Chip Kelly Flirting With Pros for Recruits?

The college football world was rocked (I’m kidding, no one really cared) when Darron Thomas announced he was going to declare for the NFL draft despite the fact he will be lucky to be drafted.  Many project him to be picked up in the supplemental draft and he will spend most of the actual draft day just like we will, which is not expecting to be picked by an NFL team.

He had some quote about how he had accomplished everything he could possibly accomplish at Oregon.  In his mind, he was thinking “win a Rose Bowl, wear lots of outfits, figure out I don’t like taking classes, play in a national championship”.  The rest of us, once we got over shaking our heads at someone leaving a year early to at best be a late round pick comparing himself to Cam Newton, who schooled his ass in last years BCS Championship, had plenty of suggestions for Darron as to things he had yet to accomplish.

I started a list and netted out with wild concepts like “win a national title, win a Heisman, have a winning bowl record, beat a Big Ten team that’s actually ranked in the single digits, wait to go pro when someone actually wants you at the pro level”…  I don’t know.  But yeah, Darron, you schooled the world.

With LaMichael James set to be a late round pick and Darron set to, well, not play in college anymore, I thought that was that.  But then Chip Kelly, the chubbiest Pac 12 coach to wear a visor, said he was going to the pros to coach Tampa Bay.

Immediately, most of us thought this was because of sanctions he knew were coming (and probably still are now that the NCAA has reloaded with a new set of totally arbitrary guidelines for grasping for control of their runaway business).  I mean, how could you announce you are leaving right before signing day?

Then when it was reported that he was coming back, I started thinking this was all about Nike.  I mean, Nike must have told LeBron it was okay to make “The Decision” the way he did.  When Barkley announced he was coming back, it was just that.  He announced he was COMING BACK.  When Holmes Kalil (spaced on that one) went pro, he just went pro and issued a statement.

I started to wonder if this whole thing was about diagnosing most recruit’s main concern about Oregon:  their offense is a gimmick and their players are low draft picks.

Looking at the record and this upcoming class, winning games at Oregon does not lead to high draft status.  Calling plays based off cartoons on poster boards isn’t going to help you beat the Ravens.  And the NFL knows this which is why you are hard pressed to find a dearth of Oregon NFL offensive juggernauts (right now, some Duck fan is rushing to comment and talk to me about LeGarrette Blount, but please don’t, it makes you looks stupid).

Is it possible that Chip Kelly talking with the pros was to show Oregon recruits that Chip’s unique brand of “blow big games” is a pathline to playing on Sundays?  (Oregon fan who was gonna post about Blount, please also save the “we won the Rose Bowl post”.  I know, it’s amazing, you’ve done it once a century.  And you beat a team you were ranked way above because you didn’t have to play the USC team that never gave up a lead in beating you.  Also, USC has won almost 2.5 times more Rose Bowls than Oregon has won “bowls in general”.  Honestly, I can’t off the top of my head remember how many we even won in the 2000s because the Orange Bowl wins confuse me.  So please, spare us.  We’re glad you won a Rose Bowl.  Now win 5 more bowls and have a 500 record in postseason play.  You guys make UCLA look historically relevant.)

So, was this what Chip’s plan was?  Did Phil Knight threaten to kill him if he left?  I am so confused.  All we heard was Chip Kelly say he had “unfinished business”.

Really, Chip?  I mean, your “win the day” shit was the biggest Pete Carroll “win forever” rip off ever.  Now you steal Matt Barkley’s “unfinished business” line?

How dumb are you?  The one thing that scared me about USC this season is that they might not play with the same chip on their shoulder.  They will be ranked higher than Oregon, favored to make the national title.  It will be 2005 all over again (hopefully minus the Lyles type sanctions drama Oregon is heading for).

Why on EARTH would a team that got exposed by USC at home be helping them keep the chip on their shoulder?  Why would  a coach jack a player’s swag?  I mean, Matt and Co. already provided the blueprint for beating Oregon (we stole it from Auburn and LSU), which is take your time scoring, small and fast linebackers, sound tackling and bet that they can’t go deep on you.  The only thing that was going to trip SC up this year was complacency.

