Answering a Duck

I got a comment today from a pretty reasonable Duck that I felt warranted a comment.  I mean, he admitted to reading this blog, which must put him in danger in Oregon as if I know one thing from this blog, Ducks never forget.  That’s why they are still commenting on articles I wrote about them.

Regardless, Rodger seems like a good dude and I have to respond since I think it pours everclear on their fire with us.  I think most of us are just getting ready for summer since it’s been freakishly 80 degrees all weekend.

Here’s his take:

In 2008 Oregon State defeated number 1 USC without ever giving up the lead… everyone in the state of oregon knows that if that game had lasted 3 minutes longer USC would have won that game. Why? Because USC was a much better team and after 3 quarters of play they figured out how to score points again.

The reason I bring this up is because nobody in their right mind (who knows anything about football) would deny that if the Oregon USC game had lasted 30 seconds longer, Oregon would have more then likely gone on to win that game. Thats nothing against USC, that was just the way the game was going.

I love this blog but I have probably read “when you never held a lead”, some statement about Oregon getting crushed by Auburn, and beating a single digit ranked team in a bowl game (last two rose bowls USC won were against Penn state and Illinois, sorry but they were TERRIBLE) over a dozen times. Those comments aren’t arrogant, for the most part they are completely fallacious… if anything they make you sound intimidated.

Hey Rodger, I appreciate you reading this blog, so there’s no need to be uncivil in my response. I think you have the best take I’ve heard from a Duck fan so far, although naturally I think you are guilty of hyperbole (without intentionally going for it). “Anyone who knows anything about football”? Not sure there. After that game USC was ranked higher in the AP than Oregon. Could the Ducks have won with 3 more minutes? Sure. But they could have fumbled on the goal line like USC had just done (or did against Stanford). What if has no role in football as enticing as it can be.

To that same point, there would have been more than 3 minutes left if Chip Kelly knew how to manage a clock, something they don’t teach at that half-ass school Bellotti or whover dragged him out of.  One of the benefits of this blog is I get to hear every Oregon argument, well, every argument from every team.  One of the number one arguments Ducks say is that Chip Kelly could have managed the clock better.  Only he didn’t.  In my beautiful mind covered by my handsome face, if Oregon wanted more than 3 minutes to win the game, they could have managed the clock.  Only, Oregon doesn’t have a 2 minute offense because they always run a 2 minute offense, only rarely do they need to call timeouts.  It backfired hard.  Anyone who knows anything about football knows that.  Just kidding (but it’s true).

None of that has to do with the fact that the best way to have more than 3 minutes left would have been to nail a field goal at home.  When you tie a football game and time runs out, they give you more time in something called “overtime”.  Anyone who knows anything about football knows that (sorry you set me up with that).

Your last line about me (us) sounding intimidated was confusing.  We won the game and never lost the lead.  How can you be intimidated after you won?  Remember that scene in that war movie where the army defeated the other army and when they looked at the dead bodies they all got super intimidated and ran for the hills?  Me neither, that’s because no one is intimidated when they win.

By the same token, USC has had incredible runs over and over spanning many decades.  When we lose, we assume it’s an outlier, a great team that is cutting into our role as Pac 12 alpha male and we just kind of enjoy the process and wait until it rights itself.  Like this year, when after 3 years of getting slapped around by Oregon’s offense, we figured it out and righted the ship.  Like we’ll do with Stanford next year.  Like we did with Washington this year.  We don’t get intimidated.  We just wait until we right the ship.

The Oregon State example is a fine one, but they beat us something like 3 of 4 up there in a period of time. They had our number and maybe we were the “finer team”, but we lost and there for all the woulda-coulda-shouldas, we certainly aren’t hunting down OSU blogs and still talking about it during NBA season.  Frankly, I was stoked to get this comment because I had been focused on spring training for the Dodgers and who the new owner is shaping up to be.  It was fun to talk Oregon again, a nice reminder all of you are still thinking about it.  Can’t wait for the game next year.

