Oregon Needs to Pick a Side

Let me be the first to clarify two points.  The first is, I don’t practice Schadenfreude, which is of course, the German word for enjoying the misery of others.  As much as I tease UCLA and as fun as it is to beat them 50-0, I admit I miss having a rival we were excited to play.  I root for UCLA to return to a level where they do more than tout “spoiling” a national title 6 years ago when a month later we just won the Rose Bowl (again) in their home stadium.  I want USC v UCLA to mean something.  If we’re ranked 1, I want them ranked 2 and I want to beat them every time.  Right now it’s like stepping on ants and I don’t really get off on that other than in a “damn, that was hilarious” sort of way.  And I come to football games to rock out, not laugh.  Go laugh in a Judd Apatow film.

The second point is that I don’t take any NCAA sanctions seriously because ultimately, they aren’t an organization to be taken seriously.  I mean, when a clown sprays water in your face out of a flower on his lapel, you don’t beat his ass because he is a clown and how seriously do you need to take a confusing, harmless attack from a clown.  For my drunk readers, I think the NCAA are clowns wearing clown shoes.

So let’s be clear.  Whatever Oregon did, whatever punishment they get, it doesn’t matter and I am not rooting for it based on wanting Oregon to be labelled cheaters.  I am not rooting for it because I think the NCAA will be serving any kind of justice in this or any sanctions situation.  I mean, Miami AD Paul Dee, who was letting a ten year cocaine-brothel-abortion-service-booze-cruise go on during his watch was the guy chosen to deem USC guilty of “needing” to know that Reggie Bush and his parents were taking thousands of dollars from a third party that had nothing to do with USC.  When you hire a murderer to be the judge at a murder trial, it’s sort of hard to take the whole thing seriously.

So basically, whatever Oregon gets, I doubt it has anything to do with student athletes, cheating or the like.  It will have only to do with the NCAA trying to hold onto control of something the world knows slipped through its greasy fingers:  credibility.

Here’s what I am rooting for to come out of the acceleration of Oregon’s recruiting saga woes.  I am rooting for Oregon to get labeled with things similar to what USC got labeled with.  I am rooting for this because after years of writing this blog, I have found the Oregon Duck fan to be the most delusional fan there is west of the SEC.

This is a generalization to be sure.  I know many Ducks that are awesome people, great adversaries in football conversation and prognostication, but when you look at the comments I’ve received over the years on this blog, Oregon’s bottom of the barrel lies somewhere deeper than the wreckage of the Titanic.

So before I continue, if you are a rational Oregon fan, understand that I don’t think you guys did anything that wrong and whatever penalty you get doesn’t mean anything to me.  If they made you vacate wins, I wouldn’t assume you lost those games.  This is addressed to your insane masses that somehow made the grade enough to avoid becoming a Beaver and learned how to comment on this blog.  Making sure we’re clear.  Yes I will drink northwest beer with you cool Oregon fans at the Coli this year.  Please just keep the extras from Deliverance away from me.

The Oregon fanatic is a crazy specimen I have been studying for years.  There are complicated mathematical formulas guiding selective memory at play.  Oregon doesn’t want to talk about “program history”, so do not ever try to use the argument that winning dozens of Rose Bowls over the course of a century means anything to them.  History includes all years prior to 2008.

The Oregon fan considered 2008 on as the only thing that mattered because it is the present (I never bothered to explain how 2008 was in fact, in the past) until last year of course, where Oregon lost to USC at home without ever possessing the lead.  Then, the present included their “triumph” over UCLA in the Pac 12 “championship” and their stirring nailbiter against a Big Ten team earning them a Rose Bowl, which was their first ever considering the last one they won wasn’t even called a Rose Bowl it was so long ago.

So the present was everything from 2008 on except for the loss in Eugene which didn’t count because of bad clock management (because clock management failure is a fluke as all football fans know *choking on sarcasm*), a kick that should have gone in (because college kickers are automatic, right?) and because if there were five more minutes Oregon would have won (which there would have been if the kicker hit the FG and we went into the magical land of overtime, football’s convenient answer to games that need five more minutes to decide a winner).

Do not mention to them that USC traveled a severely reduced squad due to sanctions preparation that probably contributed to letting a 34-14 lead dwindle or the fact that USC fumbled a botched hand-off on the way into the endzone (or at least a chip shot FG) because those things weren’t factors, that was just Oregon being “the better team”.  Naturally, the better team usually spots a 34-14 lead at home, mismanages the clock and misses clutch field goals against a squad short on replacements…

So, when Oregon snuck out a press release on Friday before the world went out to drink and meet attractive people detailing basically that they are in negotiations with the NCAA on their punishment, I couldn’t help but laugh at the dates.  2008-2011.  From my scientific analysis of the amoebas that latch onto my Oregon articles (soon to include this one no doubt), those are the exact dates of the only time in college football history Oregon counts.  I don’t care about a bowl ban, I don’t care about scholarship reductions, we’ve already beaten them with half a deck.  I care about the most meaningless penalty associated with NCAA sanctions.  I am talking about a penalty so stupid, only idiots could care about it.

