UCLA Sports Don’t Exist

A loyal and wise reader hooked me up with THIS LINK to an LA Times article about the popularity of both teams and venues for LA based sports.  The Dallas-based research firm that exists solely to help advertisers figure out where to spend their money relayed some really interesting results.  The article is mostly about how last year the Dodgers slipped to the 4th most popular team in Los Angeles even though Dodger Stadium remained the top venue.

With new ownership around the corner, the Dodgers have reason to believe they will return to 2nd behind the Lakers, which makes sense.  USC sports is ranked 2nd right now, which is amazing because they are not a pro team.  Even when the Dodgers rebound, the Lake Show, Doyers and Trojans being the top three tickets in town aren’t surprising.  What DIDN’T make the list is what shocked me.

1; Lakers; 1

2; Dodgers; 4

3; USC; 2

4; Angels; 3

5; Kings; 6

6; Galaxy; 8

7; Ducks; 7

8; Clippers; 5

Ranking the venues

Jan.; Venue; Nov.

1; Dodger Stadium; 1

2; Staples Center; 2

3; Angel Stadium; 3

4; Home Depot Center; 4

Source: The Marketing Arm

UCLA is not even on the list.  Now I am not one to think one poll means the world, I mean, it wouldn’t shock me if the Galaxy were actually more popular than the Kings or something like that.  However, NOT BEING ON THE LIST is the most embarrassing thing since being the worst team ever to play in a bowl (based on having the worst record of any team ever to play in a bowl).  Jeez, and THAT was just the most embarrassing thing since the team organized a Save By The Bell ditch day tradition during preparation for the bowl they lost.

I found this shocking.  I mean I really did.  As much as I think UCLA lost its once-proud way just a little after members of the football team used fake handicapped placards for their parking spots, I never really thought there’d be any poll you could take where they literally didn’t get mentioned in the top 8 most popular teams in Los Angeles.  LA has always been a Dodgers/Lakers/USC or UCLA town with the Angels and Kings and Ducks and Clippers being either too far from the city to be relevant to Angelenos or just too uninteresting to care about.

The thing is, this poll shows that’s not the case.  The Angels actually slid a spot despite signing Pujols, but hey, they are now the first non marquee (or repeat sport) option.  Soccer has been sneaking up in a big way in the US, especially here in LA.  The Galaxy being more popular than the Clippers is insane though.  That’s mostly because of the newness of the Clippers being relevant and the fact that the Galaxy are the Lakers of the MLS, housing Beckham, Donovan, Buddle and Keane.  They are an all-star team.

The thing is, USC isn’t just the preferred choice for college athletics in LA.  It appears it is the only choice.  Less people listed ALL OF UCLA’S SPORTS in the LA area than a hockey team that plays in Orange fucking County.  I don’t even wish this upon them.  I want UCLA to be somewhat relevant, but after 50-0, the awful handling of the Neuhisel situation, Dan Guerrero heir to the throne Frank McCourt is about to vacate and Jim Mora totally unproven, what on Earth is there to look forward to.

It has inspired me to start a mission that I will share with you later.  It’s pretty arrogant.



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44 responses to “UCLA Sports Don’t Exist

  1. Embowaf

    It confusing the way they laid out the rankings, But it’s January 2011 and then November 2011. So the order they show is not the current one, and we’re number 2, not number 3.

  2. Max

    I thought the same thing when I read that article. Even the Clippers made it on the list. Was a little disappointed about the Coliseum not being included over the Home Depot Center.

  3. Thekatman

    Looking forward to reading your “soon to be published” rant.

  4. It’s like walking over to someone’s house, bludgeoning them to death in their front yard, then driving by from time to time just to kick the body as it rots on the porch. Borderline criminal arrogance.

  5. Steve


    USC is ranked number 2 and was ranked number 3 before. You accidentally switched up the order using the January 2011 numbers and not the November 2011 numbers. Excited to see you at Galen center Bearfighter!

  6. Sam

    The sad thing is UCLA calls itself a basketball school and still is not ranked.

  7. Bruin Fan

    UCLA is better than USC. USC cheats.The whole school is filled with players that could not get into UCLA because of their grades and since USC paid them. When was the last time USC won a championship? UCLA has more basketball championships. Have fun with the sanctions. The only reason USC did well was UCLA had some down years in football. We have a real mascot.

    • Zack Jerome

      are you drinking paint thinner

      • Bruin Fan

        UCLA has made it to the FInal Four more recently than USC has made it to a BCS Bowl.Remember Cade McNown. He use to destroy USC. UCLA beat USC eight games in a row.

