Our 15 Is Better Than Your 25

courtesy of my homie Tyler V.

As anyone with a television or the internet realized, yesterday was National Signing Day, which is of course, the day we celebrate teenagers for being better at football than all the short, unatheltic people at their small high schools by putting them on ESPN and letting them be LeBron just to realize in a few short months they are Freshmen again.  Unless you are a Matt Barkley, Robert Woods or Marquise Lee, we may not see these faces for a while.

Despite the fact I hate what ESPN does to this exciting day, I love NSD.  I love it like Spring Training.  It’s when you prognosticate and even better, it’s when you get to see your head coach flex his nuts to the rest of college football.

So this is by no means a comprehensive recap of signing day.  This is just the bearfighter giving you a luscious brain dump of the days memorable moments.  That sentence made me throw up in my mouth a little bit.

First and foremost, despite only signing our allotted 15 reduced scholarships, USC managed to finish with Rivals’ #7 ranked class.  I use Rivals because if any of you watched ESPN at all yesterday, you learned that they are too big to actually understand recruiting.  They bring in guys like Mike Bellotti (what the hell does he know about a good recruiting class, he coached Oregon, which we all know is a HOTBED OF PRO PLAYERS…) to analyze basically the whole country.  Do you think Mike Bellotti has been spending time on the recruiting trail?  No.

Some intern hands them all a piece of paper and they just find ways to say the same thing four times and then move on.  The dude from Stanford they had on the panel kept trying to talk about our depth issues not realizing all last year we played with a lowered amount of players in preparation for these 3  years of reduced schollies, or Sanctions Phase 2.  The same idiot said at least George Farmer had found a home at running back and that should help offset the loss of Amir Carlisle.  Seriously?  Everyone knows Farmer went back to WR.  It’s not like we’re fucking Akron here.  We were a top ten team last year and are probably the preseason #2.  It’s not too much to ask to have some people read about us a little.

ESPN must be out of practice from trying to ban us from coverage for 2 years despite showing up for GameDay both years.  The four letter network needs a rival really, really badly.  They are making us all dumber.

Let’s understand the recruiting ranking system a bit.  It’s basically a combination of how many great players you sign and how many total players you sign.  I get that because some schools (cough cough Wazzu) are just hard to get 25 kids to want to come to.  Period.  That said, when you look at how we fared against Pac 12 Media Darling Stanford, we signed the same amount of 5 and 4 star players, which means the rest of their class, the extra 7 people it took to bump their class above ours are basically people USC wouldn’t need anyway.

Kiffin said just about as much at his presser when he arrogantly said the worst part of having 10 schollies reduced was the fact they couldn’t just sign reasonable players that ended up at other Pac 12 schools because USC wasn’t offering.

While Kiffin was upset at some late day losses, USC started off like gangbusters stealing two blue chips out of Florida and death in the SEC.  And for Stanford fans feeling super stoked about Kyle Murphy picking you guys, I offer you this picture that will never, ever go away:

Have fun blocking for not Andrew Luck next year.  Just know that your fan base who hates everything we stand for now has a picture of you giggling like a school girl because you are with 2012 Heisman Winner Matt Barkley.  In case you thought you were giving the peace sign, that’s our victory V and you are right to throw it up.  No one is more stoked to restore normalcy to the world next season in Palo Alto when we pass all over your new quarterback and his assortment of TEs and OLs.

Stanford’s recruiting class was so strange.  For all the pomp around it, they seemingly ignored the fact that Andrew Luck’s freakish accuracy was the reason they were successful.  They are a bunch of big linemen and backs and tight ends that destroyed people with the playaction because Luck could throw a ball to a TE on the run with literally no separation.

So, how did Stanford recruit?  A class of great linemen with only one RB and WR of any pedigree.  Andrew Luck was the most hyped and lauded college QB in ten years, no question.  Not saying the new guy will be a total flop, but let’s be honest.  Luck was special (both at football and looking like he got hit in the face with a 2×4).  Stanford needs some playmakers and it doesn’t look like they got them.  Without Luck, this team is like a shitty Wisconsin.

USC is a little thin at RB next year and I would have liked to see us make a late play at someone, but in the end Curtis McNeal is made of space steel and he’ll be fine.  Playmakers not a concern.   And we still went out and got some crazy WR talent.  We should run 5 wide outs all the time and watch LBs shit their pants.

Despite all Mora’s shit talking, UCLA’s class is one of those quantity not quality situations.  They actually signed a 2 star wide out who is 5’8, 170.  I know a dude like that.  He’s writing this blog right now.  The last time USC signed a 2 star he was cousins with a 5 star, I’m sure.  Hell, our kicker was a 3 star.  No offense to Heidari though, 3 is great for a kicker and he’s a freshman All-American.  Frankly, him and Negrete form the most deadly kicking assassin cult we’ve ever put on special teams.  I’d go to war with them.