I’m talking vacated wins.

Oregon is going to great lengths to kiss some NCAA ass in hopes of a lesser sentence.  Nike is working overtime to make calls to protect the school they dressed in ass-backwards uniforms so colorful the world couldn’t ignore them.  I have zero doubt that despite the fact the “failure to monitor” term is being tossed around like in the Ohio State case, they will get even less of a slap on the wrist than tOSU did.  I am expecting this to be something AT MAX like probation, maybe a 1 year bowl ban and possibly some ceremonial loss of scholarship(s) that wouldn’t dent a paper airplane.

The recruiting services listed (3 of them) include one that helped scout LaMichael James.  This means that it is at least possible that they will need to forfeit wins from games he helped him win from the time of offense, which being that this is recruiting-based, should count all games he played in (as opposed to Reggie Bush whose impact was counted from the time he took benefits).

Willie Lyles and LaMichael James.  Don't call it a Seastrunk only issue.

There is a possibility to make the sanctions seem more stringent, they will vacate wins.  3 Pac 10/12 championships, wins against USC and their precious Rose Bowl.

Now, USC never bat an eye at this for a couple of reasons.  One, it’s really dumb to vacate wins because everyone knows who won.  It’s just for history books and in the end, this period in history is going to be remembered as the fall of the NCAA, not anything else.  Hell, I feel bad for Oregon because now they are dating the crazy girl.

The other reason USC never tripped out was the we played in national titles in both years we vacated wins.  The first time, the AP didn’t make us give up our title.  Given the 2003 split title the NCAA recognizes on their own website where the AP deemed USC the champions and LSU the BCS champions, why on earth would USC un-claim the 2004 title where they were stripped of the BCS title, but not of the AP.  If the AP was good enough for 2003, it is good enough for 2004.  I mean, the NCAA is so screwed up they still list USC as the 2004 BCS champion on their website without an asterisk.  I mean, between that and Paul Dee presiding over the USC hearings, I think the NCAA is the institutional control issue.

You can't make this sh*t up.

As for 2005, we didn’t win the title, so vacating a loss doesn’t mean much.  Basically, in USC’s case, vacating wins didn’t mean we lost a national title claim and it isn’t like any team we beat suddenly felt like they won.  Combine that with the normal winning mentality USC has (see our preseason rankings), and we didn’t trip (and yes the bearfighter played a role in that arrogance).

Oregon is in a different boat.  The AP ranking means nothing when it comes to bowl wins.  While USC was deemed #1 when the AP didn’t strip their championship trophy even though USC vacated a Rose Bowl win, Oregon never won a title.  There is no AP help.

If Oregon vacates their Rose Bowl, they are Rose Bowless.  They will have to vacate their Pac championships.  Their selection slice of relevant history will not exist in “the books”.

While I don’t give a shit about the books, I have never been so sure they would suffer from LSU-itis.  They will never get over the fact that it “wasn’t fair”.

Meanwhile, no school has called USC cheaters more, no school has tried to enjoy USC’s supposed setbacks more than Oregon.  When my high school baseball coach saw a friend of mine pump his fist after hitting a home run, he chewed him out and said “act like you’ve been there before”.  Now, that coach was a huge dick, but acting like you been there before is a good concept for a program trying to make a point they belong.

As the bearfighter often gets to, I sit on the veranda watching the approaching shit storm enjoying what either outcome is.  In USC’s case, I predicted everything that would happen either way our sanctions hearing went.  I said if they let us off, we’ll enjoy another normal year of SC football.  If they hit us hard, I’ll draft a wildly successful blog and USC will win a ton of games anyway while the NCAA chokes away its control as the curtain gets peeled back to reveal the widespread filth they try to rationalize.  Either way I would be happy.  The road less traveled was better in this case.  Proof is that you are reading this.

In the Oregon case, I get the same joy.  Depending on what happens, Oregon fans will have to decide.  Is the NCAA full of shit or not?

I long to see their quacking faithful try to explain the differences between football programs and penalties.  This is Oregon getting in trouble for how they do business.  If “everyone is doing it”, then I guess USC didn’t do anything wrong either, did they Oregon?

If they admit they were wrong (which the athletic dept. at Oregon is sure going to great lengths to do, what cowards) then I guess they will own up to the fact the vacated wins were just.  I guess they will be Rose Bowless again.  I guess their 3 years Pac title streak didn’t count.  Wait, who was the last team to win the Pac 10 title before them?  Oh wow.  It was USC…

So wait, if they vacate wins and USC wins this year, I guess our consecutive streak might resume?

The possibilities are totally endless.  The end result for me is that I really don’t care.  The NCAA is a joke as an institution.  That said, what I look forward to is watching a mid-level program that is just figuring out how to play on the national stage with a fan base that can’t act like they’ve been there before (because they haven’t) come to terms with the possibility that according to a system they used to condemn USC, they in fact have actually been on a 3 year losing streak in which they dressed up like idiots for nothing.