      • Zack Jerome

        yeah the 90s were rad. how were all the other decades. also, talking bball to usc is a waste of time. i do remember cade mcnown and how he used a fake handicapped parking pass illegally. also, what happened the next ten years after those 8? or last season?

        none of this has to do with the point of the post which is that in los angeles no one cares about you.

      • Gnossos

        @bRuin Fan
        I believe he is either huffing or 12 years old or both. When you have no argument, throw enough shit at the wall, some of it will stick.

    • USC Fan

      A bear that wears baby blue? Really? You are going to call that a real mascot, hahahahaha!

      50-0 need it be said again?!

    • Yeti

      If being delusional was a sport, the bruins might actually be relevant…

    • terry usc alumni

      are you stupid, ucla has NEVER been a football school. even in the late 80’s & 90’s when they won the pac 10, they choke. ucla is a choker school in football. have you ever heard of a school called wisconsin? they own you in the rose bowl. sure a few down years. usc owns ucla in football. we don’t brag about basketball b/c we admit it. unlike you guys still think football is for ucla. don’t forget we moved up academically on the us news & world report ratings. our alumni care about our school. unlike how my tax $$ help your welfare education which you don’t appreciate

    • Trojan Girl

      I may not be an athlete, but I got into both UCLA and USC. I chose USC. Super tired of hearing that excuse. You know what else I’m tired of seeing? U$C. It is actually costing me about $20,000 less to come here than it would to go to UCLA.

      And to answer your question (in football terms at least), 2004 was the last time USC won a national championship. The last time UCLA won a national championship? 1954.


      Does momma & dadda know you got loose on the internet again junior?
      According to US News & World reports 2012 analysis of top colleges, you’re absolutely wrong, USC is better. http://colleges.usnews.rankingsandreviews.com/best-colleges/rankings/national-universities/page+3. USC cheats? Look up the name Sam Gilbert in the history of bRuin Hoops and then get back to me. The 2010 Woman of Troy Water Polo team was the National Champion in their sport. As for the sanctions, I can think of 50 huge reasons why they’re not really affecting us. SC football has dominated uclowns because we recruit nationally, have superior coaching, and superior players. You had a tofu eating, sunshine pumping hippy, who allowed players to bypass practice to “Go Over The Wall”. NICE TRADITION. Your mascot is an effeminate looking knock off of Berkley’s mascot, which goes in keeping with your perpetual red-headed step-child status. You are the bitch of LA, the Pac 12, and the NCAA (Need we bring up the begging for a bowl slot last year with a losing record? An NCAA first, congrats!!). And by the way, for touting ucla’s superior education, your grammar is horrible.
      Thanks for playing, run along now you gutty little bRuin loser.

      • BT

        If we’re just talking sports championships here, you might also want to include the fact that USC dominated UCLA in Men’s Water Polo this year to win their FOURTH STRAIGHT national championship. Do you know how many times that’s happened? MOTHERFUCKING ZERO!

    • SC fan in TX

      You’re an idiot! UCLA fans seems to always look the other way when calling SC “cheaters” – remember the whole Coach Woody mess. SC came clean and admitted even the slightest of violations, and got hammered for “should have” knowing.

    • Another Bruin living in the past. Not that I’d expect Ucla fans to keep up with USC’s athletic success, but in addition to the solid play on the gridiiron, USC’s men’s water polo has won four consecutive NCAA championships while men’s tennis is attempting to win a fourth consecutive championship. Academics – are you aware of the impressive statistics from USC’s freshmen that enrolled in Fall 2011? You may want to refrain from discussing SAT, ACT, GPA’s, and acceptance rates when comparing USC and Ucla.

      • Leslie A. H.

        Its great that USC has raised its academic standards; only helps to make L.A. more attractive – BUT – UCLA has been and always will be academically superior to USC. Just ask the world.

      • Zack Jerome

        how do you ask the world?

    • Win4Ever

      How does USC cheat? According to the NCAA’s investigation, Reggie took money from a person not affiliated with USC and NO ONE AT USC KNEW ABOUT IT.
      John Wooden, your beloved coach won 8 championships while knowing that booster Sam Gilbert was up to no good. Gilbert paid players improper benefits. If Wooden didn’t know exactly what was happening, he should have for these two reasons: 1.) Wooden’s basketball teams have 10-15 guys on the squad. Should be pretty easy to keep track of your players compared to Pete Carroll keeping track of 80 players. 2.) Like Paterno, Wooden should have done more to stop Gilbert. Wooden admitted to knowing Gilbert was up to no good, but didn’t do much. Similarly, Paterno, did very little in response to the Sandusky allegations.

