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You know the Bearfighter doesn’t back products or services or experiences very often that he hasn’t created himself.  That’s because I am committed to only bringing you the raw thunder you expect from me on our existential romp through time together.  I mean, who else can switch between 3rd and 1st person so effortlessly with such little regard for proper English or even, improper English.

Some of you know I was in a band called Fight From Above from my USC days through the beginning of my ad career.  I eventually left the band to pursue being a full time “mad man” and put more time into this writing project you are reading.  The kept on killing it, but sometime a year later, the band disbanded and everyone went on to do some really great things.  We had experienced a lot of joy from touring, playing the venues in LA I grew up going to, sharing the stage with some great acts (Young the Giant a few times was pretty cool, to name drop one of my favorites) and hearing ourselves on KROQ, which if you grew up in SoCal was a huge thrill.  Hell, we even made it on the Hills before it died.  Mad cred with our sorority friends.

I met Miner at USC in our fraternity.  One night we used a totally legal ID to buy booze on an excursion that totally had nothing to do with pledging our house.  He was the victim of a misplaced racist comment by a homeless man (not sure what race he thought we were) who in some strange kind of flashback chased us down the street unprovoked.  Only a Heineken keg was able to slow him down and at that point I was not far enough removed from high school baseball to lose accuracy.  Pure chaos, loved every second.

Miner was an oddity because unlike everyone else who could play guitar at USC (myself included), he kept it a secret.  I had to get him to drink a lot before he’d jam with the door open.  Eventually, we started a band that later became Fight From Above and the rest was history.  This random Hawaiian kid in Downtown LA making music.

To cut to the chase, he started a Kickstarter project to get his new album mixed and mastered and I’ve already backed him.  I am putting this out there because just like Keith (WHO WE DID GET TO THE SUPER BOWL!), he is a part of the Bearfighter’s intimate circle, someone who has terrorized the tailgating scene with me many times, someone who will be mentioned so much more in my future plans here.  Johnny Pineapple, the great Justin Miner.   CLICK HERE TO DONATE A FEW QUID TO THE KID.

My band really supported me when I left, the only truly mutual break-up I have ever even heard of.  In the time since I left, this blog became a seven-digit traffic earner, I’ve gotten to speak on its behalf, it’s been insane.  Just like I was meant to do this and freak out as a social advertising ninja, Miner was born to be a folk singer.  I want to make sure we support him like he (and my other two bandmates) supported me.

So, Trojans and people excited for Emily Maynard coverage, if you have a few bucks, help Miner make this album happen.  It will be the soundtrack to your summer, I have no doubt.  This man metabolizes bourbon with the best of them and bucks the trend of people in Silverlake not loving football.  This guy loves Trojan football as much as he loves music.  Back a fellow bearfighter.  Especially one with the ability to grow a fro like the one displayed in some of the pictures in this post.  Pure follicle fire.

Now.  I’m off to Las Vegas with the ad freaks.  If you are there, tweet at me or something like that.


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