Now by all means.  Discuss.  Can’t wait.  I don’t have a dog in the fight.  After all, we beat Oregon last year and I’m sure Lyles was doing things clean just like the NCAA’s investigation…

Guessing the link to buy Oregon Rose Bowl gear is so fans can get them while they are still factual?



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71 responses to “Oregon Needs to Pick a Side

  1. “Meanwhile, no school has called USC cheaters more, no school has tried to enjoy USC’s supposed setbacks more than Oregon.” Exactly why the needle on my Schadenfreude-o-meter is in the Red Zone. Without fully understanding (or choosing to ignore) what USC’s sanctions were for, the Duck fans to a man (or to a mallard) would call “cheaters” on USC every chance they got, whether it was in a letter to a newspaper/online column, or on sports blogs.

    With regards to calling them cowards for essentially admitting to the allegations rather than fighting them, I suppose that’s why the all-yellow uniform puts in an appearance from time to time.

  2. Dave

    There’s one thing you didn’t mention, if Oregon vacates their wins, does that include this year’s Pac 12 “Championship” Game? Then who would be the Pac 12 “Champions?” The team that lost to them in the championship?

    Could UCLA technically win the Pac 12 with a 6-7 (5-4) Season?

  3. GouldDornsife

    Well played as always… FTFO and I am looking forward to the arrogance that will be on display at Galen on wednesday…

  4. HeliGeorge

    Unlike you, I will be happy to call Oregon “cheaters”. Cause in this case recruiting can directly affect the outcome of the game, especially paying for “access and influence”. I wonder where the memo is where Reggie’s parents are asking him to play better because they now live in a nice house. Also, this is a front office thing. It was happening on campus, under the nose of those that could stop it and didn’t. This wasn’t accidental, it was a conscious choice and not a one time choice. This happened over 3yrs! Isn’t that the definition of lack of institutional control?

    Sidenote: I still don’t understand how someone taking money then being asked to repay it is considered a payment. Most would consider that a loan, especially if you take the receiver to civil court to get the money back. I believe that suit was settled out of court for undisclosed money.

  5. Carmelle

    So if Oregon has to vacate their wins and therefore the Pac-12 Championship, does that make 0-50 UCLA the Pac-12 Champs in the books? How ridiculous is that?

  6. BamaTrojan

    If Larry Scott’s much lauded inaugural Pac-12 Championship game goes un-won, and we end up winning next year’s Pac-12 Champ game, does that then make us the first Pac-12 Champ winners?

    As you alluded to before, by Larry Scott trying to hit us below the belt with refusing to let us play in the Pac-12 Champ game, not only did he get a snoozefest of a game, but now it doesn’t even count. And look who’s poised to win it all next year.

    Hey, Larry Scott, how’s your foot taste?

  7. TrojanDynasty

    Guys, you should know by now, if a team vacates, the other team does not get a “win.” They still keep the loss, like OU did in the 55-19 throttling in the Orange Bowl.
    Zack, I would have to agree with earlier commenters. This is the epitome of cheating, ie going out and buying players. It’s as if I went out and paid a pro, say Polamalu, to come line up for USC again. It would be the very definition of unfair advantage on the field. The same claim could not be made in the Bush situation.

    • Zack Jerome

      i understand those feelings. that said, all i care about is oregon having to pick a side and live with the fact that they either take our side (ncaa is bogus) and in doing so undermine everything they ever said about USC, or, live with it and freely admit they didn’t deserve their limited run at the top of a weakend pac 12. win-win.

  8. rodger

    The only way the NCAA can gain credibility is if they sanction Oregon as harshly as they sanctioned USC… back to the stone age. Sanction schools for J-walking or any minuscule rule breach for that matter as bad USC. Make the penalty of breaking rules so severe that schools can’t afford to break the rules.

    • Jack

      Completely disagree. If the NCAA wants to gain credence, they allow cooperation to natter. There’s been far too many western powers whacked. If it continues, they ABSOLUTELY lose their credibility.

  9. delusional duck

    As a duck fan, I agree with a lot of things you had to say. Oregon needs to act like they’ve been there before but like you said, we haven’t. At the same time, USC needs to act like they’ve lost a game or two before. All the continued USC arrogance is why the duck fans talk so much trash any chance they get. USC is not undefeated for lifetime (despite their storied tradition) though SOME fans may never act like it.

    Whatever the Ducks’ punishment, I hope it’s not so harsh that the ducks can at least give the mighty USC trojans at least part of a competitive game in the future. You guys are so awesome at football (I know because I’ve had to listen to it for 30 years). I only tell you that for the fact I know your heads couldn’t possibly get bigger.

    Also, the punctuation (comma, period, question mark, etc.) goes inside the quote. Like this, “blah blah blah.” Not like this, “blah blah blah”.

    Go Ducks!

    • Zack Jerome

      I don’t proofread the blog, but thanks for the grammar lesson. Reasonable comments. I am not rooting for harsh punishments, the system is really, really flawed. Your lower-tier fans though just make me excited to see where shit nets out because you can’t have it both ways.

