretty well encapsulates the media’s impression of us last year. I’d be happy to share for some type of inclusion if you’re interested.

  13. TrojanGirl

    I know it’s already December, but any way this would be done in time to be given for Christmas presents 🙂
    Love what you do!

  14. Stretch McGuffin

    What about an Arrogant Edition – hard cover, embossed with real Gold and signed by LFK to benefit Kiff’s Kids?

  15. CH

    Imagine if Barkley used the blog to make his official announcement about choosing to go to the NFL…

  16. Chris

    One suggestion: should Barkley come
    back for his senior year, wait to publish the book until we go win the National Championship. It would be very fitting for the book to contain all of the ups and downs of the sanctioned years, culminating in the destruction of an SEC team for the title. Lots of “whatifs,” but USC rising like a Phoenix from the ashes of sanctions to to top of the sport would be a perfect ending to the book you’re proposing.

  17. Zack, I would love to see you include a listing of all the names of the fans that comprise Arrogant Nation. You could ask for a nominal “donation” to have our names included in the book. That would truly make this masterpiece feel like we all were a part of history!! not to mention help offset some expenses of the book….

  18. uncle mev

    When, where will this go on sale? Any chance to order online, or through your store? FTFO.

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