The Illinois and Penn State are terrible argument is a little played out.  All Big Ten teams are terrible.  That’s why since I got into USC in 2001, we never lost to one.  Not Michigan (2x), Ohio State (2x), Illinois, Iowa or Penn State.  If I recall, you lost to that same Ohio State team Barkley beat in his 2nd game as a true freshman on the road in the Rose Bowl.

A Duck dismissing a Rose Bowl win or opponent is simply laughable because at 10-15 in bowls, you are not the authority on quality bowl wins, having seen your first one since Joey Harrington’s crew got robbed of a shot to lose to Miami in the Rose Bowl in 2001.  In the time between that Fiesta Bowl win and this Rose Bowl win, USC has won 2 National Titles, 3 Heismans, 4 Rose Bowls and 2 Orange Bowls (feel free to subtract one Heisman if you like, we’re claiming both AP titles since sanctions don’t mean much around here and I hope when Lyles comes down, you guys stay as upbeat as we did).

My point is, I had to really try to remember exactly how many Rose Bowls we won between your big game.  I may have even gotten it wrong. Look, you can talk all the smack about our Rose Bowl wins you want, but first let’s check out your last decade of bowls:

38-8 loss to BYU?  A loss to Wake Forest?  Look, I congratulated the Ducks on their Rose Bowl win.  Yes, it’s true you got it easy without having to play us a second time, but a win is a win and you get your name up on the wall at the stadium (along with our 28 or whatever mentions up there).

Everyone gives Oregon credit for their 3 years of beating us pretty darn well.  It was 3 years out of the norm for the history of the two teams and I wouldn’t take anything away from it.  Why are Duck fans so intent of commenting on our win this year?  I think it’s because when USC is down for a few years, we know we’re going to get to eat at the big kids table.  At 10-15 or whatever in bowls with no national titles or Heismans and 2 Rose Bowls ever, I think Duck fans, no matter how much they protest, know another one isn’t a guarantee.

Either way, appreciate your take and that you read the blog.  Good luck this season to both the team and their bid against sanctions.  Believe it or not, I am hoping you don’t get any.  I also hope Phil Knight stops making you guys ugly jerseys and backing up Joe Paterno.  That said, he’s the best owner in college football.



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14 responses to “Answering a Duck

  1. Nordeezy

    Boom roasted

  2. Thekatman

    Not to forget that USC’s 43 schollie players and a team complement of 60 ish beat the home team in Eugene that suited up 85 schollie players and a full team of 100+. As the next few years will show, Duck fan, our 75 is better than your 85. I’d be willing to bet that if a game could be played where each team can only field and play 50 players, USC would wini every one of them. Why? They’ve had to learn to adjust to the lower number of players, the training and how everything about USC football, today, is managed like an NFL roster, even when it come to post gsme rehab techniques, training and prep.

  3. Sam

    Is it any surprise that Phil Knight keeps backing up Joe Paterno after their decision not to change the name of their Child Day Care Center? Nike should change their tag-line to “Just Do It, and look the other way”

  4. _marleyredngold_

    *sighs* Some Oregon fans are still bringing up the past I see. Living in the 3 year old glory days. I feel as if they’re channeling that one UCLA fan who’s constantly trying to prove something to me, the “delusional and completely arrogant” (insert my own smile here) USC fan, about their good ol’ 8 streak in the 90’s. *sighs again* Don’t be that way Duck fans. It’s very unbecoming and makes me look like a total jerk when I have to engage my self in a verbal quarrel on why you’re wrong, once again. Ah but since, my pastor said I should try be a more of an uplifting person in society, I guess I’ll have to start being the classy lady I am, giving pleasant, totally not forced, smiles and genuine compliments on their awesome 2 minute skills in performing more costume changes than Lady Gaga.

    So, yes, El Pato fans dwell in the past, and please never come back to the future. The pond’s not looking so clean these days, not that ponds are clean anyway.Thanks for the therapy session Bearfighter, I needed that.