      Our heads are big because we love our school and don’t care if others do. That’s the issue with Oregon. They want love and respect, but don’t win enough big ones to be feared nationally. So they wear Nike gear that looks silly and recruit speed into a non NFL system which is why they never have a steady flow of pro-talent.

      SC is self-centered. Oregon trips out about everyone else because I am guessing deep down they know a storied history is what they want.

      • delusional duck

        You are welcome for the grammar lesson. I agree the NCAA sucks. As for the lower tier fans, (I assume you mean bandwagon fan) I don’t care for them either. I’ve been going to games since the early/mid 80’s, and as much as I like the sellouts, the ticket availability has gotten out of control.

        You can say the uni’s are silly all you want, but most players/fans/recruits seem to love them. That’s all I care about. How else would you expect a steady flow of Pro talent to come to Eugene, OR over L.A.? That’s what makes UCLA even more of a joke. Getting thumped by teams from Corvallis, Eugene, and Pullman?

        I think more than wanting a storied history, the ducks want to whoop up and talk trash to the teams that have beaten them down for years. That’s why football was invented in 1994, er…2008 but who’s counting?

      • Zack Jerome

        haha. the only thing i’d refute is the steady flow of NFL talent. who are those people? even this year it was a 18 rated class. usc was top ten with ten less spots.

        agree the uniforms draw flashy recruits though, although not the kind of recruits that go to the nfl apparently.

      • Seems that the talk is the unis, and everyone is mocking them…. and the only thing flashy about the team is the helmets which I can see myself in…. and all I see is Cardinal and Gold.

    • Trojan Princess

      “How else would you expect a steady flow of Pro talent to come to Eugene, OR over L.A.?”

      Please…ever hear of South Bend? Norman, OK..etc, etc, etc…

    • Robert

      Unfortunately, we DO actually admit that the 90s happened as did Paul Hackett.

      • Win4Ever

        Very true. I was in grade school then. We were terrible yet I was as outspoken of a USC fan as I am now. I still remember players from the 90s that I loved. Chris Claiborne, R Jay Soward, Sultan McCoullough. And then UCLA got close to winning the natty in ’98, and USC basically said “This is ridiculous. Time to go back the old days.” Bob Toledo was the best thing to ever happen to UCLA football since Gary Beban (and even he is widely considered the Worst Heisman Winner ever).

  10. TrojanDynasty

    My guess is option 3, the bandwagon runs off the cliff and we don’t hear from them for years.

  11. Manti Te'o

    you obviously care and you do have a dog in this fight

    • Zack Jerome

      i don’t care because either way we learn something. i think you misunderstood. oregon has to be on one side of the fence after this. either all their hating on USC becomes hypocritical or they have to admit they didn’t deserve their wins. I recommend the first option because i think the ncaa is a joke and oregon shouldn’t get slammed, but oregon has to reap what they sow.

      and no i don’t have a dog in the fight. my dog beat oregon last year and is going to be preseason top 2.

  12. Quack

    Oh Zack, I was really hoping you’d be some 50 year old USC vet, so I could just close this piece, admit the writing was pretty damn solid and move on. But I’d guess you are somewhere in your 30’s, perhaps late 20’s after a glance at your bio. Correct?

    That being said…Why do SC fans like yourself (at your particular age group) hang a hat on this so-called tradition? What tradition? Shit you weren’t around to witness? Shit you’ve only been able to read about, perhaps watch a few documentaries and hear folk tales from grandparents. Nine titles pre-1980? I’ll smooch and shine your shoes over any Reggie Bush era dialogue, (any Duck fan will, you had the whole nation’s number) but enough with the hoopla about storied history that ranges at the very earliest, 3+ decades ago. You weren’t around to call yourself a fan. You can’t adopt allegiance before you are conceived in the womb. That should be rule #1 in the fan base rule book. Don’t stoop to UW’s level, they might as well have those type of statements copyrighted.

    In fact, I’d guess that you don’t like to talk about the USC “tradition” I grew up to know before Reggie strolled into town. The 29-29 record from ’96-2001, one of the worst stints in school history…(No,Cade McNown & was not a figment of your imaginative nightmares). Yes, UCLA might be ants now, but it wasn’t thaaaat long ago when the roles were entirely reversed. Wasn’t it 8-straight L’s at one point? That sounds like another rivalry in the Pac Conf.

    • Zack Jerome

      Eh, you were very civil, so I will be as well. Late 20s, you are correct sir. The thing is, what UW does is silly because there’s no current greatness. The Yankees, Lakers, Alabama, USC, etc talk tradition because they have done it in multiple decades over scores of years.

      The thing is, USC isn’t upset about 29-29 through 96-01. You said yourself it was one of the worst stints in school history. This “worst stint” included a Rose Bowl win (something Oregon has only done once and might have to give back) and a .500 record.

      Tell me, what are UW or Oregon or UCLA’s “worst stints”.

      That’s the thing. At a powerhouse, a true legacy school, it’s a stint to be average. You then return to glory. As for the concept of celebrating past glories, that’s what humankind does. Should we not honor WWII because we weren’t alive for it? Should you not be proud of your family history? I’m a Dodger fan and in every stadium Jackie Robinson’s number is retired. Should we not be proud of that? Should UCLA not be proud of him being alumni?