Oregon’s recruiting class was lower than UCLA which is fun because losing to UCLA is a once in a decade event.  That said, they got a lot of fast  dudes and we can expect more of the same.  Luckily, we’re built fast on D now and figured it out.  Stay at home and dare them to throw deep.

Outside of that, the Pac 12 had an okay day.  Sark made it out like his class was better than it was.  Cal got absolutely destroyed by the loss of their key staff member to Washington.  Yikes.

We have to be quality not quantity these days.  Here’s the good news:

Only the best.  I’m cutting this off now with a big Arrogant Nation welcome to our new guys, especially Max Tuerk who figured out on day one to follow me on Twitter.  Max, tell your new friends I’m the guy you want to know.  Your Saturday glory will be retold here for Arrogant Nation, the people who never doubted USC and helped keep it in shape in the “cloudy” days where we suffered brutal 8 and 10 win seasons.  Man, that’s arrogant.

I’m saving so much for my Preview and Arrogant Nation Mission Statement.  You’ll need to wait for August for that.  But there will be more during spring practice.

#unfinishedbusiness and #ftfo




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18 responses to “Our 15 Is Better Than Your 25

  1. USC-TroJohn

    Another masterpiece.

    “Despite all Mora’s shit talking, UCLA’s class is one of those quantity not quality situations. They actually signed a 2 star wide out who is 5’8, 170. I know a dude like that. He’s writing this blog right now.”


  2. Keith

    Well said.
    The ship has been righted and excellence is the norm.

  3. TrojanDynasty

    Stanford picked up 7 linemen. They still lack at all skill positions. They only think I see this team winning is an all you can eat buffet. They will not match up with USC’s speed on both sides of the ball, and its going to be hard to play this 3 yards and a cloud of dust, dinosaur ball, when they are down by 20 in the 1st quarter.

  4. Tatfreak


  5. Keeley

    Yeee! Quality > quantity any day. Glad I bought my season tickets early!

  6. Erik

    How do they come up with a #7 ranking!? The players AVERAGE 4 stars. No other team comes close to that. If Nick Saban is the shit (like ESPN says) how does Alabama average 3.77… seriously? And I already feel bad for Kyle Murphy. An Orange County kid who in a couple of months is going to realize he’s living at a place actually called “The Farm.” Sucks to be you bro.

    • Chris

      Rivals adds numbers of best 20 for every team. We got less than that. Other sites go up to 25. We would be lower in their rankings.

  7. 6decadeTrojan

    Chris Foster is back as the smarmy apologist recruiting reporter for UCLA. Up until last year, he would give a daily report about who the “blue chip” recruits attending UCLA football practice. It wreaked of Neuheisel putting him up to it…NCAA rules forbids coaches or administrators to talk about athletic recruits, so don’t tell me Foster knows the name of every kid at UCLA FB practice as if he was working for TMZ. Not-so-mysteriously, Foster did not list recruits attending UCLA practice last season because Neuheisel’s inability to sign any of the recruits Foster previously listed now made him look bad, and eventually cost him his job. Foster’s getting all moist now that somebody actually wants to sign with UCLA, citing the fact that new UCLA assistants from SMU, ASU and UW have instantly made them big players in recruiting. If UCLA is going to get sloppy seconds from SMU, ASU and UW, that’s “Conquest” to my ears.

    Read this shit http://www.latimes.com/sports/college/usc/la-sp-0131-ucla-football-20120131,0,3032999.story

  8. Solalmighty

    “We should run 5 wide outs all the time and watch LBs shit their pants.” 80% of our game plan every week should be based on this statement.

  9. jpfoursc

    great recap of NSD, Z…. and agree 100%, ESPN is becoming unbearable.

  10. Bill

    I am worried about the lack of defensive tackles, safeties, offensive tackles, and running backs. Great post.The NCAA stopped 10 kids a year from coming to USC and getting an education for something someone else did.

  11. Pete Who

    Did anyone catch the Urban Meyer love fest?! The media was stroking his ego with all the, “Look how great he did even with sanctions.”

  12. excellent post. couldn’t have said it better myself.

  13. Damien

    pretty sure the nerds have a solid group of RB’s coming back to run down everyone’s throats again next year. sure, our recruiting class lacked skilled guys but how is that any different than the group of dudes we had this year. the defense will be improved, and as long as we have a serviceable QB, we’ll be just fine. obviously the Trojans will be heavily favored on September 15th, but i’d love nothing more for the nerds to spoil pretty boy’s chances for a natty and hesiman all in one weekend.

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