    • rodger

      This is going to sound strange to you marleyredngold, but nobody was trying to prove anything to you. You effectively responded to a blog with literally no relative content. Read my original post. I wasn’t attempting to glorify the ducks, I was merely commenting on a post Zach had written about the ducks in days previous.

      The purpose was to point out a few reoccurring statements on this blog that don’t make any sense to me. What’s the logic in patronizing a team about losses that had nothing to do with USC (Auburn, Ohio state, LSU)? More then that, why try to discredit their recent success?

      Spare the history comparisons, every dynasty has a beginning and eventual end. Nobody denies that USC has the richest of football traditions. USC won a great game this past season and they will likely return to their thrown as perennial Rose bowl champs. However as of this moment thats Oregon’s claim. And good for them, they don’t get 5 star recruits, they win with a signature innovative offense. Besides, with the way the Pac12 is looking, USC needs them to be good in the future.

      Oh and Zach, not that you care, but I go to USC. I am sitting in Doheny Library as I type this response. I’m from oregon though.. so naturally I have a soft spot for Lady Gaga “costumes changes.”

      • Zack Jerome

        hey bud, i like your style. that’s why i posted your take with fairness far beyond what I normally go with. realize though that most oregon fans that come here try to disprove some statements you made regarding OUR legacy, so it’s proper to put the ducks in historical perspective. it’s this trend of oregon wanting to call our tradition “old news” until we won this year, then they want to talk recent history. can’t have it both ways and my point is simply that we currently won the last game and historically win most games.

        in my response, i took nothing away from the wins the ducks had over usc, good show, we’re fine because like i said, and to your point, we’re always climbing back to the throne.

        as for patronizing the ducks for losses to lsu, ohio state, auburn… that’s just to remind nike u fans that no one at a usc or lsu or osu or auburn or bama will take them seriously until they are feared in those games.

        it’s a consciousness thing. if you had to be 1000 dollars on an undefeated USC team or an undefeated ducks team, where’d you put it if it was apples to apples? oregon’s recent successes are great, but without the natty, the heismans or the signature wins (wisco was the closest, but those same rose bowls usc won that you disparaged, most of the student body at the time didn’t even care about because we knew they didn’t prove much), it’s a flashy team waiting to break thru.

        as for the offense, gimmick seems more accurate than innovative. it’s a loophole in the college game that’s rapidly being closed. ultimately, it fails in college which is why oregon players don’t go pro. it isn’t their talent level, it’s the scheme. DAT was a 5 star, but he’s a punt returner in the NFL because he won’t develop the welker skills he’ll need to be a pro in chip’s scheme.

        and fight on buddy. enjoy doheny, you are welcome here any time.

  5. J. Lane

    Also, please use your powers of blogging tell Oregon fans to stop lumping all the people that live in Portland as Ducks! It’s not true! We wear our cardinal and gold proudly, despite the threats! Obvs. win or lose, we upset them – which just goes to show you who really wins.

  6. Adrian De La O

    Great post Zach. It was two years they beat us in a row, not three. It really was a boring one-sided affair in 2008 but it happened.

  7. Brad

    Would Oregon have beat USC with 3 minutes on the clock? Maybe. But I also think USC would have won if there was 6. Then Oregon if there was 9 and so on. USC scored when they needed to and Oregon didn’t. Sorry…

  8. frank c

    the last time oregon won the rose bowl before this year was 1917.
    that’s right 1917. against Pennsylvania. that’s not penn state, that is the ivy league school in philadelphia, university of pennsylvania.

    so come back in another 95 years for your next victory.

  9. Boom

    on a scale of 1-10, this guy got owned.

  10. thekatman

    Duck fans. As they say in The South, with a smile …. Bless your lil heart!

  11. USCAllie

    Thank you for continuing to talk football during a HORRIBLE (NBA) season…and I second the thekatman’s statement…bless their hearts…won’t be so easy to come back from sanctions.

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