      Your point is the point made by someone whose school has nothing to brag about (except Prefontaine, what a stud). The thing is, we only changed our uniforms 2 times. Once and then we changed them back. With schools with tradition it’s not “shit we only have been able to read about”. We live it on gameday. We don’t wear a new uniform every game. When you set a record at USC, it means something.

      I can’t explain it to you, but if you had it, you’d get it.

    • Why do Oregon fans seem to be the only ones who don’t realize that tradition makes college football? I’ve never witnessed a Dodger World Series, am I not allowed to appreciate the greatness before I was born? Or the greatness that was the Showtime Lakers that came before my time? There is a reason you often hear “tradition is what college football is all about,” because it is. Ohio State-Michigan, USC-Notre Dame, Oklahoma-Texas, Alabama-Auburn, National Championships, Rose Bowls, those things will always matter no matter what era you’re from. If tradition doesn’t matter, Boise State and TCU would have had a legitimate shot at a National Title by now. I’m sorry you don’t have jackshit from the past to appreciate, but it doesn’t mean the rest of the country can’t appreciate their school’s greatness. And don’t compare us to UW, they’re completely living in the past. We’ve had one of, if not the greatest run in college football history end just 3 years ago and look to be back on top for years to come *fingers crossed*.

      • IKF

        “Why do Oregon fans seem to be the only ones who don’t realize that tradition makes college football?”

        You’re talking about a school with so little tradition that they named their field after a coach with the following accomplishments during his 17-year tenure at Oregon:

        – ONE bowl victory (I should stop here because this is so hilarious. How did he still make it past three years, let alone 17?)
        – FOUR bowl appearances (only one major bowl…Ki-Jana Carter to the house anyone?)
        – He was almost 20 games under .500
        – He coached in arguably the worst game of all-time, a scoreless tie in the Civil War

        If your program’s history is so bad that you name your field after a loser who was also a cheater then you wouldn’t want to talk about tradition either.

      • Gnossos

        @IKF, in doing some research on Autzen Stadium & Rich Brooks Field I discovered that they were built atop a landfill which might explain Duck behavior.
        “The stadium, designed by Skidmore, Owings and Merrill, was built within an artificial landfill (over the refuse) to eliminate the need for multilevel ramps. As a result, construction took just nine months and cost approximately $2.5 million. $250,000 was contributed by the Autzen Foundation, headed by the son of Portland lumberman and philanthropist Thomas J. Autzen, for whom the stadium was named.[7] Ironically, Thomas J. Autzen is actually an alumnus of Oregon State University. The foundation’s donation to the University of Oregon was linked to his son’s attendance at the school during the late 1930s and early 1940s.” via Wiki

      • Zack Jerome

        oh. my. god. why have i not googled that before.

    • Win4Ever


      I graduated from USC in 2010. I am 23 years old. I was not a Trojan from 2007-2010 and then it was all over. I am a Trojan for life. Both of my parents went to USC. All four grandparents. My only sibling went there. Most of my aunts and uncles went there. Oregon may be a school you go to for a few years. USC is much more than that.
      I am also Catholic-Christian. Does that mean I can’t talk about/worship the history of my faith? I guess I can’t talk about some dude named Jesus, or his mother, Mary. All I get to talk about is the current Pope and John Paul.
      Grow up. When you become a Trojan, you represent everyone that came before, and everyone that will come after you. Maybe Oregon Ducks don’t realize that concept. Most likely because you significant history is from 2008-2012.

  13. CuriousDuck

    Translation: Oregon is SC’s biggest competition. Therefore, I have chosen to label Oregon fans, at least some of them, delusional. I can’t make Oregon go away, so I will attempt to portray Oregon as unworthy by attacking (some) Oregon fans.

    If you think Oregon fans are the most delusional west of the SEC, you have obviously never read any posts by Cal, Washington, or Oregon State fans.

    Also, congratulations on acknowledging that Oregon “mattered” from 2008-11. The delusional fans from the schools listed above, along with many Condoms, won’t go that far.

    And you’re still off by a number of years. No reason to argue with someone who made a comment like that, but did you attend the 2007 Oregon-SC game? Remember the game Pete C described as having a “championship” atmosphere? I think that one “mattered,” and so did Oregon’s 2007 team.

    Perhaps you’ve written off 2001. Finishing ranked second must “matter” if Oregon “mattered” from 2008-11 when it never finished that high.

    Or maybe 2000, when Oregon was a co-Pac 10 champion and beat Texas in the Holiday Bowl. If the win over Oklahoma State in the Holiday Bowl in 2008 “mattered,” a conference co-championship and a win over a tougher opponent must have “mattered” as well.

    I guess you’ve carved those years, and the other years in which Oregon has defeated SC since Oregon began to “matter” in 1994, out of your gracious acknowledgement because your story wouldn’t be quite as good if you couldn’t limit Oregon’s “matterhood” to 2008-11.