  8. Leonard

    1. USC ranks above Fucla for best colleges 2012 2. 11-national titles, 32- bowl championships “we lead the nation”. More players in the NFL than any other university. I could go on ! But bruin fans will always be in denial.

    • Leslie A. H.

      Please check your facts. 1) Best colleges rankings are based upon many variables and switches back and forth constantly. Example: if a student polled is thinking “tough athletics”, of course the current vote will be for USC. If same student is asked about academic integrity and strength, same student will most likely choose UCLA. 2) UCLA, along with Duke and Kentucky, are the leading schools with players in the NBA. 3) Best for you not to “go on” or to “go on and on”. Real intelligence is knowing when to stop. And, again, be sure to tell the whole story!

      • Zack Jerome

        i’d say real intelligence is not trying to dissuade usc fans on a usc blog, but hey, whatever keeps you coming and giving us gems about what school had more NBA players. real quick, which school has the most NFL players? which is the most popular sport in both pro and college levels? also, if you took COMM101 “Fact or Opinion”, you’d know if a student was asked about academic integrity and strength they’d pick UCLA. what if that student went to usc or cal or stanford? thank you for confirming the widespread belief that the rise of tuition based on public education funding issues in california is leading to a dumber ucla.

  9. UCLA Bear

    This is a joke….UCLA is better than USC. USC cheats. The only reason USC was winning was because they were cheating. Remember 13-9? That was a great day. USC was cheating and UCLA just embarrassed them. The only people who go to USC are people who could not get into UCLA. UCLA basketball is the best and football will be great again. More Heisman Trophies in Westwood. UCLA closed the gap and will beat USC.

    • Zack Jerome

      ucla lost 50-0 and was the worst team statistically to ever play in the bowl. please watch this and then eat yourself to death. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2-5iJT3sSN8

      • UCLA Bear

        What happened in the 2006 game? 13 to 9? Remember John David Booty getting sacked. UCLA destroyed USC. We closed the gap. The sanctions were fair, the NCAA was right. The sad part is USC tried to cheat in basketball and still could not win.. So what if you beat UCLA last year that was our worse team. It’s pathetic how USC missed out on Kyle Murphy this year and DeAnthony Thomas last year when you call yourself a football school. Did the check bounce?

      • Zack Jerome

        i mean, congrats on 13-9 6 years ago. we still won the rose bowl in your home stadium that year. also, remember when you lost 50-0 a few months ago? how old are you? we are really sad about DeAnthony Thomas. I really wish he was on our team when we beat them last year.

    • Football Trojan

      USC has more Heisman Trophies than UCLA. When did UCLA last win a Heisman Trophy?

    • Win4Ever

      Actually, I got into UCLA and not into USC…just kidding. I would never apply to a public school

  10. Fergus

    When I saw you mentioning a hockey team that plays in Orange County I thought you meant ours (USC’s) for a second. They play their home games at the Duck’s practice rink in Anaheim.

  11. TrojanBadger

    I’ve had this discussion with Bruin fans.
    “USC Cheats!”
    “We do? How do we cheat?”
    “You buy players!”
    “Which player did we buy?”
    “Reggie Bush.”
    “Ok you either know that is not true or you are actually stupid. Which is it?”
    etc. And no matter what you say, even if you show then the NCAA findings they eventually go back to…
    “USC Cheats!”
    The moral of the story is that Bruins are not very smart.

  12. Simon

    Wow. BF likes short sentences. Really short. He thinks it’s cool. It’s not. It just sounds like he has a low IQ.

  13. Careful Brad

    I can’t believe there is not one mention of the Sparks not making the rankings, injustice!

  14. Joe Trojan

    What’s worse is that a University that has 108 NCAA team championships and 128 total national team championships.

  15. Joe Trojan

    Some more thoughts. bRuins thump their chests with the 13-9 debacle, yet if we say 50-0, they quickly retort with the spoiling of a national championship. This goes on to show the following:

    1. We still went to a bowl game that year.
    2. You guys, while defeating USC in 2006 have yet to attend (win) a respectable bowl game, let alone a national championship game.

    8 years is a tough streak to break, considering the closest we got was 7 (don’t start with that sanction crap, you can’t erase the memories of those that saw those games), but 8 wins is a far cry from the overturning the overall USC record of 46-28-7.

    Just saying.

  16. tmbtrumpet

    No Zack you’re missing the important part here.
    We’re invited to play in the Rose Bowl as a guest, whereas other lesser programs pay rent.


  17. Kevin

    Will you do a post on the Oregon violations report?

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