Want to Hear Me Speak in LA?

A couple times a year I try to go out and speak to Arrogant Nation and the followers of the Bros Before Rose sect.  It has to be the right venue, the right people and ideally close to Valentine’s Day because that’s wildly sexy.  You just got roses and chocolates and maybe you like the guy, maybe you don’t, maybe she liked the gifts, maybe she didn’t.  Either way, you are rewarded with pure Bearfighter live and in person.

Such an event has come and I wanted to post it here because space is limited, it is FREE to attend, it’s at Galen Center in the Founder’s Room and beyond getting to hear me tell my story, the story of the career, lurid details of the advertising world (this is the part where ethics comes in), the year I ghost wrote for a big name Hollywood producer who is now dead, how I am 2 and 0 against cancer and above all the story of how this blog experiment turned into whatever the hell kind of big show hot mess it is now (and how you can do the same thing), I will also be doing a Q & A where you can ask me about how I know Ben from the Bachelor and who I think will win, will Kyle Negrete actually be teaching me to punt bear heads (if Kyle is reading this, feel free to answer), whether or not I drunk dialed a certain player on our team after the Oregon win from a bar in New Jersey and the incredible advice Neyo sang to me at a Grammys afterparty.

Or anything else you can think of.

Basically, I am not going to write a speech this time.  I’m just going to talk, which is what I do on the blog.  So if you have spent some time with me over the past few years, if you can’t hold out until I eventually finish the You Can’t Sanction The Endzone anthology and hold a signing at ESPN Zone at LA Live (you can ask me about the progress at the event), you simply have to attend this event graciously sponsored by the lovely ladies of Delta Gamma USC.

I’ve gotten to meet a lot of you in person at events and many of you, I only know digitally (that sounds invasive), but this is a great chance to say hello, talk shop and I promise to answer whatever you want to hear and tell plenty of ridiculous stories that up until this point, only my wife and closest friends have heard.

If you are stoked, start the conversation now @lost_angeles and @deltagammausc with the hashtag #CHATwithZJ.    Here is the lovely flyer DG has provided with a very arrogant picture of me giving a speak at the White House (it was just a white house I was at).

RSVP HERE immediately and show up.  It’ll be bourbon and bear tacos that’s how great it will be.  In fact, if you ask me some questions in the comments or on twitter @lost_angeles with the #CHATwZJ hashtag, I’ll put them in my notes.

I felt like I had to make an additional flyer that I encourage you to print out, hang in your cubicles, dorms, frats and sororities, bathrooms and telephone poles.  I think it is super me.

Now go to uscdg.com and rsvp already.  I’ll see you in the thunderdome.




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5 responses to “Want to Hear Me Speak in LA?

  1. I honestly think that second flyer should be the official one.

  2. Trojan 17

    Get to hear Bearfighter twice in one (school) year? YES! FTFO Bearfighter! How’s the anthology going?

  3. npal15

    are you still working on that book? i hope so cause i really want to read it!

    • Zack Jerome

      There’s two things. There’s the anthology of all the bowl ban posts plus added content, that’s almost finished and then looking into publishing options. then there’s my book, which i have no timetable for yet. it’s buckwild.

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