    • Zack Jerome

      Translation: the bearfighter’s prophecy comes true as a duck comes her to try and explain what periods of history mattered…

      You have won ONE ROSE BOWL. That’s like the worst USC did in any given decade in history. Only a duck would write something like “remember when pete c dscribed a game as having a championship atmosphere”. NO. We don’t because every team always brings their best against USC and when we lose, we shake if off because we win Rose Bowls better than anyone ever to play the game.

      I am making fun of delusional Oregon fans that comment HERE and do what you are doing. I don’t get how you don’t see that. The non delusional Oregon fans probably read this, got a laugh, and moved on to wondering what will happen in sanctions. Instead, you give me a short essay on what I remember and don’t about Oregon, which is, not much. Until 2008-2011, when a non-delusional Trojan like myself admits, Oregon had the better teams. Of course we had a bowl ban during some of this time, lost recruits, etc, but hey, great run. No doubt.

      You lost to USC last year. Your AD is admitting fault to plea bargain with the NCAA. You have bigger fish to fry than us right now, but we’ll see you in the Coliseum. Jeez.

  14. CuriousDuck

    Is that your idea of an answer to what I said? You came up with the idea of what “mattered” when. Your comment was ignorant. If you want to bail on the theme of your comment, fine, but don’t pretend that your stupid idea was mine.

    I guess you missed the part where I said there is no point in arguing with someone who made a comment like yours. I wasn’t. I’ve spent enough time on the Internet to know that Condoms cry when anyone is so bold as to challenge or beat their team. They never “shake off” losses. They just make excuses for why the losses don’t “matter.”

    BTW, Pete wasn’t “shaking it off” when he said that. He was looking for something to say to explain being beaten by a better team. Too bad you missed that game, the rest of the 2007 season, and a few others.

    P.S. — Congratulations on your signature win from 2011. See you in November.

    • Zack Jerome

      um, again… you are on a USC blog. you aren’t helping your point. in the end, we shake off our losses because we figure that since we existed we’ve always won more than we lost. congrats on your signature loss and can’t wait to see you in november.

    • TrojansForPrefonatine

      Hey, did anyone ever tell you how funny it is to call Trojans “Condoms?”

      What? They didn’t? Oh…

    • JZ

      You know I wouldn’t really count Holiday Bowls as “mattered”, that’s kind of embarrassing. Rose Bowl yes, Fiesta Bowl yes, NCG yes (well no b/c you don’t have 1). Holiday Bowl no.

      • Zack Jerome

        yeah, we’re not getting stoked on our Emerald Nut Bowl either. Bowls where you win your division or at least play a big team.

  15. Michael

    Always really enjoy your blogs. They never played any ineligible players as Seastrunk never played but they could receive future sanctions. All your posts seem to be about Oregon these days.

    • Zack Jerome

      my posts have mostly been about ucla and reality tv, but being that your school just wrote issued a 5pm on friday “we plead guilty” press release, i’m hardly the only one talking oregon sanctions. blame the eugene paper who posted first.

      as for seastrunk, yes. but it was 3 separate recruiting services and they ALREADY ADMITTED TO FAULTY PRACTICES IN 2008-2011. that was in the school’s statement. lamichael was a willie lyles guy too. this isn’t about seastrunk anymore or it’d just be about one recruiting service. press release FROM oregon said 3.

      anyway, curious to see what happens and thanks for reading man.

      • Michael

        No problem. Love your style. Should be interesting to see what happens. Realistically I think they get aOSU like sanctions. As a USC fan, I understand Oregons fascination as we’re perennially top dawg but now they’re high up we’re also quite fascinated with them. I give their fans as a pass for being excited as they know it prolly won’t last forever. UW fans are far worse but they’ve been so bad we don’t hear from them or need to care for them. I hope Oregon stays good as it brings makes our conference more legit as traditional other powers Washington and UCLA can’t get their shit together. Fight on

      • Michael

        Lol. Just read over my comment. So many typos. Just ain’t the same writing a paragraph on a phone

  16. USC Travaler80

    The sad thing is the NCAA will say say since Lache Seatrunk never played a game for Oregon that they will not have to vacate any games. I think Oregon will lose some scholarships probably one or two. Ohio State lost nine scholarships over three years for five players being ineligible and playing in games. Oregon will not get a bowl ban. I find it difficult that Oregon will get in trouble for LaMichael James since Will Lyles become known for Lache Seatrunk.

  17. USC Traveler80


    Will you tape your speaking event at the Galen and post it on YouTube. Some fans will be unable to make it. I really want to go but cannot. Thank you.

  18. dubthree

    LaMichael James, and other players Lyles represented, were desperate for exposure to top tier universities. What did Oregon do that can actually be described as Cheating? Lyles was helping out kids in getting them exposure to get scholarships. That’s it. And he tried to make a living doing it, by charging 25k. Is 25 a lot for one guy to make in a year, or to add onto his yearly income? no. Stop whining – oregon didn’t win by cheating, or with players that were “cheated” into coming there. They won, and lost games with young athletes. They didn’t pay any world beaters to come play. Face the facts. Recruiting is recruiting – and don’t start acting like oregon, who has a historically good program in this decade – isn’t an enticing program for student athletes to take their talents.