So thanks Chip.  Glad you have unfinished business too.  See you in November.




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14 responses to “Chip Kelly Flirting With Pros for Recruits?

  1. Chaz

    Advice for Chip Kelly from Dean Wormer:

    “Fat, drunk, and stupid is no way to go through life, son.”

    • Ron

      Hey Chaz,
      For your informatiomn, Chip doesn’t drink and certainly isn’t stupid. He has done an amazing job at Oregon. Your the one tha maybe stupid or just plain dumb by making unfounded comments like that. How about some constructive criticism if your going to criticise. USC certinaly isn’t the model program everyone thinks it is. Kiffin will get his due. As soon as something better comes along he’ll make promises like he did at Tennessee and then

  2. Kevin

    Great Job Zack. It was not Khaled Holmes with the statement, i was Matt Kalil.

  3. 1usctrojan

    Holmes pro? Sorry sweetheart, did you mean Kalil?

  4. USCTraveler80

    Hey Zack. I loved Matt Barkley’s tweet on Chip Kelly.

    MattBarkley Matthew Barkley
    Looks like we both do “@schadjoe: Chip Kelly in statement says he has “unfinished business” at Oregon”
    11 hours ago

  5. BJ

    Perfect! How dumb does he have to be to take Barkley’s line? I laughed when I saw that, a coach going after a player, keep it classy Eugene.

  6. UOduck70

    You bet…..ill see you in november. I will be the one laughing and waving while you So Cal pussies rip up your ticket and pout on the way out of the stands

  7. Bingo

    With USC getting ASU at home next year, and OJ Simpson suspected to be the father of Khloe Kardashian… all is right in USC country. Fight on!

  8. Mat

    So let me get this straight…. You gave up 135 points in three games to Oregon, all while the real sanctions have yet to hit (spare me “we were on probation shit. Yes, but it only meant you couldn’t play in a bowl. The probation continues for another three years so while you can now play in a bowl you won’t have the depth to make a meaningful one) yet you have the audacity to claim you “stopped” Oregon and are now somehow more superior? Please. We’ll see this season when you get ran out of the stadium, again, while a deep ball quarterback torches your atrocious secondary and Barner racks up 175 and 3 TDs on the ground.

    • Zack Jerome

      Barner was on the team this year when you never held a lead. We’ve been playing with a reduced squad for two years to prepare for “sanctions”. How many people did you think we traveled to Oregon last year? Google that. You won for 3 years, that is amazing. You lost last year at home and never had the lead. Then again, you know this because you are on a USC blog complaining instead of mingling with your fellow Ducks about what outfits your team will wear next season. Oregon hates talking history, so they say lately they have been better, only lately, we beat you in your house and you never had a lead. So really, historically, you are a team with a losing bowl record and lately, you lost to us. But if you’d prefer to just talk about the 3 years before last year, but not the 60 before that, then yes. You really owned us those 3 years.


    • Ron

      Oregon missed a criticle field goal last year and gave it away to USC.
      Let’s see what happnes this year. USC is a good team but has no depth and that will come back to haunt them sometime this season.

  9. Love your blog, Zack. particularly, the ‘rants and musings’ section… gives me great things to feed to our friend, a duck. keep it up!!

  10. rodger

    In 2008 Oregon State defeated number 1 USC without ever giving up the lead… everyone in the state of oregon knows that if that game had lasted 3 minutes longer USC would have won that game. Why? Because USC was a much better team and after 3 quarters of play they figured out how to score points again.

    The reason I bring this up is because nobody in their right mind (who knows anything about football) would deny that if the Oregon USC game had lasted 30 seconds longer, Oregon would have more then likely gone on to win that game. Thats nothing against USC, that was just the way the game was going.

    I love this blog but I have probably read “when you never held a lead”, some statement about Oregon getting crushed by Auburn, and beating a single digit ranked team in a bowl game (last two rose bowls USC won were against Penn state and Illinois, sorry but they were TERRIBLE) over a dozen times. Those comments aren’t arrogant, for the most part they are completely fallacious… if anything they make you sound intimidated

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