    • Zack Jerome

      um, you clearly haven’t read one article about street agents. naive to think without lyles no one would know these prospects. lyles was a handler. in the end, i don’t think it’s cheating, i just think it’s funny to watch oregon flip on the issue.

  19. An underlying issue in this blog (and in college football in general) is the overemphasis on the Rose Bowl (or, BCS games in general). Remember, unless you are in the title game, they are just fun little exhibition games. Sure, they sparkle, and some years lots of people watch them. But, in the end, it’s just an opportunity for Nike/Disney/the NCAA, ect, to make gobs of cash and to see the winners speak on a podium post-game.

    And hey, get that money, I ain’t mad at ya.

    Take this year for example. Oregon won the Rose Bowl. Sweet. I guess? Like call me crazy, but something tells me that beating the third place B1G team in the 08 Rose (Illinois) probably wasn’t the best win SC had that year either…Listen, I’m a Duck, but this Rose was nowhere the best win I’ve witnessed since football was invented in Eugene during the ’94 season. Hell, Stanford was a better team this year (and probably last year as well) than Wisconsin. Ducks beat they bloody on the Farm, much more satisfaction from that one.

    I just skimmed the comments, but I’m sure someone had to mention the ’02 Fiesta. I know it was played in Tempe, but UO beat the #3 team, and finished #2. Again, better than beating perhaps an all-time great Wisconsin team (they actually didn’t have a thick-ankled QB for once). I could go on with ‘teams beat that were better than Wisconsin” (and don’t get me wrong, the 07 Trojans would have been on that list!) but it’s a fruitless exhibition really.

    Heck, give me the last second loss in the title game to Auburn over beating an over-matched B1G team. At least they were playing for something.

    Congratulations on the win over Oregon this year. Best win, in 4 years? It was a huge game for you guys, after all a loss would have made it 4 out of 5 to Oregon, and given the new money no reason to even pay attention to the finicky Barkley and Kiff (who I actually really enjoy).

    PS-You should probably be thanking Oregon for that lofty preseason ranking about to be bestowed on SC. Because lets face it, if UO beat SC by 1 last year, you’re looked at as a 3 loss team that squeaked by Utah, gave up a bajillion to Zona and lost by 21 points to 7-loss Arizona State. You won fair and square, TO’s and shit happens, but don’t forget why you are getting the pub.

    PPS-The NCAA is a joke, was a joke when they screwed SC, and will be a joke when they hit UO. Think about it, SC for hammered because ‘they should have known’ and UO will get hammered because someone set the arbitrary WRITTEN (no verbal, because humans are incapable of verbal communication) ‘check in’ number between schools and recruiting services at 4 times a year…

    Cheers, see ya’ll in November, and again in December.

    A nod to @daveuscfan for pointing me in direction of this blog.

    • Zack Jerome

      this is just where tradition doesn’t agree with “new money”. the rose bowl matters to teams that win it more than once a century. but national titles are great too, not that oregon knows the feeling. or heismans.

      i was a big fan of the fiesta team who got hosed out of the title v miami. college football is a mess, but a lot of these statements aren’t congruent. us thanking you for our preseason ranking is as ridiculous as you thanking us for making one of your losses a quality loss helping your preseason ranking. i mean i am doubting you think they gave it to you based on the wisco win you spent 5 paragraphs bashing.

      usc has it’s preseason ranking because barkley had the best season of any usc qb ever last season (statistically) and it got overshadowed due to sanctions, which no one is upset about. they return a 1000 yard rusher and easily the best 2 wide receivers in the country and 4 returning starters on the OL. they have 19 starters back on a 2 loss team. that’s the reason. and yes, beating oregon helped, but the BEAT oregon, so what’s the difference.

      appreciate your post, see you around and good luck breaking in bennett in a longer test run, should be exciting to watch.

  20. Larry

    Just remember that yellow and green are the color of duck shit.

  21. Pete Who

    The only thing missing from this phenomenal article is that LaMichael James is not a “High Profile” athlete. So far the only athlete to be named by the NCAA is Reggie Bush. Yet another reason to be arrogant? I think so!

    SC is the birthplace of the “High Profile” athlete!

  22. Bill

    I wonder if Phil Knight will give money to the NCAA to make the penalties not harsh. The three big college football owners are Phil Knight, T. Boone Pickens (of Oklahoma State), and the Stanford guy who donates hundreds of millions. This not counting the numerous SEC, Ohio State, and Texas supporters who give money.

    • Zack Jerome

      in fairness, we make nike bank too

      • HeliGeorge

        Yet our “Tradition” implores us to avoid duckification of our uniforms. And Nike still makes money. Love looking out over the coliseum and seeing all that Cardinal (and Gold). I didn’t see that in Oregon, saw black mixed with green and gold…

  23. Jake

    What I wouldn’t give to have you sit down with my Oregon alumni family (who routinely targets my unwavering cardinal and gold loyalty) and regulate. I want you to know next time I get into an argument with my Auntie G (the Duck in the most denial) I will be regurgitating your line “act like you’ve been here before.” Thanks for continuing to write this terrific blog, FIght On!!

  24. Brayden

    I’m trying so hard to look at the blog in the eyes of a Trojan fan and trying to see way to make a reasonable argument. I can’t do it. I’ve been an Oregon fan for a good 10-12 years but I’ve only really been paying real attention to them for last couple of years.
    Yes I’m proud of my team, think they’re great, and hoping for the most minor punishment possible from the fools who run the NCAA. You’re being a complete hypocrite by calling (most) Duck fans delusional and yourself not.
    This response is more a “why can’t we be friends” type rather than an argument. I’m incredibly nervous to play USC next year because I know you have a great team and a lot is expected out of you. I know you have the massive traditions and winning history and it terrifies me because Oregon really doesn’t.
    However, I’m looking forward to this new found rivalry greatly. Finally there is an interesting match-up in the Pac-(10)12. No one in college football takes our conference seriously and with USC and Oregon heating up (Stanford and Washington too), some teams and conferences are worried. Hell we’re both Top 5 caliber teams. I’ve been seeing people talking about how the Pac-12 has one of the best odds of finally dethroning the SEC of their dynasty.
    In conclusion, stop being childish. All these arguments between Oregon and USC on who truly is the better team now is just us beating our chests at each other. Let it be proven on the field. See you in November. I can’t wait.

    • Zack Jerome

      i appreciate your tone, you don’t seem delusional, but realize that i am not on oregon blogs trying to make a point to them about anything. i’ve had fun in other team forums, but ultimately, delusional is coming to a USC blog and looking to make a delusional point. from experience, of all the other fans that come here regularly to try to make a point, oregon fans make the worst points.

      per my post, this doesn’t account for the scores and droves of wise, duck fans that i am friends with (in real life) who would never come here trying to make a point, especially one made with hasty anger.

      i am not delusional in that i am speaking to a USC audience and they agree with me. also, the point of this blog is not to be a sports reporter. it’s an op-ed. my opinion is that oregon is damned if they do and damned if they don’t from a fan perspective.

      i appreciate your sentiments about enjoying the games or the idea of a rivalry (you will need a lot more wins for it to become that, we had this scenario for ten minutes with cal, with stanford currently, but none of them are our rivals, just teams that have beaten us lately more than we’d like).

      i would suggest the childish person is the one on the usc blog trying to change the opinions of SC fans. I do agree let it be proven on the field, a concept the oregon posters here don’t seem to get. as of today, we won the last game. so, for now, we are better.

      see you and your new qb in november. i look forward to many articles about how his impressive numbers against teams ill equipped to handle the oregon wonky offense means oregon is somehow better than they were last year. being childish would be me thinking if we beat you again this year (2x if we both make it to the title) would stop oregon fans from coming here and explaining why the losses were flukes.

      just to be clear. this is a usc blog.

    • Gnossos

      “When you grow up in the South,” he said, “USC is the one school in the West you know about.”
      – Tee Martin

  25. Fuck Chocolate Chip Kelly

    The clown joke was hilarious -Drunk Reader

  26. Fuck Chocolate Chip Kelly

    Also, I’d say “murderer to be the judge at an involuntary manslaughter trial” ..I think its a little more fitting haha -Drunk Reader

  27. Gnossos

    Once again an excellent column, Bearfighter! I raise my glass of Kelt ‘Tour du Monde’ in your honor.

  28. Pingback: A Smattering of Unrelated Mini-Rants | Tom Rants.

  29. RESPONSE FROM NORTH OF THE EMERALD CITY: as one of the most Not a Duck fan’s on this Earth, I agree with 90% of what you’ve said. I might add they (Ducks) resemble many young draftee’s who go into the NFL, NBA, or MLB, having no understanding of how seasoned elite players or programs, ought to behave. Their consumption is conspicuous, judgement impaired, and their beliefs are incredibly grandiose.

    The allure of glitter locker rooms, limitless gaudy uniforms, and collector pairs of Air Jordans, bring the fastest, strongest, and most motivated ($$$) players to Eugene. Duck fans truly believe that culture, quality education, and Chip’s charisma are primary draws for four and five-star athletes, who commit. Never has a 12 step program been so needed!

    I’ve never been a fan of SC or that other Bruin school, but have admired many of the athletes and coaches. That said, living within 50 miles of such an enormous primadonna has brought me closer to becoming a Trojan fan, than I would ever have imagined. I have never prayed more for a banana peal, uneven sidewalk, or (even) the NCAA, to bring about their demise. Jealous? Sure. Covet? Never. I see the Ducks and their fans as “gang green’s” answer, to Rodney Dangerfield’s roll in Caddy Shack, and their respect for other programs or from them, is sorrowly lacking. Only a solid, well planned “back to Jesus” intervention will same them…but I doubt the NCAA has the onions to do it, IMHO.

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